Stargazing —Week of April 5th through April 11th, 2021

Apr 5, 2021 | Stargazing

Holy week had brought us Passover, Easter, family gatherings and Spring! With all the rushing around, travel, and cooking, this week brings a time to relax. Allow yourself to be low-key, lazy and cool.

There are some challenges in the days around the New Moon on Sunday, the 11th. Allow extra time in your schedule so you do not need to go into crises management. Ambitious Mars is in Gemini until the 23rd, making the first part of April a good time to put your ambition into quick projects and exploring new opportunities.

The early workweek is more fun under a social and eclectic Aquarius moon. Between Monday and Thursday there are fairly minor aspects, making it a rather lackadaisical period when it’s difficult to get anything done. Relationship planets Venus and Mars are working in mild harmony on Monday and Tuesday. This is a good time for light-hearted conversations and visits with friends.

Fortunately, the aspects present from Monday through Thursday are quite mild and upbeat. A general air of emotional balance is granted from the Moon’s conjunction with Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter, while it also sextiles Mercury, the Sun, Venus, and Uranus.

Tuesday is an especially feel-good day, due to a sextile between Venus and Mars promoting human connection and cooperation.

On Friday, Mars makes a challenging square to Neptune. One part of you says that you have a lot to accomplish, and another part of you wants to take a nap. Friday’s square is strengthened by the Moon’s conjunction with Neptune; any demands for effort or work will be met with grumpy overtones. If you are in traffic, allow extra space for the driver that is not paying attention.

Ram -AriesThe Moon moves into athletic Aries on Saturday to build up energy for the New Moon. This combines with happy communications and relationship connections-great for sharing with friends and/or loved ones, but be careful over overdoing or overspending. It’s an excellent day for dating, romance, and intellectual discoveries, thanks to Mercury and Venus in adventurous Aries Sending energetic, amicable sextiles to Saturn and Jupiter in daring and adventurous Aquarius. This is a great day to draw up an action plan to begin checking things off your Bucket List while you can still enjoy them.

Otherwise it’s a rather lazy end to the weekend due to a square between Venus and Pluto and the dark, quiet approach of the New Moon in Aries. Put off practical chores and errands, and instead, bask in the Sun and the luxury of being able to do nothing. Be thankful for your blessings and all you do have as well as for your many accomplishments.

By the way: Venus spends the latter part of the month in Taurus starting next week on the 14th. This is a good combination for putting tangible effort into manifesting your goals, dreams and desires. Success and fulfillment are just around the corner!