Stargazing — Week of April 3rd through April 9th, 2023

Apr 3, 2023 | Stargazing

This week could start out on a petty note, with everyone scrambling to impress the boss so that their ideas can win. Mercury enters Taurus on April 3 and immediately draws our attention to a landmark event; it simultaneously squares Pluto, which will be at the first degree of Aquarius until mid-June. This is a much longer journey through the sign due to the coming retrograde cycle on April 21st. Rethink what you need and no longer need in the weeks ahead.

On Monday, Mercury makes a challenging square relationship to Pluto. Think before you speak or shoot off that email or text you wish you could take back.

As Mercury does, so will other planets: Every movement into a fixed sign is in tension with Pluto. Pluto becomes the proverbial stumbling block, alerting us to accompany change with sharpened senses. During this time, the voice of Pluto melded with Mercury will be hard to ignore, and we could witness a bitter dispute over interpretive sovereignty alone with upheavals in commerce and finance.

When charismatic personalities promise to solve the problems if we only trust blindly, then you should remain critical and remember that Pluto tends to escalate things to the immeasurable and sometimes delusional degree before beginning its deconstruction work. (Like saying “No thank you.”)

Thankfully, a sense of teamwork and harmony returns midweek, so that the proper decisions can be made and the work started. Wednesday is an opportune time to tackle tasks of a mental nature, as your abilities to focus and concentrate are guaranteed. Be careful not to take on too much, and more than you can handle. There is gentle help in communications between April 5th and 8th.

On April 6th, there is a Full Moon in Libra, with the Sun tightly conjunct to Chiron and close to Jupiter. Mercury reaches the Moon’s North Node in Taurus and forms a sextile to Saturn in Pisces and Mars in Cancer. The full moon is being challenged by the asteroid Pallas. This suggests that you need to make a plan and not just wing it and see what happens. Time to concentrate on creating a better work life balance. 

Being chained to a desk could be sheer drudgery on Friday, as the day’s vibes are encouraging movement,, creativity, and interaction with others. 

The weekend’s focus is on the importance of togetherness, as opposed to the completion of individual ego and goals. 

The Full Moon in Libra brought in the blind scales of justice. Forget about diplomacy. when it comes to achieving your goals, you’ll need to stand up and fight for them. While it may now become apparent that the grand plans have failed, with some compromise and care, you can address even complex problems and find viable solutions that are important for moving forward