Stargazing — Week of April 17th through April 23rd, 2023

Apr 17, 2023 | Stargazing

An energy of expectation and electrical power pervades the first three days of the week, as we move into the first Full Solar Eclipse of 2023. You may feel as if you’re floating in air or rather otherworldly. You sense that you’re walking in a landscape of potential and you know that something is taking place in the ethers.

Thursday, April 20th brings the solar eclipse at the last degree of Aries. Solar Eclipses bring new beginnings from a deeper soul level, but the last degree of a sign brings completions. This is the first of a series of eclipses in Aries and Libra since 2014. So it brings an odd mixture of needing to start a new path while still busy handling existing and/or leaving activities/relationships. This energy brings the confidence to stand up to bullies and build a solid, more stable structure for the future.

Events that arise at this eclipse urge you to push the pause so you can have the time to review certain situations and bring more radical, higher minded changes, instead of going full speed ahead with the status quo. This eclipse begins to set the stage for summer – when the spiritual destiny nodes of the moon move into Aries and Libra, a time when you re-balance independent needs and relationship needs

Mercury retrogrades  in Taurus from April 21st through May 14th (Mother’s Day.) With Mercury turning retrograde on Friday , it’s an excellent time to clear away your old projects before you begin any new ones.

April 23rd-25th brings minor harmonies when communicating new ideas and emotions. Put physical energy into creating what’s next in your life, but know that you must look for the long term rather than “I want it now” mindset.

In the days around the New Moon of April 20th, the quality of time changes significantly again. This New Moon is exceptional because it’s a full eclipse and takes place on the last degree of Aries (29°), so the Sun and Moon are about to move into Taurus and also square Pluto in Aquarius.

It is a New Moon with a simultaneous Solar Eclipse (visible in Southeast Asia and Australia), and last but not least, the second New Moon in Aries. Mercury turns retrograde the following day, and Mars is already approaching the square with Chiron (which is exact on April 27th).

It is one of the standout constellations this year, and it could be somewhat challenging, as a constellation occurring during a solar eclipse reverberates for quite some time.

Pluto is on the same degree as the conjunction and is  aspected by the eclipse. We can be assured that some significant conflicts between the “old” and the “new” forces will occur in the weeks ahead, perhaps with some aggressive or warlike energies..

Perhaps the events will give us an idea of the qualities of the “new” and what we should preserve from the “old time.” These days it is advisable to avoid emotional acts and to be mindful of yourself and your actions.

Times of change bring new opportunities but also a degree of uncertainty. The strategy of soberly weighing opportunities and risks makes sense for business matters. In our personal lives, however, we are usually biased and react emotionally to upheavals.

Fears are a significant part of the human spectrum. In the horoscope, they belong to the sphere of Saturn, but Saturn also stands for resilience and detachment, leading us to act consciously and with foresight. Saturn also allows us to learn from the past and imagine the future.

Rebel spirits will fight back against authoritarian control at this time. However, this is an excellent period to start building local structures and independent networks outside the mainstream.