STARGAZING – Week of April 8th – April 14th, 2013

Apr 8, 2013 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of Apr. 8th – Apr. 14th, 2013

Come April 7th, you’ll be flying high with a twinkle in your eye and a flutter in your heart, and nothing will bring you down. Indeed, no amount of rejection or negativity will get through your suddenly thick skin, and you’ll thank Venus and Mars for your newfound romantic enthusiasm. Venus is all about love, Mars is all about getting what it wants, and both planets are all about passion! You’ll be gung-ho to get something hot and steamy started with a certain someone, and if they reject you, you’ll happily trot off to find your next true love, Ah, but what if you don’t have a certain someone in mind? Just remember that passion doesn’t have to be about romance. This is also an ideal time to set your heart on a goal and go for it with everything you’ve got!

Excitement fills the atmosphere, creating waves of enthusiasm along with a need for more independence as the Moon enters energetic Aries and the New Moon energies are very strong. Time to crate a new vision board for your Spring desires. Some of us are eagerly looking forward to what’s next, but others might worry about stepping into uncharted territory. Either way, we are moving into a new cycle whether we like it or not; pay attention to the cosmic rhythms, and tie up loose ends now in preparation for Wednesday’s New Moon.

Your penchant for pleasure could hit a record high this week. Venus and Mars, the lovers’ planets of the zodiac, dance together in fiery Aries on Saturday. This cosmic connection is bound to lift your spirits and ignite your adventurous side. Your charm and infectious attitude is likely to gain you plenty of attention. Your popularity makes you even more desirable as a playmate, but you’re probably not that interested in slowing down to deal with serious issues.

We’re off to the races in pursuit of pleasure this week. Wednesday’s energies create sparks of electricity and accelerate your desire for romance. Restlessness can drive you to take risks, but there’s more joy to be gained by spicing up relationships with excitement and living for the moment rather than trying to recapture the past.

In fact, the New Moon in Aries provides you with even more encouragement to dig into a new and exciting project. This powerful, proactive new Moon only comes around once a year, so take advantage of it and get cracking! Before you begin to navigate all this planetary action, be sure to point yourself in the right direction Why not delve more clearly into your heart’s desires with a 2013 Reading?  Straight to the point, Elizabeth gives you everything you need to take advantage of the sheer power of the energies of 2013.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Your income will increase substantially on Monday. It’s possible that you’ll have the Midas touch! The boss could give you a promotion on, and the corner office could be part of the deal, Air Signs! A rival may suddenly burst on the scene on Tuesday. Rely on your smarts to outwit this person. You’ll be overflowing with charisma when the Moon conjuncts Venus on Wednesday. Feel free to strut your stuff before the world! A new friend might bounce into your life on Wednesday as well. This person will have lots of pep. Throw an impromptu party on Wednesday evening. It’s time to kick up your heels and dance. A lost item will unexpectedly turn up on Friday. Carefully review your financial portfolio. If an economic venture is unprofitable, pull out of the deal. Don’t believe everything you hear on Saturday. An associate could have his or her facts wrong. An energy shift will come your way when Mercury enters Aries on Saturday. Your emotions may hit fever pitch. Get ready for love and excitement, as well as some good news! The spotlight will shine on you on Sunday. Look your best at all times, Air Signs. Your lover could make a firm commitment to the relationship when the Moon conjuncts Jupiter on Sunday. If you’re single, a friend may introduce you to someone special. A loved one might need a listening ear on Sunday evening. A few sympathetic words will help restore this person’s spirits.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Pleasure may be found just about anywhere this week as casual conversations can heat up and lead to intense discussions. Your romantic life gets a blast of heat with a magnetic Aries New Moon firing up on Wednesday. The close proximity of the amorous planet Venus and sexy Mars intensifies relationships. An impatient but charming individual may make an instantaneous impression if you’re acting shy. But if you take the initiative in relationships, your powers of attraction can reach the sky. Friday is relatively quiet with the placid Taurus Moon. Private time spent alone or with one undemanding individual is where you feel most comfortable now. Then the social lights grow brighter when the Moon moves into Gemini on Saturday morning. Speaking frankly is especially attractive to others after the Moon jumps into chatty Gemini. Just don’t take yourself too seriously in the process of having fun. Your friendly curiosity makes you a natural at meeting new people. Later that night Mercury fires into impatient Aries to elevate your flirting game to another level for the next two weeks. If you’re open-minded and really listen to what others say, you are likely to find an appreciative companion to join you for a playful encounter this weekend.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

A loved one may try to monopolize your attention on Monday. Let this person know that you’re on a tight schedule! Indulge in a special treat when the Moon sextiles Jupiter on Tuesday. Be as generous to yourself as you are to others. Power issues with a colleague will erupt on Tuesday. Temporarily toss your ego aside so you can work together. Hasty actions will get you in trouble when the Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aries on Tuesday. Go slowly in all areas of your life. You’ll be bursting with confidence on Wednesday. “Yes, I can!” will become your motto. Think about going back to school when the New Moon shines on Wednesday. It might be time to learn a new skill. Evaluate your priorities on Friday. Don’t waste time on matters of no consequence. A lover may have surprising news on Friday. This person might have the chance to relocate to a new area, or ask you to relocate with them. A flash of insight will pop into your brain on Saturday. Your artistic urges will activate on Saturday. Channel your creativity into a moneymaking opportunity. Think about learning to be a professional photographer. Read a financial contract thoroughly before signing on the dotted line Saturday. There could be hidden clauses in the document. Tone down your assertiveness on Sunday. You’ll get your own way more quickly with sweet words rather than force. You’ll be able to solve a perplexing problem this weekend.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Take care of business early this week because opportunities for pleasure start popping up all over the place on Wednesday. The excitable Aries New Moon, hot with conjunctions to lovely Venus and energetic Mars, sets off fireworks with romance. You’re charged up with passion and playfulness, making you the life of the party. Your personal life is about to blast into uncharted territory with a dramatic New Moon landing in Aries on Wednesday morning. Flirty Venus and the passionate (and sometimes pushy) planet Mars join this lunation to incite adventurous behavior. You’re itching for a passionate ride with this New Moon in bold Aries. The desire to expand your romantic horizons can spark impulsive behavior that shakes up a current relationship. But settling for less with your partner or as a single person is not your best option now. It’s healthier to initiate changes, even if they seem a little risky, than to avoid the challenge of trying for more. Sharing your heart is the most generous thing you can do. Experiment with a different look, fresh attitude or new activities to raise the stakes in the game of love. Remember, no risk, no reward. Another wave of joy arrives on Saturday morning when the Moon skips into talkative Gemini. Mercury zips into fast-talking Aries on Saturday night to embolden your message with the heat of the moment. Mixing sweet and spicy should make you irresistibly delicious. Appreciate all the blessings in your life and let your friends and family know how much you love them.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Your head will be lost in the clouds, Water Signs, when the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Pisces on Monday. Look both ways before crossing busy streets. Persistence is the key to success on Monday. Extra effort will be required to get a job done. Demonstrate your leadership skills on Tuesday. Don’t be afraid to take charge of a certain matter. Start a new project on Wednesday. Powerful energy will support the endeavor. Visualize achieving a goal on Thursday. Use the power of positive thinking to realize your ambitions. Search for a moment of Zen on Thursday. Find a quiet nook in which to unwind. A life-changing event could rock your world when Saturn in Scorpio is quincunx Uranus on Friday. This experience will set your feet in a different direction. A former partner may ask you for a second chance when Pluto turns retrograde. Think carefully before welcoming this person back in your life. You might be tempted to renege on a promise to a friend on Saturday. The friendship could end if you don’t keep your word! Your social calendar will fill up very quickly on Saturday. Remember that you can’t be in two places at the same time! A family member will be extremely optimistic on Sunday. This person will convince you to reach for the stars. Enjoy yourself on Sunday evening. Stash the chore list in a drawer and have a good time.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Don’t spend too much time looking backward and reminiscing about the past this week. On Wednesday morning, the impetuous Aries New Moon blasts your mind with exciting images, ideas and activities that reveal multiple pathways for finding love. Trust your intuition; let your vivid imagination light the fire you need to heal romantic wounds and put your relationship life on the fast track. Wednesday’s New Moon can spur you to take the lead in public and private matters. You could be inspired to organize a big social event, or you might realize that now’s the time for you to pursue love with all your heart. Be direct in going after who and what you want. If you feel rejected, dust yourself off and try again instead of backing up. Reaching for fulfillment requires another shot of courage and rewards you with greater confidence. Then, the Moon’s transit into sensual Taurus on Wednesday night steams up your partners, indicating that playing it safe could leave you feeling unsatisfied. Conditions change quickly on Saturday morning when the Moon slips into flirtatious Gemini. Having fun is more important than being secure, which may mean you will need to let go of control to make the most of this experience. Let yourself fully enjoy the moment without worrying about the future.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

A cherished wish may finally come true on Monday, Earth Signs. Remember to say thank you to the Universe. Keep your options open. If you agree to an outing early on, you’ll want to change plans later. Boredom may kick in when the Moon is quincunx Saturn on Tuesday. It might be time to start a new hobby. Your intuition will kick up a notch on Wednesday. Follow your sixth sense in every situation. A lover may throw a tantrum on Wednesday. Give this person a lot of space until he or she is calmer. A relative may ask you for a loan on Wednesday. Think carefully before writing this person a check. Obstinacy will be your middle name when the Moon in Taurus opposes Saturn on Thursday. Try to compromise when dealing with others. Organize the house from top to bottom on Friday. Hold a tag sale for items you no longer want. You might be tempted to play the blame game on Friday. Try to remember that no one is perfect, not even you! You’ll be extremely perceptive when the Moon sextiles Mercury on Saturday. The smallest detail won’t escape your notice. Watch it because a friend could misunderstand your intentions on Saturday. A financial matter will require your undivided attention on Sunday. Be prepared to go over a credit card statement item by item! Be blunt when talking to others this weekend.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Wednesday’s volatile Aries New Moon can shock you with a sudden change of circumstances or unexpected desires. This emotionally charged New Moon stirs up passion that provokes you to take risks. It’s great, though, to stretch outside of your comfort zone by being more spontaneous. Yes, it might shake up a current relationship, but you need more stimulation to keep it fresh and interesting. The fiery New Moon is charged with passion and desire. Acting impulsively to get where you want to go is appropriate this week. If moving closer to someone is your goal, playing it cool will not do the trick. Trying different ways to heat up your current relationship or to find someone new could take you to the unfamiliar places where romantic breakthroughs can be made. You can’t hide your feelings once the evocative Moon slips into Taurus later that night. Attraction to someone who isn’t emotionally available might be tempting, yet serves as a springboard for passion expressed elsewhere. If you look at yourself from the outside, you will see a bright inner light that is sometimes overlooked. Sharing what you find will warm anyone’s heart. If you’re single, start by changing yourself first, to attract the kind of companionship that will make you happy. The key planet, Mercury enters feisty Aries on Saturday night, inspiring you to speak up and express your heart, Earth Signs.