Stargazing — Week of Aug. 19th through Aug. 25th, 2019

Aug 19, 2019 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing




This is a change of energies week as the Sun, and two other planets enter the sign of Virgo; this is the sign of hard work and keeping an eye on your health. Virgo rules the 6thHouse and is focused on serving others and trying to get everything to be perfect.  On August 21st and 24th, the personal planets, Venus and Mars enter Virgo. This is the end of a season wake up call telling you that the northern hemisphere summer season is almost over. As Sinatra sang in the song, Summer Wind,it’s time to wake up and dress for fall. You can start making plans and get organized for the coming change of season.

This is a pretty easy week with nothing in particular jumping out; however, there is a subtle change in tone occurring. It is like the Universe is telling you that a change in seasons is coming quickly, so you had better get your playtime in, or finish tasks that need to be done before the season changes. Sunday through Tuesday have easy planetary combinations, and the Aries Moon keeps you moving; time to get physical and work out; take a long walk, or go for a cooling swim.

The energy of Virgo refines everything it touches, but always with a cost. Virgo is never a “whatever” kind of energy; It’s very specific and tells you exactly what must be done to achieve the best result. However, Venus is in its detriment when it enters Virgo on Wednesday, making it a time when you can be persnickety and moody. Be cautions if love and finances are not perfectly arranged, and watch your words. This trend will continue up to the Fall Equinox.

Wednesday has Venus moving into Virgo until September 14th. That’s a good, hard-working business combination. On the personal level, it helps you get clarity in your relationships. Avoid being overcritical of the people in your life. Wednesday morning has talkative Mercury in a harmonious trine to enthusiastic Jupiter, great for breakfast gatherings or early morning meetings as well as your weekly shopping.

The Sun follows Venus into Virgo on Friday, September 23. It’s time to prepare yourself and your family for the upcoming cold and snowy winter ahead; get your health, diet, job, and daily routine in order and strive to modify any areas that are not working as well as they could be.

Friday and Saturday continue with the talkative nature of the mid-week as the Moon moves through communication and ideas-sign Gemini. The sign of the twins  is great for quick projects and errands, but not so good where deep focus is required. Relationship planets Venus and Mars align on Saturday the 24thin the morning, making the weekend a great time for sharing. This is these planets only meet and greet time of 2019. Their energy is a signal that it’s a good time for making adjustments in your love life or financial world. If you pay strict attention to the fine print with any contracts, there are some good deals to be made.

Sunday afternoon has loving Venus making harmony to friendly Uranus. It is a great time for meeting new people or enhancing the friendship side of personal relationships. Step out of your normal routine and get out there and meet and greet.