STARGAZING — Week of Aug. 3rd through Aug. 9th, 2020

Aug 3, 2020 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

There is a primary theme beginning this month that will take us into mid-January. Mars in Aries makes a challenging “square” to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This occurs on August 4, 13 and 24 and repeats itself in two more sets of three into January. This makes the energy a bit choppy, but you can still maneuver through the month without problems as long as you pace yourself.

This week opens on a high note with a Full Moon in Aquarius at 12 degrees, and will be brightly lit up by the Leo Sun.. The Full Moon on August 3rd is challenged by revolutionary Uranus. Every Full Moon is at its highest cycle  and it signals a time of completions and endings linked to friends, organizations, unions, societies and clubs, including sports clubs. If something isn’t working out for you in any of these areas, it’s best to wrap it up and brings things to a happy ending.

Unfortunately , part of this energy may bring in some negative or depressing communication because the only Mercury-Saturn opposition of the year is slapping you in the face on the same day.

However, the Aquarian Full Moon’s energy brings a need for freedom and independence because you can use this energy in a constructive way by stepping outside of your normal routine. Even people who have practiced isolation these past few months will feel the need to run out of the house seeking freedom and change. This can help you find a way out of Saturn’s downbeat influence,

At the same time, this can be challenging for the demonstrations that have been going on because Uranus is anything but peaceful.

However, because the Moon in Aquarius supports participating in groups, friends and organizations- even if that means through Aquarius-ruled internet (such as Zoom) it can help to settle things down a bit.

A Leo Sun wants to open hearts, remember the child within, and play. Uranus in Taurus is the wild card that disrupts the status quo. In Taurus, it tells everyone that their values and material world needs are changing, and that “old school” thinking is now a part of the past. A higher power is always in charge of the timing. Mercury will move out of Saturn’s glare later on Tuesday as it moves into Leo. This brings a style of communication change from timid and humble to boldly expressing your personal opinion, no matter what anyone else thinks.

Impatient Mars is making a challenge to do-it-big Jupiter, meaning that you need to be patient as life changes are implemented. This energy brings luck, strength, and courage, as long as you don’t go completely wild. Find a way to feel comfortable with the unfolding changes, and that means trusting your inner connection to your inner Spirit to guide you along your highest path forward.

Do not force yourself to go faster or take on more than is reasonable. Do something physical to dissipate this forceful energy, but don’t overdo it.

The Moon is in Pisces on Wednesday and Thursday, which will help calm the world down. Watch a movie, get quiet to allow new thoughts to flow, or meditate.

On Friday, the Moon moves into Aries, so exercise, dance or do yoga. Venus enters Cancer until September 6. This supports home projects, family, and improvements to your diet. Friday, This energy can also bring a backdrop of secrets, which will come out into the open in mid-September.  Aug. 7th the evening is good for pleasant conversations. Venus ends her four-month stay in Gemini and moves into the feminine and family sign of Cancer. With Venus in the sign on the Crab, you may find yourself a bit more private, homebound, and less social over the next month.

Emotional and homeland security is crucial when Venus is in Cancer. Expect the next four weeks to be a time of cautious and protective behavior about relationships, finances, income, home, and loved ones.