STARGAZING — Week of April 16th through April 22nd, 2018

Apr 16, 2018 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing



This week brings new opportunities and along with some releasing and letting go. Venus opposes Jupiter on Wednesday, Mercury went direct and Saturn retrogrades, and the Sun enters Taurus on Thursday.

Mercury ended his three-week retrograde cycle on Sunday, April 15th, so that adds to the energy of rethinking your life and priorities. Go back to plans laid out before March 16th to bring in some success. Also check your Mercury retrograde journal to see what dreams and inspirations you can begin now, on this New Moon ins Aries energy.

Know that wounded healer Chiron is moving into Aries on the Tuesday the 17th, beginning a new seven year plan. It’s time to take initial steps to pioneer a new path or project, but do not carve it into concrete just yet. The next few months supports the initial testing of ideas and projects that will get more attention next year.

Give your sensual pleasures a treat on Monday and Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean you need to blow the budget to treat yourself well. Flowers, a massage, a cup of Elizabeth Elixir tea and some quality chocolate are good options for a Taurus Moon. Venus in Taurus adds to the love and sensual pleasures.

Also on Tuesday, Saturn begins his retrograde cycle until early September. You may feel sluggish, but it is equally true that many people will not feel this subtle shift at all. This Saturn retrograde time can be a rewarding time offering you some great insights and wisdom if you go within and reflect on the areas of your life that need repair or seem to be unfinished. Tend to your inner needs over the next several months so you a have a more solid foundation to move forward come September.

Wednesday is the day you just have to allow your inner, eccentric weirdo out of the closet to dance into the sunlight for you. The Sun aligns with Uranus precisely on Wednesday morning so you just have to do something different than normal. This conjunction can bring you luck, or nervous tension. This is the last time the Sun will conjunct Uranus until 2094 and is a very unpredictable, action without warning energy, surprises, either for good or for ill along with disturbing weather; earthquakes, avalanches, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, tsunamis, violent storms, and hurricanes.

It all settles down the next day when the Sun moves into stable Taurus.

The weekend is under the influence of a nurturing Cancer moon. Have a home cooked meal with family or close friends, beautify your home, sit out on the patio and enjoy the warmth of the day and share with your loved ones on an emotional level.

Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn on Sunday for the next five months, but its energy is subtle. Pluto has the energy for large social movements to bring change. It also brings up old hurts and resentments in order for you to see, release, and let go of whatever is not relevant in your life today.