STARGAZING — Week of April 2nd through April 8th, 2018

Apr 2, 2018 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing



You will have to focus through three squares in this week’s energy, and work long hours to achieve everything you want. Mars continues to conjunct Saturn on Monday, and this combination never usually bring in anything positive. However, it may not be as bad as it seems. With both planets in Capricorn, they are on their best, most productive behavior, enabling them to work together instead of at opposites. The monkey wrench comes mid-week when the duo are squared, creating angry and depressing communication.

The Mercury retrograde cycle enters the second half of its communications breakdown cycle. Mercury continues to be retrograde until the 15th. However, it is at the middle point of the cycle on April 1st. This shifts thinking from cleaning up the past to research and behind-the-scenes work towards future projects. Fortunately, tax day is not until the 17th this year, so you have a couple extra days out of retrograde to deal with the communications snafus of this breakdown cycle. Last minute tax filers should double-check their work.

On Monday morning, Mars aligns with Saturn in Capricorn. Put physical effort and ambition into long-term projects now. Do have patience this week because Mercury moving backwards is challenging both Mars and Saturn on Wednesday and Thursday. Also, think before you speak and don’t be upset of your plans shift and change a bit.

Begin to work on new projects, but allow some extra adjustments for those projects to shift after the messenger turns direct on the 15th.

The weekend continues the somewhat serious tone of the week under a Capricorn moon. Accomplish some project that requires patience and discipline. On Saturday, graceful Venus makes an harmonious trine to Saturn. This is a better business combination than it is for relationships. However, talking about long term plans in relationship receives support. Put in some overtime now for greater rewards. It’s a good day for practical decisions concerning live and finances.

The week ends with the Aries Sun squaring the Capricorn Moon, hanging on to the serious tone of the week. This difficult awareness reminds us that sometimes, no matter how hard you try or manipulate = you just don’t always get what you want, but always get what you need.