STARGAZING — Week of April 21st – April 28th, 2013

Apr 23, 2013 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of April 21st – April 28th, 2013

So just what does the cosmos have in store for you this next week? For starters, Mercury squares off against deep, dark Pluto on April 21st, a pairing that will lead to intense discussions and, in turn, help you get to the root of any problems. Just beware, for Pluto can be negative and obsessive. If things get too serious, find the lighter side, and try to make sure you laugh often!

Monday, April 22nd, sees Venus move opposite Saturn, reminding you of all your chores, responsibilities, and, for the moment, removing any chance for romance. Let loved ones have their space as you turn on your charm to create practical solutions in your workplace.

The Moon is in Virgo all day Monday and there are ongoing lunar aspects all day. Keep on the move and get a lot of different things accomplished, rather than taking on a project that requires intense focus. It would also be a good day to help by being of service.

An emotional roller coaster lurks ahead over the next few days with the upcoming eclipse, challenging your communications and your love life! You will need some time to help you navigate these churning cosmic energies. You’ll uncover strengths and weaknesses you didn’t even know you had, making you stronger, to help you get a firmer grip on the days ahead.

April 24th brings lots of cosmic activity. First, Venus and Pluto get together to bring back romance and seduction! You could receive (or even offer) exciting propositions on this day, but you’ll also want to be on the lookout for behind-the-scenes manipulation. Also on April 24th, Mercury and Jupiter partner up for optimistic opinions and compliments galore! Finally, the day sees the Sun and Neptune meet in a dreamy dance, bestowing you with strong intuition and a peaceful, lazy attitude.

The Lunar Eclipse – the first of three in a row – is on Thursday the 25th, at 6 degrees Scorpio/Taurus. This Full Moon adds healing opportunities that are quite supportive to you in the near future. Neptune in psychic Pisces continues to be active early this year, and that supports compassion and forgiveness practices. You can take steps to heal yourself, others, or even put some constructive energy into your business. Because this eclipse drags restructuring Saturn into the energies, there is an opportunity to explore your past and establish better emotional boundaries. However, people who have a problem with depression may take a dip in the dark side with this energy. The good news is that you will not get stuck in the shadows too long because the energetic Sun and assertive Mars are pushing you to put your values and ambition into motion. This Full Moon is a bit complicated with energies pulling you in different directions. Once you get all the pieces working in the same direction, it is very powerful. Good preparation is the most important part of any big job, so don’t any skip steps to move the process along.

The Moon moves into Sagittarius on Saturday, so there is ample energy to do something fun. However, a challenging Saturn aspect suggests that you not stay out too late on Saturday evening.

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The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

If romance runs into walls early in the week, it’s meant to challenge us to clarify our needs and desires. Amorous Venus opposes restrictive Saturn on Monday, which often presents obstacles, doubts and delays. A loved one may criticize your actions when Venus opposes Saturn on Monday. Remember that you have the right to live your own life. You’ll experience job stress on Monday afternoon. Take time for a quick break whenever the pressure builds. The temptation to overindulge will be strong on Monday evening. Get a loved one to hide the chocolate chip cookies! Concentrate on the big picture on Tuesday. Don’t get caught up in the petty details of a certain matter. You may have a mystical experience on Wednesday. A vision of the future will set your feet in a new direction. Venus, the love planet’s restorative trine with resourceful Pluto is designed for healing relationship wounds. A friend might ask you to invest in a financial endeavor on Thursday. Do the math before writing this person a check. There’s bound to be complications and transformations with Thursday’s Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse intensifying emotions during the entire week. A naysayer may try to put you down. Ignore folks who give off negative vibrations. Also, a minor medical issue may flare up when the Full Moon Eclipse takes place on Thursday. If so, schedule a checkup with a doctor. Think outside the box on Saturday. It’s time to take a different approach to a longstanding problem. An unexpected blessing will come your way when the Moon trines your ruler Uranus on Sunday. Call a loved one and celebrate your good fortune. Your travel plans may change without warning on Sunday. Best to have an alternate itinerary available. An associate will ask for your honest opinion on Sunday evening. Sugarcoat your words to this person.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Being fierce to protect your interests is a smart idea this week. Instead of bending over backwards to placate others as you might normally do, it’s wiser now to put yourself first. Clearly establishing your needs keeps you from losing sight of them when you’re under pressure. Kicking back and adjusting to the desires of others is less likely to succeed than taking the lead in relationships this week. Thursday’s Scorpio Full Moon brings a potent Lunar Eclipse. You may not want to appear heavy-handed, yet trying to pacify someone or hide your own disappointment are not desirable choices. It’s more effective to start out with a strong position and then to make compromises for a worthy companion, if necessary. Letting go of unsatisfying situations is called for with the passionate Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse rattling your world. Being true to your heart is the surest way to avoid abuse and gain the fairness that you deserve. Thursday’s powerful Lunar Eclipse occurs at the same time the brainy planet Mercury slips on a banana peel of confusion and bumps into fuzzy Neptune. This is not the time to take a stand or make a long-term plan. When the Moon shifts into adventurous Sagittarius on Saturday, you can see relationships more clearly. If there are changes to be made in a current union or in pursuit of a new one, you will be more than ready to swing into action.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Be your own best friend on Monday. It’s OK to put your needs first in a certain matter. Think about what you really value. Put family and friends at the top of your agenda. Optimistic thoughts will fill your mind when Mercury in Aries sextiles Jupiter on Tuesday. Self-doubt will vanish as if by magic. Be proactive. Getting a jump on the competition will increase your chances of success. You’ll project a very alluring aura to others when the Sun sextiles Neptune on Wednesday. It’s a great time to hit the social scene. Transform your life on Thursday. It’s a great time to quit a bad habit. Your sixth sense may be off kilter on Thursday. Rely solely on logic when making a choice. Domestic matters will need your full attention on Thursday. Have a hammer and nails handy for a household repair job. Use discretion at work on Friday. Keep all confidential papers under lock and key. Your imagination will soar on Friday. Write a love poem for someone special. Resist the urge to buy a lottery ticket on Saturday. Lady Luck won’t be by your side, Fire Signs. Count your pennies carefully on Sunday. A slick salesperson may try to shortchange you. A romance may take a wrong turn when the Moon in Sagittarius is quincunx Venus on Sunday. Put the relationship back on track by having an honest talk with your sweetie.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Thursday’s secretive Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse stirs up issues about trust and closeness. It’s tempting to go into attack mode or pull back, neither of which is healthy for any relationship. You may have to work harder to get what you want, so think of this as training to clarify your expectations and stick to your commitments. The easy way isn’t necessarily the surest road to love now. Intense issues may occur at home overshadowing your domestic roots. If you’re not content with your personal life, this is an appropriate time to address those issues. Just don’t be a bully or try to overpower anyone else. The real challenge is to examine your own behavior and expectations to learn where changes are needed. Patience is a must as this is a slow process meant to produce lasting and meaningful results. The Moon slipping into Sagittarius on Saturday morning warms your heart, inspiring you to reach out to others. It’s a great time to put the past behind you and focus on having fun right now. An escapist afternoon is perfect for letting your cares melt away. There is, though, a rather serious tone on Sunday that’s more suitable for mature conversations about commitments than visits to fantasyland.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

A project could be delayed on Monday. The timing isn’t right for this endeavor. Also, you might have to make a difficult decision on Monday. Follow your heart in the matter. Spruce up your living quarters when the Moon enters Virgo on Tuesday. Put fresh flowers on the kitchen table. Read between the lines on Tuesday because an associate’s words will contain hidden meaning. Take it easy on Wednesday. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Your life may start to resemble a soap opera when the Full Moon Eclipse occurs in Scorpio on Thursday. High drama will be the norm! Your emotions may become intense on this eclipse. Don’t overreact to life’s little annoyances. A loved one could give you the cold shoulder on Thursday. It’s not wise to crowd this person. He or she needs some space. Dynamic energy will surround you when Mars sextiles Neptune in Pisces on Friday. Strive to be all that you can be. A partner will give you moral support on Friday. Let this person help you cope with a burden. Volunteer for a worthy cause on Friday. Generate good karma by helping others. Have some fun on Saturday. Go to a comedy club with a friend. Laughter will erase your worries this weekend. Watch out because a friend may ask you to settle an argument on Saturday. Don’t get involved in this person’s quarrels. Summon up your industrious side on Sunday. A project will require extra effort.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: You may be paying too high a price for what you’re receiving or have boxed yourself into a corner of self-doubt. The good news is that this can be a strong wake-up call that inspires you to work harder to build your self-esteem and slowly earn the lasting respect you desire and deserve. Channel all your emotions into finding a creative way to express your heart. Sweet Water Signs, this looks like a great week to spice up your relationship life. You might be forced to take a very realistic look at romance this week with Thursday’s powerful Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse emphasizing Amour. This incisive Scorpio Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse who’s Higher Purpose is to sharpen your tongue and open your mind. Being more direct about your desires may challenge your partner and test your courage, but you need to be brave. Pushing away someone who doesn’t share your values or beliefs is healthier than compromising and settling for less. This could be a watershed time in your personal life. This powerful lunation shadows the week with a sense that change is about to come. But instead of waiting and reacting to circumstances, it’s better for you to take the initiative now. Although relationships may be rocky, altering your own perceptions and, perhaps, even your behavior, is where you have the best chance for productive results. Relax, smile, and forgive, it pays!

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Don’t promise more than you can deliver when the Moon in Virgo squares Jupiter on Monday; be realistic when offering your services to an associate. You may be in a grumpy mood as well. Take some time alone until you feel more sociable. You may be short of cash as well. Take steps to generate some extra income. Offer to walk a neighbor’s dog or something. Your sense of personal power will kick up a notch when Venus in Taurus trines Pluto on Wednesday. You’ll be ready to stand your ground with others. A lover will overflow with amorous desire on Wednesday evening. If you’re single, someone special may ask you on a date. You’ll discover your true destiny on Thursday. It’s time to walk on the path that’s meant for you. Try to forget about past mistakes. Focus your energy on making yourself happy now! One door may close so that another one can open on Thursday. Pat yourself on the back on Friday. You made the right choice regarding a certain situation. Life could throw an obstacle in your path when the Sun opposes Saturn on Sunday. Never fear because you can your thoughts with a friend. This person wants to get to know you better. A loved one will do you a favor on Sunday as well. This person has your best interests at heart. Don’t worry Earth Signs, you’ll overcome any challenge that you encounter this weekend.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Your intuitive ability to understand others and talk your way through a difficult situation is admirable this week. The verbal planet Mercury aligns with wise Jupiter on Tuesday, revealing options and enabling you to express yourself intelligently. Your strong sense of discipline will serve you well this week while the pressure rises in relationships due to Thursday’s tumultuous Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse. The lunar intensity is bound to push some buttons, raise some doubts and bring emotional crises to the surface. Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse rocks your relationship world. This passionate Scorpio Full Moon arouses emotions that aren’t easy to handle. But if you care about the one you’re with or want to transform your single life into a coupled one, pushing past your comfort zone and facing complicated feelings can get you into a hardworking groove that leads you to a happier union. Keeping your cool is especially valuable with this high-pressure Lunar Eclipse. You have important things to say about a delicate matter and sharing them with sensitivity is critical. However, your capacity to stay focused on the immediate issues without getting lost in resentment or fear gives you the power to not only survive change but to thrive from it.