STARGAZINGWeek of Aug. 17th through Aug. 23rd. 2020

Monday is the dark before the New Moon and is normally a quiet time; however, the Sun aligns with restless Mercury to keep you moving quickly from project to project, person to person. On the same day Mercury trines Mars the – day before the Leo New Moon. Its time to start making plans for the fall months and into 2021. Mercury and Mars are both in fire signs, so the conversations are quick witted and sharp. If youre ever going to take a risk or bet on yourself, this is the week to do it.
Horoscope for Leo
The New Moon is on Tuesday August 18th, and this fiery summer energy brings us new and dramatic adventures, especially with both political conventions happening through the end of August. This New Moon has all of the right stuff for planting seeds for any type of new beginning.
The double Sun/Moon Leo energy is a time to indulge in some royal treatments for your body. By opening your heart you can become a leader on your own kingdom, and become a legend in your own area.
A sacred Sabian Symbol for 27 degrees Leo is The luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky. Mediate on this symbol for personal meaning, Perhaps this is a symbol of a bright new day coming forth through this new beginnings moon.
Leo is the sign of opening hearts, creativity, remembering the child within, and fun. After the last several months, everyone could use a little fun. The challenge is that Mars is making a difficult aspect to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. This further activates anger in the streets and doesnt help the fire season. A positive use of this energy is to get motivated to restructure the core foundation of your life. This has been going on for months now.
The day after the New Moon Mercury exits Leo and slides into earthy Virgo, where it enjoys a home-sign advantage. When Mercury is in Virgo, the communication becomes humble, down=to=earth, and focused on useful and practical information.
Mercury in Virgo loves details and prefers facts and figures to Leos drama queen energy and need to impress.