Stargazing — Week of April 18th through April 24, 2022

Apr 18, 2022 | Stargazing

Overnight Sunday into Monday is a connection between friendly Uranus and Mercury in solution seeking Taurus along with Venus in Pisces. Inspiration and eccentric, enlightened thinking will be off the charts this week, allowing for innovative, fanciful leaps into uncharted territories. You’ll be given an artistic, creative boost by the Universe. At the same time the Scorpio Moon trines Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces for added depth and flair.

The Taurus Bull

Watch out for Ego’s clashing when the strong Sun squares Pluto, as they fight for power and control. Not to worry because Uranus will give the freedom-seeker individuals the power to go their own way, unscathed. Call someone you haven’t talked to in ages, or do something unexpected.

Envy could come disguised as judgment on Wednesday when a Sagittarius Moon squares the three planets in Pisces. Try to ignore the haters on-line. Their lack of support shows their own lack of self-esteem instead of valuing your ideas.

There are pleasant Moon relationships for the remainder of the week, with the Moon in hard-working Capricorn on Thursday. Thursday is a great day to get things done thanks to a Capricorn Moon sending positive rays to the Sun.

Earth Day is Friday, but you may rather keep your head in the clouds, due to an over invigorating flow of dreamy, imaginative energy caused by the conjunction of the Moon and Pluto. Meanwhile, the Moon sextiles Venus and Jupiter while trining Mercury, making it a great day for soulful, creative out-of-the box thinking. Get something tangible accomplished.

Saturday brings a friendly Aquarius Moon to support social activities. Saturday also begins the last quarter of the Moon cycle so finish up projects started at the New Moon at the beginning of the month.

Sunday morning is best spent quietly as communications planet Mercury is in an uncomfortable relationship with boundary setting Saturn. The evening supports music, a good movie, or meditation.