Stargazing Week of Aug. 22nd through Aug. 28th, 2022

Aug 22, 2022 | Stargazing

With the Sun entering Virgo on Monday, the lightweight feelings of summer change to one of focus and getting things done.  However, with the mind is wanting to get back to business, the body and spirit want to party one more week. Mercury trines Pluto on Monday, bringing fresh ideas, along with some different and stunning solutions. Whatever is popping up, this is an excellent day for brainstorming.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mercury is in harmony with Pluto, which supports deeper level conversations that help you communicate vulnerable topics. Tuesday through Thursday, are days defined by creative, innovative trines with the Moon, Neptune, and Jupiter, harmonizing with lunar sextiles of Uranus, Mercury and Mars, along with the conjunction of Venus and the Moon. Now – that’s a mouthful, and the process may seem slow and tedious.

Wednesday has Uranus turning retrograde until late January. This has been building up for several weeks now, and now all five outer planets are also retrograde. Remember the summer of 2021 when this also occurred? Many people commented that they felt stuck in music-on-hold, or were just unmotivated. Sometimes you have to pull back to regenerate your energy before moving on to new things — and 2023 is going to bring a lot of new things; some of them will be most difficult to adjust to!.

Mercury moves into Libra on Thursday. Mercury will be retrograde in Libra, moving back into Virgo beginning September 9th, so start to pay attention to relationship conversations and your ideas on relationships. It will be interesting to see if this energy pulls us away from social Libra due to the resurgence of Covid, or if people will be stimulated to seek new social contacts and relationships.

Friday’s lunar opposition to Pluto and Saturn puts your foot on the breaks, bringing everything to a screeching halt. These vibes are compounded by Saturday’s New Moon square with Venus and Uranus. The New Moon is on Saturday August 27th at 5 degrees Virgo.

A sacred Sabian Symbol (Dane Rudhyar, and Astrological Mandala) is “A man becoming aware of nature spirits and normally unseen spiritual representatives.” This symbol suggests it’s time to pull within to open to spirit rather than trying to figure everything out by yourself, with the mind – always the hard way.

 Virgo is the sign of the goddess. She has to do with service, purification, simplifying your life, getting organized, and pets. At the very least, cleaning your closets or doing a body cleanse would help prepare you for the coming change of seasons. Using the spiritual destiny nodes of the moon, a pattern is formed in the sky called either a Grand Cross or Grand Square. This is where you must look four steps ahead before taking an action, or you risk running around like the chicken with head cut off, exhausted and disorganized. Part of this pattern ties into last year’s challenging Saturn square Uranus which is coming into play one more time in October. The pattern includes “I want my safety and security” Saturn; and, “I just want to be free and innovative” Uranus. Love and money Venus is seeking beauty, balance and creativity as part of this pattern. The spiritual destiny nodes are in play now too, and have been setting you up since late July and taking us to the lunar eclipse on November 8th. They have to do with overcoming Scorpio fears to live in Taurus’s higher values. This is a challenging new moon, but it will help you decide what is important to you and what needs to be released. Otherwise the energy could lead to feelings of moodiness and insecurity.

Sunday’s Grand Trine between the earth signs of the Moon, Uranus, and Pluto offers an opportunity for exciting visionary thinking, but a lackadaisical opposition between Venus and Saturn could take the wind out of your sails before you even get started.

To sum it up: even though you are chomping at the bit to get your projects off the ground, this week is better for a creative visualization then for putting your ideas into practice. Best to stick to thinking and put off doing. Then you will find these days to be inspiring and invigorating instead of dark and frustrating.