Stargazing – Week of April 12th to April 18th, 2010

Apr 12, 2010 | Special Messages

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STARGAZING—April 12th – April 18th, 2010


The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

This is the time to brainstorm and gather information for some of your most exciting ideas. On Monday you may feel a new energy that manifests as a fresh feeling and determination to ride the waves of change. You may notice an increased desire to take your current relationship to a new level or transform it in some other way. A New Moon on Wednesday helps kick-start the process. It’s time to get the support you need and make changes to your blog or website. Friends, co-workers, and partners can be prickly this week. Just give as good as you get and don’t take it personally. Mercury turns retrograde on Saturday, so expect a few delays and keep smiling. Take care when arranging anything. There may be delays or some initial confusion, but everything will work out OK in the end.



Your Love Week—Air Signs:

A stalled or budding relationship should move ahead early this week. If someone’s waiting, tell them yes or no. But how ready are you? Monday’s Moon-Uranus conjunction sets the bar unreasonably high. When the Moon sextiles both Neptune and Chiron on Wednesday and then squares them on Friday, be careful about opening up to someone who could hurt you. Even if it’s about your needs instead of their feelings, decide by  Wednesday – once the Moon leaves Aries, you might be left out in the cold. Wake early Friday morning to seize the Moon-Venus conjunction’s spark of beauty and pleasure. With the New Moon radiating powerful desire the weeklong storm preceding Mercury retrograde, distracted friends and strangers might welcome new experiences. Shortly after Mercury retrogrades late Saturday night, the Sun-Neptune sextile will help you quietly make sense of it all. Saturday’s Gemini Moon influence, normally your moment of romantic strength, is diluted as Mercury retrogrades. Single Air Signs might stay single for the next few weeks.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

With the Sun, Moon, and Mars in Fire Signs this week, you are looking for the ultimate challenge, Fire Signs, an adventure story that will enable you to explore fresh territory and uncover new ground. Yet at the other end of the spectrum, you’re more than happy to make your home a cozy and deeply spiritual place, a haven that your friends like to visit. You are buzzing and life is good,. There are so many challenges that you are keen to embrace. Nothing is too daunting with Mars in Leo. Watch rash words on Monday. This week’s New Moon energizes flirting toward the middle of the week, when romance can be found while traveling. It’s a good time to promote your ideas, too.  The New Moon in Aries on Wednesday gives you yet another boost. It is great for all kinds of beginnings, giving any enterprise a kick-start. Your love life is still in great shape, but your social life seems to be restricted to office parties and business lunches. Try to broaden your horizons. This New Moon is great if you’re an entrepreneur. Get started on those projects or at least gather the information necessary to implement your plans. Share a meaningful activity with your sweetie, or be open to attracting someone special. Your sense of style draws admirers, too. The future of your love life is illuminated this weekend, so pay special attention to your intuition. A cozy date at you home can bring satisfaction on Thursday or Friday. Romance is playful on Saturday and over-the-top rambunctious on Sunday!



Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

Start your week in a blaze of sensual glory. Monday is playtime when the Aries Moon trines Mars. Your sweetie gets it. If you don’t have one, that might change. Fire Signs attract attention under the Aries Moon, particularly at the New Moon on Wednesday. Satisfy your appetite now, because a Mercury storm is brewing, and there are no sure things. This New Moon conjuncts the Sun in Aries, suggesting romance and discovery. Expect to energize romance toward the middle of the week, when creating a sexy, exotic ambiance stirs up passion. Romance can also be found during a health-related activity, like workout at the gym or volunteering at a hospital. This New Moon also activates your sense of adventure, so seek out romantic opportunities by exploring new places and/or learning something new. An exotic ambiance can bring a romantic interlude, too! Getting physical (massage, dining, exercise) fires up passion mid-week. By Thursday you’ll see whether you’ve chosen well. Intentions are easily misread during this Mercury storm week, and if someone doesn’t understand you now, imagine what he or she will think as relationships get even more confusing! On Friday, for example, you might mistake a friendly gesture for an amorous come-on. And if you’re trying for a romantic getaway this weekend, hit the road before the Mercury-Jupiter sextile or lie low at home. Once Mercury retrogrades, your travel plans might not go anywhere. The stars favor a romantic interlude this weekend, so keep your heart open! Romance can be found during a friendly gathering or community project this weekend. Shortly after Mercury retrogrades early Sunday, the Sun-Neptune sextile opens your heart to the one who stood by you.

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You are very much in the spotlight, Water Signs, and will continue to be until early June. This is a great time to get some publicity for yourself and to think about how you can profit from it.  You get the opportunity to initiate changes as far as your current financial situation is concerned. The New Moon on Wednesday helps if you want to create a new budget or start a savings plan. But take care if buying big-ticket items when Mercury turns retrograde at the end of the week. Keep receipts in case you need a refund. The New Moon in Aries on Wednesday is perfect for starting a new health routine. If you begin that exercise routine or diet, you will have a better chance of success in the future. Mercury is retrograde from Saturday, so beware of mixed messages. A lovely aspect on Saturday brings a fabulous opportunity your way. Don’t miss out. Stay alert and seize the day! Mercury retrogrades late Saturday evening, Sunday  morning whatever your time zone is.



Your Love Week—Water Signs:

This week’s Mercury storm casts everything in an unreal light, so be skeptical when Monday’s Moon-Uranus conjunction promises hearts and flowers. When the storm preceding Mercury’s retrograde begins, consider spending a month alone. The Moon-Pluto square and Moon-Mars trine invite you to turn inward and treat yourself gently. Feelings are prickly on Monday, but by Wednesday, the New Moon should have you ready to express your love (and lust!) with someone special. Although the New Moon on Wednesday could easily launch a new romance or turn up the heat, savor this moment without demands or questions. The New Moon can propel you toward a daring (or foolhardy) romantic encounter this week, so be courageous, but keep your brain in gear. Your words have the power to either inspire or derail romance mid-week, depending on how sincere you are. Look for career opportunities this week, too. If you’re holding out for a hot date on Wednesday, long-term commitment is unlikely. Socializing brings fun and other opportunities mid-week, especially on Thursday. Ruling planets Pluto and Mars trade aspects on Thursday, this time trining and squaring a Taurus Moon. Falling in love is easy – and risky. Your wit and charm are welcome on Friday, but with the Moon squaring Neptune, don’t read too much into it. If you open your heart to someone late Saturday afternoon, maybe it’ll pay off by mid-May. Can you wait that long? A party or date at your home energizes you this weekend! A spiritual discussion or talking about the past inspires romance. These planets urge you to invest everything on Saturday, with heartbreak possible as Mercury retrogrades. Don’t go there!

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Saturn has recently moved back into the earth sign of Virgo, and will remain there until late in July. You may find yourself face to face with an issue that remains unresolved. This time you’re determined to see it through to the end. Overcoming fear is one of the main problems you may face. Perhaps you have a mental block. This is your chance to redouble your efforts. Realize that fear can be your greatest ally if you’re willing to make it so. The middle of the week brings a New Moon in Aries. This is a good time to tune in to your spiritual self and focus on making some inner changes. Best of all, this is your chance to plant the seeds of your goals and desires deep in your subconscious mind. Mercury turns retrograde late Saturday night, which may seem to delay a number of events and projects, but don’t worry about minor issues.



Your Love Week—Earth Signs:

All week, Mercury slows for its Saturday night retrograde. You’re smart to spend the time figuring things out while you can. If you are used to roving over the same old ground in your conversations, then it may be of benefit to you to get out and move in some new circles, especially with the present planetary alignment. You may then get the chance to meet someone who certainly encourages you to say a few things, mainly in genuine appreciation of their great looks and cool attitude toward life. Saturn remains in Virgo this week, interacting with the Moon as you embrace the familiar and resist change. During Monday’s opposition, consider putting romance on hold while taking care of your own life. Intimacy may feel blocked on Monday, but the New Moon sets passion ablaze by Wednesday! You may also need some time alone to restore and renew your emotional energy. By Wednesday’s quincunx you’re ready for a heart-to-heart. The New Moon helps you take it to the next level. Conserving your energy at the start of the week will get you prepared for a sensual feast by mid-week, when you’re ready to rock! Pay attention to your intuition, which is being empowered by the New Moon. Feelings flow on Friday, but watch out for mixed messages. Patience brings delicious rewards at Friday night’s trine. A generous, heartfelt gesture inspires romance this weekend. Flirting during a fun getaway can inspire/attract romance as well. This weekend, sharing your expertise brings admirers—and perhaps a career opportunity, too.