Stargazing — Week of Aug. 24th through Aug. 30, 2020

Aug 24, 2020 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


Warning! This will be an upsetting and complicated week. Yes we have three good trines, but along with that two difficult oppositions and a sudden, sharp square that promises to stop everything in its tracks. And I mean everything!

The Moon moves into deep-feeling Scorpio on Monday. Some people will want to share their emotions on an intimate and vulnerable level; others will just want private, quiet time. Scorpio is great for intense focus and research projects.

On Monday, Aug. 24th, Mars makes its first challenging square aspect to Saturn. The warrior has been challenging the triple alignment planets in Capricorn (Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto) all month, and this goes on for the rest of this year since Mars turns retrograde September 9-November 13.  Mars in Aries wants to get moving forward, and Capricorn tells you to wear your face masks and patiently follow the rules. The urge to move, change, and take action is strong, but trying to get something going under this energy conflict is like trying to drive at full speed while putting the breaks on. Monday is not a great day to push your agenda. The energy can inhibit and frustrate the dickens out of the toughest movers and shakers. Whatever way you are trying to move forward, you will find your way blocked. Trying to resist Saturn is always a futile undertaking, and the only thing to do is to stop trying and surrender to the energies. (To many people this is totally unacceptable.)

This planetary influence continues through the end of September, when the two planets meet again as Mars retrogrades. However, communications, commerce and transportation will be running smoothly as Mercury makes two trines this week.

The tension improves somewhat on Tuesday and Wednesday when the Moon moves into optimistic Sagittarius. Get of to a fast start on Tuesday as mental Mercury makes harmony to friendly Uranus (or you may just want to go to breakfast with a friend). Relationships and finances are also highlighted on Tuesday. You have an optimistic outlook with a lack of discipline and a tendency to put things off. (Like, I can buy this item and make my car payment later.) Be careful! By late afternoon Tuesday, you will feel like you have had enough of the world when Venus opposes Jupiter (gentle overload). This energy could bring exciting news, surprising deals, and strange circumstances that work out in ways you never dreamed of.

Thursday the 27th is a bit of an odd day in that the Moon is in hard-working Capricorn, while Venus makes harmony with Neptune sending you into a fantasy, daydream state of mind. Use this day to open your vision to ways to manifest your higher vision, but don’t rush to act as it takes time to know the difference between higher vision and fantasy thinking.

Friday evening into Saturday morning has talkative Mercury making nice with generous Jupiter, great for social activity as long as you do not overdo it. This energy could be highly helpful if you are working on an important deal or writing a paper. This is your second chance this year to take advantage of these powerful and productive trines.

The Moon is in social Aquarius on Sunday, making it a good time to share with friends or try something out of your ordinary routine. On Sunday, mental Mercury opposes dreamy Neptune and relationship planet Venus opposes obsessive Pluto early in the day. This is not a good time for relationship conversations. Be certain you are seeing things as they really are, because there may be some missing information needed before making decisions. (That’s the Neptune influence.) Take the time to chart your course carefully through this week’s celestial mindfield.