Stargazing — Week of April 10th through April 16th, 2023

Apr 10, 2023 | Stargazing


This is a laid back week, filled with gentle, positive vibes. You can now jump into the thick of things with enthusiasm and confidence.

On Tuesday April 11th, Venus enters Gemini until May 7th. Venus’ powerful trine with Pluto makes it an excellent day for networking and making new friends. Short, quick beautification projects are also supported. This is an excellent period for written and verbal communication through early May. This combination is excellent for healing.

The Sun meets Jupiter on April 12th. Venus entered Gemini, and on the 14th, it squares Saturn. The mood is more confident and relaxed, and some things come easy at this time. Take a chance on yourself and reach out for something new and different. If you have an urgent request, now is the time to go for it. You may have to deal with some sudden changes on Wednesday, so stay flexible.

Don’t try to do everything yourself on Thursday. Set up some teamwork because going it alone may be too much of a burden for you. Never be afraid to ask for some help.

Catch up with friends or check out new groups and organizations from Thursday afternoon April 13th through Saturday afternoon April 15th under a social Aquarius moon.

Friday is a lazy day and everyone is waiting for the weekend. There is a minor challenge around lunch time on Friday when Venus squares Saturn. Don’t push boundaries in relationships.

Saturday is energized with fun vibes and having a good time. On Saturday night watch a good movie, as the moon slips into Pisces.

Sunday is a better time to be on your own. Do some hiking, walking, or bike riding.