STARGAZING – Week of April 30th – May 6th, 2012

Apr 30, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


Week of April 30th – May 6th, 2012


This week, with the Full Moon in Scorpio, be ready to jump at the possibility of sudden and dramatic change. You may be confused by alternating waves of certainty and doubt as mental Mercury prompts you to act and speak spontaneously, without thinking. Although your perceptions are sharp, boundaries are fuzzy. Feisty Mars is casting a fire under everyone, through June, so it’s time to get moving!

Conversations grow intense mid-week with Mercury’s tense alignment with passionate Pluto on Wednesday. Remaining grounded is a must since trust might melt away if private information is made public. Don’t give away anyone’s secrets. A willingness to discuss difficult subjects can remove obstacles to expressing deep needs, while healing relationship wounds.

Scorpio is a Fixed Sign and creates a slow and steady accumulation of feeling instilling an all or nothing response that can feel like obsession. Sexuality, secrets, and scandal abound when the Moon waxes full in the eighth sign of the zodiac. Scorpio rules all things related to death, rebirth and metamorphosis, forcing us to relinquish the decaying aspects of ourselves and our lives. Once this is completed, we can move ahead into confidence and success.

We are being asked by the Divine to look at what no longer serves our highest good, and release any unhealthy attachments accordingly. Mercury in Aries and Saturn in Libra, have been opposing each other and come into an exact opposition on this Full Moon, May 5th, forcing definitive decisions — if not forced ultimatums — in relationships. Communication is clear, deliberate, sometimes painful, and based on deep emotional courage.

This energy has tremendous regenerative potential in our most intimate relationships and compliments this mighty Scorpio influence. Destructive inclinations are also possible depending on how we handle this potent death and transition force. We must ask ourselves if that which we are tearing down is something we really want to relinquish or if we are just acting out of some deeply buried fear of loss. Scorpio is linked with both our creative and destructive urges. Thus the power of Pluto’s domain must be handled with the utmost caution and consciousness. This powerful energy may leave you wondering if you’re heading in the right direction. You will know by the New Moon Eclipse on May 20th.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You might feel pangs of loneliness on Monday. Take steps to mingle with others and get involved in new activities. Your ruthless side will be activated on Tuesday. Try not to lose sight of your moral principles. Don’t follow the crowd. Have the courage to walk your own life path. You’ll be eager to transform your life. Get ready for a spiritual rebirth! An unexpected event could derail your agenda when the Moon in Libra opposes Uranus on Thursday. Try to be flexible in all situations. A lover could become very possessive. This person might demand all of your attention! Someone special will whisper words of love as Mercury sextiles Venus. If you’re single, you’ll make a soul connection with a new partner. Logic will be hard to find on Saturday. Strive to be practical when dealing with issues. Take steps to boost your earning potential. Consider enhancing your job skills by taking a class. Be discreet regarding a private matter when the Moon opposes Jupiter on Sunday. Keep confidential papers away from prying eyes. Community matters will occupy your time. You might decide to run for a local government office. A loved one may promise more than he or she can deliver. Maintain skepticism when interacting with others.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Thursday night could be your sweet spot as your key planet Mercury aligns with sexy Venus for some seductive conversation. You Air Sign are such big flirts! The lovely Libra Moon is bringing in romance from late Wednesday evening until Friday night, so start the fun early this week. This charming cosmic connection is perfect for making positive impressions, providing you with a light touch that shows off the playful part of your personality. If you’re ready to initiate a new relationship or take a current one to the next level, this weekend is the time to do it. The passionate Scorpio Full Moon peels away layers of politeness to get at the heart of your desires. Sharing your feelings honestly is a must if you want to reach romantic satisfaction. Letting go of beliefs and aspirations that aren’t being fulfilled is the first step toward finding your true happiness. Saturday’s passionate and deeply emotional Full Moon doesn’t appear to be your usual cup of tea. The logic, reason and independence you normally desire can be washed away by the powerful feelings that surround you. Putting passion into a leadership role is an excellent way to ride these tumultuous tides with a sense of purpose that keeps you afloat. Demonstrating your capacity to manage complex situations garners you positive points from those you admire. Take a bow!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You’ll possess a very alluring vibe when the Moon in Leo sextiles Venus on Monday. Admirers will flock to your side. Love will bring a smile to your face. Someone special will shower you with attention! Confusion could reign on the job on Tuesday. A colleague may deliberately feed you misinformation. Don’t believe everything you hear at work. Surprising news will come your way on Tuesday. Give yourself time to process the information. You’ll heave a sigh of relief when the Moon trines Jupiter on Wednesday. A certain circumstance will work out in your favor. Don’t sugarcoat your words to an associate on Thursday. This person needs to know exactly how you feel regarding a certain issue. Find time to have some fun on Friday. You don’t have to devote every moment to chores! Take your time to make a major decision on Friday. You’ll have to live with the consequences for quite a while. Keep your temper in check on Friday. Don’t vent your frustration on loved ones. You’ll learn an important life lesson on Saturday. Give yourself a pep talk when Mercury in Aries opposes Saturn. Keep your mind clear of negative thoughts. You might decide to call the moving van. It’s possible that your domestic arrangements will change suddenly. Think about engaging in outdoor activities on Sunday. A breath of fresh air will revitalize your spirits.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: If you’ve been trying to keep a secret or hide your emotions, you may feel rather vulnerable this weekend. The powerful Scorpio Full Moon cast light into the darkest parts of your psyche. Time spent alone or with a trusted ally might be more comfortable than playing out this cosmic dynamic in public. While it can be embarrassing to be exposed, it’s healthier to confess rather than continuing to avoid the truth. You might be surprised by how much better you feel once everything is out on the table. There’s a strong dose of passion and desire in your life this weekend. It’s likely that even when your head says no, your heart is saying yes, because your need to connect could outweigh your common sense. Being more discriminating about who you share your time with can make you feel safe even when you go to emotional extremes. Yet the Sun’s clever quintile with compassionate Neptune gives you a magic touch for turning things around. If you look beyond immediate issues, you’ll visualize a brighter picture that you can turn into reality. Even if situations get sticky, you can find a way to switch a disaster into a success this weekend. Suppressed feelings may start to surface that appear to take you in an unfavorable direction. Watch your responses and know that this too shall pass.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You might tangle with an authority figure on Monday. This person could become a formidable foe! Review your goal list on Tuesday. Don’t waste time pursuing ambitions that no longer interest you. Positive energy will surround a relationship when the Moon conjuncts Mars on Tuesday. You’ll have the determination to make the association a success. Push the “easy” button. Don’t make a task harder than it needs to be. Tax matters might need your attention on Wednesday. Be prepared to do some personal accounting. You could lose your sense of direction on Thursday. Have your GPS handy when you leave the house. You’ll be in escapist mode when your ruler Moon is quincunx Neptune on Thursday. Retreat from the real world and lose yourself in a good book. The Moon enters Libra Friday. Get ready to wear your heart on your sleeve.  Call on your inner resilience. Remember that you have the strength to overcome any challenge. A loved one might try to make you feel guilty on Saturday. Avoid folks who engage in emotional blackmail. As you clean the house from top to bottom on Saturday, consider holding a tag sale for items you no longer need. A friend might ask you to join a moneymaking scheme on Saturday. Think carefully before investing your money in the endeavor. Some financial issues will need to be resolved on Sunday evening.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: There’s a strong dose of passion and desire in your life this weekend with Saturday’s intense Scorpio Full Moon is shining romance. It’s likely that even when your head says no, your heart is saying yes, because your need to connect could outweigh your common sense. Feelings are everywhere this weekend. Simple discussions might turn into emotionally charged debates. Yet you can flourish in this evocative environment when you mix the strength of your convictions with your deep compassion for others. You are likely to go to extremes measures with the evocative Full Moon lighting up the Water Signs. This powerful lunar event could precipitate a breakthrough point when you finally recognize that you have to make serious adjustments to get what you want in relationships. However, this isn’t about changing others. You have the power to positively transform your personal life by altering your own attitudes, assumptions and aspirations. Philosophical people and foreign influences may be especially fascinating now, so escape routine forms of fun to seek more exotic places to play. Remember that being more discriminating about who you share your time with can make you feel safe, even when you go to emotional extremes.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Your intuition will kick in on Monday. Listen to your hunches in all scenarios. You Earth Signs will be in the spotlight. Get ready to take center stage in your social circle. Leave the rulebook at home because it’s time to explore your wild and crazy side! Shed your skin when the Moon in Virgo trines Pluto on Tuesday. Let the world see the new you! Make your personal wellbeing a priority on Thursday. Think about banishing sugary desserts and fatty foods from the menu. You’ll make great strides in your career. The boss will be impressed by your dedication to duty. “Discipline” will be your middle name when the Moon conjuncts Saturn on Friday. You’ll have the willpower to overcome any bad habit. An associate might try to push your buttons. Don’t let this person’s antics upset you. Maintain the upper hand by keeping your cool. A partnership could come to an end when the Full Moon takes place in your relationship zone on Saturday. It might be time to walk away from an unhealthy alliance. Stick to your budget on Sunday. Leave your credit cards at home when you go to the mall! Know your limits on Sunday. If you raise the bar too high, you won’t be able to jump over. A friend might ask you for advice. However, this person’s problems could require an expert’s guidance.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Your perceptive mind and inclination to speak frankly now enable you to get closer with someone special this week. Your friends may have a major impact on your personal life as well. Group activities are also important, perhaps connecting you with someone who shares a similar ambitious nature. The intense but sensitive Scorpio Moon’s presence on Saturday provokes deep and meaningful conversations. Just be sure to balance your sharp thinking with a touch of compassion that allows you to say what you want without coming across as overly critical or unnecessarily aggressive. Expand your mind and open your heart. What begins as a confrontation over different beliefs can evolve into a powerful attraction. Don’t avoid conflict now because it could be the way for two hearts to spark a romantic fire. You could attract a controlling person or find yourself becoming green with envy. Don’t let jealousy or mistrust get in the way of your desire to connect romantically. Moving out of your comfort zone and facing your deepest feelings could be what it takes to reignite a current relationship or get a new one off the ground.