STARGAZING — Week of April 9th through April 14th, 2012

Apr 10, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Week of April 9th – April 14th, 2012


This week we are ready to let go of the past and jump at the possibility of change. This desire for something new is further supported by sensual Venus’ cooperative sextile to unconventional Uranus. Although we may experience some confusion as the Moon squares uncertain Neptune and insistent Mars, our ideas are sent into orbit when the Moon trines Uranus early in the week.

The gears of desire shift dramatically when passionate Mars begins moving forward on Friday, after several months in retrograde motion. Repressed feelings finally can be released to flirt and perhaps begin romantic actions. Whether it’s moving the body or making a move on someone, we should all become just a little bit bolder about executing our well-thought-out plans.

We find we’re the mood to try something different this weekend and may be more willing to step outside of our usual comfort zones. The Moon is traveling through airy Aquarius until late Sunday night, inviting experimentation and a friendly attitude with just a dash of detachment. Aquarius is sociable but not always intimate, as our minds tend to rule emotions. This emotional distance can provide an objectivity that allows us to step back and see our situations more logically. It’s very helpful to find this larger, higher perspective, especially for anyone drowning in her or his feelings. Intellectual stimulation is desirable now, as is working for a cause and being a member of a team that shares a common ideal. There is a bit of heat and passion that continues to build over the coming weeks after ardent Mars turns direct on Friday night. The drive and initiative associated with the warrior planet may have been diminished since it shifted into reverse on Jan. 23rd. Now we’re finally beginning to gain traction and can take cautious first steps toward beginning new projects as well as the objects of our desires.

Thing may still seem to be moving along slowly, but next week is full of new energy and action!

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Sharing your ideals or knowledge will draw admirers this week, especially during work-related activities. It’s important that you not doubt yourself at this time, especially if you have an idea that could be worth its weight in gold. At least talk it over with friends and get some feedback. You have a spiritual advantage in your career, if you can use it. Make sure to keep a list of your goals where you can see it so you’ll stay on track. Pay attention to your intuition, too. It might save you a lot of time and effort. It could be the quickest route to success. You might notice the presence of Neptune in your work. Changes at work could occur gradually, but if you know what you want out of your job, you can find better work that truly fulfills you. You’re a lot more sensitive in general, and you might need periods of quiet away from crowds in order to recharge your batteries. If you’ve experienced some strange love karma recently, this should begin to shift. You have a chance to transform an awkward relationship into something stronger and more promising. You might feel like playing social roulette when Venus and Uranus align on Monday. Go somewhere different and take a risk by moving in new circles. It might just pay off. Spending time with friends may bring romance on Thursday. Mars turning direct on Friday will help you find someone compatible or help your current relationship flow more smoothly. Reminiscing about the past can inspire love this weekend. Give some pep to your social life by entertaining more. Mars direct will bring good news as you may have been through a period of delay and general frustration with loans, credit cards, and other financial dealings. Soon you’ll notice the difference. Whew!

Your Love Week—Air Signs: The emotionally enriched Moon is in Aquarius this weekend, which could take you out of your head and put you squarely in the middle of your heart. Reason may be overcome by feelings, possibly leaving you feeling foolish or a little out of control. Yet it’s better to forget your concern about what others think if that’s what it takes to break out of a personal rut. This isn’t an ideal time for a serious commitment, but can be a perfect moment for discovering new and fascinating aspects of yourself. This weekend is your time to play hard and party down, Air Signs. The sociable Aquarius Moon lights up, stirring your imagination and making you more suitable for the spotlight. Experimenting with a fresh look or exploring unfamiliar territory makes you more captivating without seeming like you’re trying to get attention. Just focus on pleasing yourself and others will want to join in the fun. You may want to expand your social horizons. Travel plans excite you and people from faraway places could be especially appealing. Food, music and art from other cultures entertain your curious mind to enliven a current relationship or encourage your pursuit of a new one. Smart people provide the intellectual stimulation needed to maintain your romantic interest. Smile and enjoy the warmth of spring and new beginnings.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You’ll feel much happier overall by the time this week is over, mainly because Mars turns direct in Virgo. Frustration and the gnashing of teeth will be a thing of the past, and life will become easier again. You combine dynamism with a mystical approach, which could work in your favor, especially if you can make time to meditate and listen to your dreams. You might want to take that leap of faith but find that you doubt yourself. This won’t get any easier over the days ahead. If you want to take a risk, don’t think. Just do it. You are looking for excitement and novelty on Monday when a conversation results in a date. There could be a chance meeting that fills you with excitement and brand new ideas. A conversation could make the future seem brighter and happier. Don’t let your friends dampen your spirits. Saturn retrograde suggests they may be affecting your creativity or perhaps criticizing your latest sweetheart. If you feel good, carry on and ignore them. They’re probably jealous. New friendships happen when you’re having the most fun. These will reflect your latest interests and moods. Mars turns direct on Friday the 13th, which will put an end to any lack of progress you have been feeling, especially in your career. Mars turning direct is bound to ease the frustration you’ve felt lately regarding money. Well, Fire Signs, bring it on!

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: It’s almost as if you can sense a shift in the wind this week with the planet Mars finally turning direct on Friday, after backpedaling since late November. Expressing your ideas and opinions should come easily now, but some of your statements may shock those closest to you. Smile when you make a provocative comment to soften the weight of what you’re saying. Relationships are on the front burner with the quirky Aquarius Moon this weekend. You may attract an unusual person or be challenged with strange new ideas by the one you love. Keeping your cool goes a long way to maintaining harmony, which could be threatened if you take yourself too seriously now. Being more compassionate and less judgmental builds the trust romance requires. Surprises can be found around almost any corner this weekend. Casual conversations could trigger meetings of minds that might lead to something bigger. Taking tentative steps toward your romantic ideal is a wise strategy but keep your approach light and friendly, as no one wants to be crowded with the Moon chilling in cool Aquarius. In fact, you are likely to need some emotional space as well, but a little friendly flirting is always fun.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You could get a brilliant idea that inspires you to redecorate your home. The early part of the week could see you investing in paper, paint, and furnishings. The presence of Neptune in the water sign of Pisces may mean that you feel closer to everyone. You’ll be even more open and sensitive to others feelings. But make sure you don’t give too much in your desire to help others and end up exhausted. Make sure you do nice things for yourself, as well. You deserve it. Ongoing partnerships and friendships seem upbeat and positive, but new love affairs could be perplexing. You might wonder why you’ve lost your ability to control events. You’re at the start of an interesting learning curve in this respect. Issues seem upbeat regarding your health and well-being. You might want to invest in some new gym equipment even if you have to get a loan or use credit. You need a good workout every day to positively channel all your pent-up energy. You Water Signs are eager to forge ahead in your career, but you could meet with some uncertainty and insecurity. The ongoing presence of Uranus in Aries could hint at finding work that gives you more freedom. It might be time to set goals that fill you with excitement and enthusiasm. Mars turns direct on Friday, which will help to move matters along. You may have been busy yet felt frustrated at the same time. Soon you’ll feel more relaxed. Remember though that your family could rebel against some of your choices.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: The experimental Aquarius Moon occupies the night skies this weekend, stretching your emotional boundaries. Instead of rejecting someone for being too forceful or unconventional, there’s something important to learn by being more accepting of values that differ from your own. Keeping an open-minded attitude, instead of letting your own insecurities limit your options, can free you from some outmoded expectations. The Moon’s presence in emotionally chilled Aquarius could make you feel a little detached as well. But instead of withdrawing from the world or expecting others to march to your beat, finding freedom within yourself will be more rewarding. Recognizing where you’re holding on to the past gives you a chance to finally let go and move on. This personal release makes a fresh start possible at home or when you’re connecting with someone new. Privacy may be especially precious to you this weekend. The Moon draws you away from the spotlight to quiet places where you can be alone or spend quality time with one easygoing individual. You could benefit by turning your back on the demands of daily life to commune with nature, meditate on music or seek out spiritual experiences. Connecting with your Blessed Higher Self will always bring you priceless rewards.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Progress may have been difficult lately with both Mars and Saturn retrograde. Trying to get ahead seems like an uphill struggle. But being the kind of person you are, Earth Signs, quitting is not an option. The good news is that Mars turns direct later this week, so things are looking up. Make sure you stay ahead of the game by focusing on what you want rather than what you don’t want. It’s a good habit to get into. Romance and creativity are well aspected. The Sun is in Aries, so you could be feeling more vulnerable without really knowing why. Make time to sort out your priorities and reflect on what you really want. It might not be the obvious choice. You could have intuitive insights about money and finances as Venus aspects Uranus. It’s also possible that you could receive a windfall mid-week. On Friday, Mars turns direct, meaning you can make progress in budding projects and relationships. You could have a brainstorm that reveals a solution to an ongoing financial situation. Don’t immediately presume that you can’t have what you want. With negotiation, it’s possible, though you might need to put in some extra effort. Mars finally turns direct on Friday the 13th, helping you Earth Signs feel a whole lot better. You’ll notice that you face fewer obstacles and begin to make progress. There is still financial benefit to be gained from learning something new.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: The week starts on a playful note with a supportive sextile between irresistible Venus and inventive Uranus on Monday. It’s easy to be attracted by shiny things that appear more valuable than they actually are in reality. Choose your emotional investments carefully. Keeping score in relationships might prevent you from making foolish decisions, but it can also lessen your chances for experiencing true intimacy. The progressive Aquarius Moon this weekend signals the need to let go of some old rules you have about love. Freeing yourself from expectations that inhibit your happiness encourages spontaneity and friendliness, which can expand your personal horizons. You may begin to get more bounce in your step this weekend. Passionate Mars finally stops its backward motion on Friday, allowing you to act more assertively in pursuit of your goals. This isn’t a cosmic excuse to release your pent-up anger, but it is an excellent time to move your body, open your mind and take charge of your personal life. Develop your skills and cultivate your talents instead of remaining a victim of circumstance. After passionate Mars turns direct you will express your desires more freely and openly in the weeks ahead.