Stargazing – This Week's Update

Nov 27, 2012 | Special Messages

Week of Nov. 26th – Dec. 2nd, 2012


This week, as November comes to a close, the Universe is not in a happy place and unfortunately, this means you may not be, either. The energies are running fast and furious. But with a bit of preparation and poise, you can handle the coming cosmic challenges in stride.

November 26th presents an easy warm-up challenge when the Sagittarius Sun shines with ease on Uranus, helping you take a small risk. Test the waters a bit, but remember that if you don’t jump in quickly enough, the Universe might give you an unpleasant push! To soften any rough patches Mercury finally ends its retrograde period and goes direct, giving you a respite from all the confusion, missed appointments, and irritations it’s been dishing out recently.

Then, on November 27th, the heavy hitters come out to play. Mars and Pluto land practically right on top of each other, while Venus and Saturn also cross paths. A snowstorm may be on schedule, and if so, it will bring many inches with it. Mars and Pluto will prove that you have what it takes to rise up to the occasion when crisis occurs, even though it’s these two planets creating the crisis in the first place!

Deal with your situation as calmly as possible, preferably without turning it into a power play or allowing anyone to get the upper hand over you. If you’ve scheduled a meeting and need to cancel, do so with good cheer. Meanwhile, Venus and Saturn will act as a wet blanket on romance, stifling emotional connections and increasing criticisms.

The Full Moon on Nov. 28th is a lunar eclipse at 7 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius. It will appear as a slight shadow towards the north end of the moon in the early morning. This is the final Gemini eclipse for about the next 9 years, so something in your life is coming to a choice point. Gemini explores a wide variety of options. It requires you to open your mind and go beyond limitations. November 28th’s lunar eclipse forces you to figure out how to be both independent and cooperative at the same time, while that same day, Wednesday, sees Venus form a seductive alignment with Pluto. Relief finally arrives on the 29th once Venus sidles up to Mars and sends a welcome burst of passion your way!

The week may get off to a slow start socially with needy Venus joining grumpy Saturn on Monday and Mercury barely moving as it turns direct. But the good news is that any self-doubt or possible lack of affection is a fast-moving trend. The diversity-seeking Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday is bound to bring interesting news and sudden surprises to shake things up. Venus’ sweet sextile with passionate Mars on Thursday starts a warming trend heading into the weekend that could lead to some cozy and cuddly experiences.

Do not become rigid in what you are not going to do, by setting limitations and restrictions on what options are not going to be a part of your future. Some of this can been healthy, and some of this can be just plain stubborn. When you are just being stubborn and a lunar eclipse comes along, it tends to emotionally pull you apart so that you have to change, or open up your thinking patterns.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see into the future and start making some of those needed changes before they were in your face? This lunar eclipse will help you with this if you are willing to look at your options in a fresh way and be adaptable.

There are some challenges to this eclipse because warrior Mars is aligned with transforming Pluto, and making a difficult ninety degree square to explosive Uranus. Where do you need to rethink some aspect of your life? Be willing to make changes instead of waiting until they beat you up!

At the same time, Venus is aligned with Saturn. This is much better for long-term business plans than it is for your love life. Take advantage of the flow of energy rather than trying to make it something it isn’t ready to be. Why not take a look at your values and what you would like to manifest in a tangible way in the future. Gemini moon’s provide great energy for opening to new ideas.

With the Holiday Season upon us, it’s time to meditate and dive deep within your emotional depths to help you with your inner work. Remember, Saturn is now in Scorpio. The beauty and challenge of Scorpio energy is that it does a thorough job. You get to look below the surface. The energy brings you “harmony through conflict.” The Universe throws you off center through some life event, then you find your way back into balance. It is a process that strips your illusions so that you live in your center, in the State of Being where you are aligned with your Blessed Higher Self.

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