STARGAZING—Week of April 1st – April 7th, 2013

Apr 3, 2013 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of Apr. 1st – Apr. 7th, 2013

April arrives with a shower of cosmic energy, providing exactly what you need to get your projects and ideas blooming! With the fiery Aries Sun squaring itself firmly against powerful Pluto on April 1st, you might feel as if the Universe is playing a cosmic prank on you this April Fools’ Day! Aries’ temperament may thrive on perpetual motion, but Pluto is prepared to stop progress dead in its tracks, and no amount of Aries-driven aggression can likely remedy the situation. Pluto isn’t actually opposed to you moving ahead; rather, it simply wants to make sure you know exactly where you’re going, and that you have a substantial plan to reach your destination. So, if it feels as if your boss (or someone in similar power) is holding you back, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your situation, since it’s possible you’ve been halted because you’re not as prepared as you initially thought. You may feel blocked or trapped, but the build-up will prove to be more difficult than the event itself, so you’ll have things well in hand by April 11th. The Sun also meets Jupiter, boosting morale and sprinkling a light dusting of good fortune over most everything. Fortunately, this happy-go-lucky alignment with Jupiter will boost your mood and maybe even bring good news about exciting financial opportunities. Keep friendly words on the tip of your tongue so you can take full advantage of any new connections you make.

APRIL FOOL! April opens with a strong, hurry-up emphasis in the sign Aries. Although this is good for initiating new projects, physical exercise, and pioneering new paths, it also adds stress and a feeling of “too much to do in too little time to do it.” During the first week of April, and culminating on the 6th, relationship planets Venus and Mars align to help you get your relationships in order. You can seek new relationships, or simply take actions associated with those already in place. As we get closer to the lunar eclipse on the 25th, the emphasis shifts to hard working Taurus. The projects you started early in the month get to come down to earth for practical application, or they fall away if your intention was not long term.

The Moon is in a quiet phase on the 1st, so tend to projects already underway. A void moon is a good day to catch up on humble tasks like laundry and cleaning your desk of clutter. The tone gets friendlier towards the weekend. The moon is in Aquarius on Thursday and Friday, so get out and meet new friends and explore new group activities. All week, relationship planets Venus and Mars are building up to an alignment in fiery Aries, exact on Saturday evening. This is excellent energy for opening to new relationships of all kinds, but you will need to give them the test of time before getting carried away with yourself. The stars take a break until Sunday, April 7th, when sparks fly as Venus and Mars meet in a passionate embrace, making romance hot and heavy. Things heat up outside the bedroom as well, with these planets adding sexy attitude to everything you do!

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The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Relationships might be a major concern over the coming days, Air Signs. A promising transit early in the week brings a chance for a relationship to develop that could work out well for you in the future. This person may have ideas or skills to share that could be of use later. Your social life is really buzzing, so get up to speed with networking, partying, and connecting with others. The more you get out and about, the more you’ll get out of life. You might be tempted by a powerful attraction that’s hard to resist.. Single? You might be prepared to consider speed dating as a way to find that special someone in an instant. Your long-term partner may need more freedom than usual or may act like they’ve regressed back to adolescence. However, you may also be tempted by an instant attraction. You might need to give your lover as much space as possible for now. It could save your relationship in the future. You might have a lot to say and you won’t be hesitant about saying it. You could even be quite assertive when it comes to sharing opinions or ideas. You may use well-honed arguments to beat down your opponent and succeed in getting what you want. You’re usually quite laid back, but over this weekend you might get into verbal spats at the drop of a hat. Jupiter lights up your romance zone. It’s possible that an online affair could get serious.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: The planets are pumping up your relationship life with play and pleasure this week. If you have a partner, give each other some space so that you both can breathe. It’s better to step back graciously by choice than to sense so much pressure that you feel trapped and compelled to push others away. The Moon’s presence in Aquarius triggers your need for freedom on Thursday and Friday. Changing your look or exploring different people and places spices up your relationship life. A cozy alignment between brainy Mercury and the connective lunar nodes makes it easy to share your thoughts. The unconventional Aquarius Moon inspires creativity on before a sassy Venus-Mars conjunction puts the sexy back in your vocabulary and emotions on Saturday night. These delicious times could be so exciting that common sense goes out the window; keep a little bit of reason in reserve, just in case. Information flows freely, inspiring tender but rational conversations, which could smooth out rough spots in your personal life. Organizations and friends can support your romantic aspirations this weekend as flirty Venus hooks up with sexy Mars on Saturday night. Your clever wit can captivate almost any audience.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

As April opens, this week gets off to a punchy start with a focus on Fire signs. You’ll be in your element and ready for whatever life brings your way. You may be motivated to pursue ambitions with focus, work hard, and make use of your drive and enthusiasm. You could be hot on the trail of fun and good times. Current influences reveal plenty of action in romance, which could massively improve your chances of finding a hot date or just enjoying yourself to the max. Early in the week you may get a chance for a lucrative deal, especially if you run your own business. Later, you could be bowled over by an attraction to someone you can hardly resist. You’re currently revitalized with the Sun in Aries and feeling confident and rejuvenated. A very passionate aspect over the weekend brings the chance of an instant attraction. If you have your sights set on someone, you’ll be eager to date him or her. Don’t do anything impulsively that you might regret down the road. Travel and adventure could be on your mind, perhaps now more than ever. If you haven’t booked a break to an exotic paradise or something similar, perhaps you’ll be tempted to do so. You may find it hard to focus on your job, especially those nitty-gritty details or daily routines. Your mind may be filled with thoughts of faraway places and the desire to escape from your everyday life. It’s possible that a dynamic relationship may develop when you move out of your comfort zone.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Your penchant for pleasure could hit a record high this week. This could be your hottest week of the year with the passionate planet Mars meeting up with magnetic Venus in Aries on Saturday night. You are itching for fun and might lose sight of the needs of others as you pursue your own desires. A dash of delicacy allows you to be direct without appearing to be insensitive. Romantic feelings burn brightly when flirtatious Venus joins red-hot Mars in fellow fire sign Aries. This impulsive cosmic alignment encourages you to seek new forms of fun. It’s natural to be restless and easily bored, which is why taking chances is appropriate now. Just don’t take yourself too seriously so that you can play without your ego getting in the way. This cosmic connection is bound to lift your spirits and ignite your adventurous side. Your charm and infectious attitude is likely to gain you plenty of attention. Your popularity makes you even more desirable as a playmate, but you’re probably not that interested in slowing down to deal with serious issues. Let your imagination flow freely as this is an almost perfect weekend to set reality aside and experience your romantic fantasies. Leave the logic behind; following your instincts will bring you joy.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

As April opens and after a fairly quiet time in your career, the current influences light up the sky with powerful explosions of promise and ambition in this part of your life. You seem to have a lot of energy at your disposal, so channel it into something useful. There’s a chance you may stop and change your focus, which won’t get you anywhere. Pick one goal that’s dear to your heart and stick with it through thick and thin. You might surprise yourself by how far you get with this approach. You may be eager to make changes to your lifestyle, including health, job, and general daily routines. A major focus on Aries for you Water Signs means you’ll be in an impulsive and determined mood. You might decide to start exercising regularly in order to trim and tone your body, but don’t do too much all at once. You could burn out and perhaps injure yourself. No matter what you do, pace yourself for best results. The desire to shop could have you visiting the mall more than once this week. Your money may be burning a hole in your pocket, encouraging you to spend even if you don’t really need anything. Money might come into your account, but it could leave just as quickly. If you don’t want problems further down the line, keep control of your cash and create a budget. Sticking to it may help you pay your bills more easily in the future. Above all, avoid impulse buys! Lucrative deals and romance are possible at work.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Expanding your social territory to explore different kinds of experiences multiplies your chances for finding romance this weekend. The reflective Moon enters imaginative Pisces on Saturday morning where it inspires you to look beyond immediate issues and escape from your usual routines. Sharing a dream with someone or having similar spiritual beliefs provides the warm feelings that make intimacy possible. You could be in for a magical weekend once the Moon Pisces, Water Signs. This lunar connection inspires your imagination, even though this transit is sometimes associated with moodiness. However, you’re very unlikely to get down in the dumps because alluring Venus and ardent Mars meet up on Saturday night to get your heart beating faster. Do not stay home or stick to predictable patterns with this magical cosmic excitement in the air. Anything can happen when you open your heart.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

You might have a plan that needs other people’s resources in order to bring it to fruition. Getting financing for a project may be something you’re set on. The problem could be that despite being a practical Earth sign, you might be tempted to act on impulse where loans or credit cards are concerned. Try not to go over your credit limit or default on your obligations because you may regret it further down the line. Life at home looks busy, and could also be disruptive. There seems to be a lot going on that could involve a change to the family dynamic, perhaps moving or remodeling. It’s possible that you have a lot of children keeping you active or perhaps a new and boisterous pet. You might also be eager to change certain aspects of your place in order to reflect changes to your lifestyle. Complex emotional patterns could leave you feeling more vulnerable and anxious than usual this week, Earth Signs. You may be haunted by vague fears that need to be faced and dealt with. The current cosmic focus suggests your dreams could be very powerful. Take note of any that are particularly striking because they may have useful guidance for you. It might be a time to lay low and recharge your batteries. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on your priorities and future goals. Your love life looks very explosive, too, which you’ll enjoy! If you’re single, entertaining may bring you a romantic opportunity. Will you take it?

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Playing by the rules can take the sparkle out of your personal life this weekend. Ardent Mars meets on Saturday night, which can make you feel sexually adventurous. Taking the initiative to get the contact you desire gives you a greater sense of control than letting another person lead the way. But if there’s trust between you, barriers to closeness could fall with surprising speed. Circumstances might not feel like they’re under your control. But if you’re able to go with the flow, romance may find you, instead. The amorous planet Venus joins physical Mars to whet your appetite for affection. You can feel like a bystander to your own life, but don’t let that happen. As long as you’re spending time with people you trust, just kick back and enjoy the pleasure that comes to you.