STARGAZING—Week of April 2nd to April 8th, 2012

Apr 3, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Week of April 2nd – April 8th, 2012


As April kicks into gear, the stars are lining up to bring you less frustration — and more softness and romance!

This week brings the April 6th Full Moon in Libra. There are several energy shifts going on for this Full Moon. On Tuesday, April 3rd, the love and money planet Venus enters Gemini encouraging flirtatious behavior and friendly curiosity. There’s a tendency to fall for fantasy late this week with sweet Venus’ stressful square with surreal Neptune. If you give too much of yourself away, Friday’s Full Moon in the peace-seeking sign of Libra is a reminder to restore reason and balance to your emotions and in your relationships. You will need a little diplomacy to manage the edgy Mars—Venus square rocking relationships on Saturday night.

The Full Moon in Libra is the time of year when you look at the balance of your relationship needs and your individual needs. This specific full moon on Friday the 6th at 18 degrees Libra is moving close to the planet Saturn. You will need to look at your responsibilities, what’s yours and what isn’t? Are you taking on responsibilities that are not yours? Or, do you need to step into a larger responsibility either for yourself or for something larger than yourself? Saturn initiates you to a higher level of responsibility such as helping raise the vibration of the planet. Before you say you are too busy to take on more responsibility, consider what you can release in order to be of higher service. For most of us, that release can include belief systems about limitations. It is an abundant Universe, and this Full Moon asks you to determine if it is time for you to play a larger role in the transformation of the planet However, Saturn doesn’t ask you to sacrifice yourself to get there!

Normally, Venus spends just under three weeks passing through a sign, but Venus will be in Gemini until August 7th. This means that everyone is entering the shadow period before Venus turns retrograde on May 15th. Be aware of your value system, and particularly love, money, and your desire to have beauty in your life. You receive hints at the end of the month as to how you will be changing your life during the May 15th-June 27th Venus retrograde cycle. Think of these messages as a rehearsal for decision making during that time.

With romantic and indulgent Venus in chatty Gemini, the ultimate social pairing, consider yourself blessed, because Venus will remain in Gemini for an uncommonly long period of four months! Admittedly, this transit has the possibility to make romance a little more superficial, but it also means your love life will be much more spicy and fun without all that drama. Plus, any tensions you’ve experienced in your friendships and relationships lately should ease during these months, as neither Venus nor Gemini is one to waste time holding grudges.

April 4th brings relief as Mercury finally goes direct! With Mercury moving backwards in Pisces the last few weeks, details have been especially difficult to deal with; now that the messenger planet has changed directions, however, those difficulties are over. And with this transit’s Piscean influence, your intuition will kick into high gear, giving you the ability to sense what others are thinking before they even speak! As Mercury ends its retrograde cycle, be extra careful in morning traffic on that Wednesday. On the 10th, transforming Pluto begins its four-month retrograde cycle. Then on the 13th, aggressive Mars ends its retrograde cycle since January 23rd. When planets are changing and shifting in a short period of time, your life goes through several rapid shifts, like the sudden changing weather of spring.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Call on your patience on Monday. The boss could be in an ornery mood. You Air Signs will be in the spotlight on Tuesday. All eyes will be in your direction, so look your best when you leave the house. A project that was put on hold will be reactivated. The boss could offer you a position of authority on Tuesday. Get ready to climb another rung on the ladder of success. You might need to resort to your backup plan. It’s time to change tactics regarding a particular matter. Destiny will give you a call when the Moon trines Jupiter and Mercury turns direct on Wednesday You’ll discover your true purpose in life. You’ll view the world through rose-colored glasses when Venus squares Neptune on Thursday. Strive to see all situations clearly. A romance could become very complicated on Friday. A lover might ask for more space in the relationship. Your emotions may go into overdrive on Friday night. Don’t overreact to life’s little frustrations. Your responsibilities will take priority on Saturday. You might have to postpone a fun activity to get your household in order. Careful now, you may inadvertently offend someone in authority on Saturday. Make amends to this person as quickly as possible. Take it easy on Sunday. You may be tempted to overeat. Beat stress by watching the clouds float by. Happy Easter, happy Spring!

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Friday’s Full Moon pushes you to make a significant personal decision, Air Signs. Weighing your needs against what others are giving you could provoke you to shake up a current alliance or alter the way in which you’re seeking a new relationship. Brainstorms are possible on Friday with the illuminating Libra Full Moon. This sudden awareness can raise your standards in relationships and challenge you to express your needs more clearly. Sharing a long-term goal is essential to building a lasting union. On the other hand, you might recognize that you want more freedom and prefer to avoid making serious commitments now. Being fair to yourself is top priority because if you can’t accept your considerable worth, others are unlikely to take you seriously as a potential partner. Treating yourself with a higher level of respect instantly makes you a more captivating companion. You don’t have to rush into a decision; keep your options open until your heart is ready to make a choice. Additionally, a major romantic breakthrough might occur this weekend with the lovely Libra Full Moon. Falling for someone is all too easy, but you’ve also got the magic to capture someone’s heart. Flirty Venus is cavorting through Gemini now, encouraging you to play the field. Have fun, but don’t let a frivolous attitude cool off the heat of attraction that can enhance your current relationship, or make you a prime candidate for an even more satisfying new one. Oh boy, ain’t love grand?

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Don’t make rash promises to a friend on Monday. This person will be disappointed if you don’t follow through. A financial endeavor will bring big dividends. Save some of the extra money! Channel your inner warrior when the Moon conjuncts Mars on Tuesday. Get ready to stand up for your beliefs. Your timing will be spot on target when the Leo Moon sextiles Saturn on Tuesday. Good luck will be on your side in all circumstances! You’ll consider moving to a new locale on Wednesday. The view outside your kitchen window could be getting stale. Your sixth sense will be extremely accurate on Wednesday. Follow your hunches in all scenarios. A former lover might ask to reconcile on Friday. You’ll need to make a difficult choice. Finding the right solution won’t be easy. Think carefully before allowing this person to be part of your life again. You’ll need to revise a goal on Friday. Work toward the ambitions that suit the person you are now. A lover’s behavior could be cause for concern when Venus squares Mars on Saturday. Have an honest talk before ending the partnership. A family member could require your full attention on Saturday. It’s time to listen to this person. Leave your credit cards at home if you go shopping on Sunday. Stick to your budget this weekend.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Relationships heat up on Thursday. A Full Moon in fair-minded Libra on the following day can reveal where you’ve fallen short of meeting others’ expectations. This emotionally dramatic event, though, is meant to bring issues into the open where they can be discussed objectively. Engaging in honest dialogue is an essential step before you move to the next level of intimacy. This Full Moon in cooperative Libra is a reminder that relationships require compromise. You don’t have to start by giving up what’s important to you, but meeting others halfway is the road to fulfillment now. Listening as much as you talk and recognizing that there isn’t a single right answer to every question reduces pressure and helps to open minds. Friends and organizations can play an important role in your personal life this Friday as well. Spending time with people who share your beliefs creates plenty of joyful interactions and opportunities for meaningful connections. The Moon enters secretive on Saturday morning, inspiring you to stay out of the limelight and grab some rest while you can. The lunar shift into sultry Scorpio on Saturday morning intensifies emotions, adding passion and drama to your interactions for the rest of the weekend. Get ready now!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Your self-esteem will get a boost when the Moon trines the Sun on Monday. Take credit for your accomplishments. Don’t imagine the worst. A certain situation isn’t as bad as you think it is. You’ll decide to go in search of solitude on Tuesday. Spending time alone will help you collect your thoughts. Take the time now to develop your creative talent. You have lots of untapped artistic potential that’s going to waste. Communication issues could occur at work on Tuesday. Double-check your instructions before starting a new project or wait till next week. Put the past behind you on Wednesday. It’s time to let go of old grudges. Focus on your plans for the future. You might feel pulled in two different directions when the Moon opposes Mercury in Pisces on Thursday. Deciding on the right course of action could be difficult. Family matters may cause dissension on Friday. Try to separate your head from your heart when interacting with loved ones. Conflict could arise with a work colleague. Try to see matters from this person’s point of view. This weekend put on your detective hat. You’ll need to dig for the truth regarding a certain situation on Saturday. Powerful vibrations will surround you when the Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto on Sunday. You could experience a life-changing event this weekend. Nurture a friendship. Take time from your busy schedule to connect with the people you love.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: The creative Libra Full Moon shines on Friday, acting like a light bulb switching on in your relationship life. A more objective picture of your current situation and future expectations allows you to shed guilt, drop blame and start communicating more honestly. Luckily, it is possible to be both truthful and kind, which then creates a new balance in partnerships that keeps you from giving more than you receive in return. Taking stock of your relationship situation is at the top of your agenda. Open your eyes to gain a new perspective on your personal life, one that can free you from old wounds and prepare you for a fresh start. A lunar shift into Scorpio on Saturday should add plenty of steam to heat up a playful experience or passionate encounter. As the Moon dives into this passionate sign it will steam up the rest of the weekend with intense feelings. You may become acutely aware of your own flaws, but that’s not meant to bring you down. Start fixing what you can and accepting what you can’t and your relationships should start to operate more successfully. Playing social games might be tempting now that flirty Venus is in flighty Gemini, but sincerity builds stronger alliances in the long run. Being honest with yourself helps love find its way into your heart.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Be mindful of what you say to others when the Moon is quincunx Mercury on Monday. One wrong word could get you in trouble! Your mental energy will be scattered on Monday. Have your keys in your hand before leaving the house. Mind your own business on Tuesday. Don’t offer unsolicited advice to a sibling. This person wants to lead his or her own life. You could be in daydream mode now. Your fantasy world will be more appealing than the real world. You’ll look at the world with new eyes when your ruler Venus enters Gemini on Tuesday. Your curiosity will kick up a notch! A friend will have good advice for you on Wednesday. It’s wise to listen to what this person has to say. Extra cash might come your way on Thursday. A friend may finally pay back a loan! You’ll feel unappreciated at work with the Full Moon in Libra on Friday. It might be time to change jobs. A business agreement might need to be renegotiated. Don’t sell yourself short in the deal. A loved one will dig in their heels on Saturday. This person will be stubborn regarding a certain matter. Watch your temper. An associate could provoke you to anger. Count to ten before losing your cool. Take the high road on Sunday. Don’t let anyone talk you into questionable activities.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Making sure that you’re being treated fairly could be critical to your relationship life this week. Mercury turns direct on Wednesday, inspiring you to communicate your feelings with those you love. Saying what someone else wants to hear may seem nice, but your political correctness can create some complications later this week. Friday’s accommodating Libra Full Moon tempts you to gloss over serious issues in order to keep the peace. While this might garner you special attention for being a successful leader, it’s also a reminder that you may have to cut back on some of your obligations to make more time for your personal life.. Friday’s Full Moon in objective Libra reminds you that simply trying to make someone else happy is not a reliable path to happiness. But the lunar shift into the intense waters of Scorpio on Saturday morning challenges you to dig deep and express your needs with a greater degree of emotional vulnerability, even if it means swimming outside of your comfort zone. Friends should help to lighten the load. Being a good team player makes you a more desirable companion this weekend. Discussing delicate subjects on Saturday and Sunday works best when you’re willing to be totally honest. Showing your vulnerable side is hard work but well worth the effort if you’re brave enough to take the risk.