Stargazing—September 2nd to September 9th, 2012

Sep 4, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Week of September 2nd – September 9th, 2012


September 2012 looks like a nice flowing month, except for the weather disturbances. The only real intensity is during the third week leading up to the Fall Equinox where there is plenty to focus on, work through, and talk about. Join my Subscription Pages for details.

September gets off to a pleasantly smooth start, and you’ll want to enjoy it while it lasts! Why? Because with Pluto and Uranus swinging back into action in the third week, well, let’s just say things won’t be going quite as smoothly by then.

On September 1, Mercury happily joins the Sun in Virgo, merging work and conversation. Get ready for a double dose of chattiness, inquisitiveness, and excessive opinions! That same day, Mercury soars into an opposition with Neptune, leading to mixed signals and un-received messages—but fortunately, no hard feelings.

Then, on September 3, a slight blip in pleasantries occurs when Venus squares off against Saturn, all while Mars and Pluto fall into a difficult alignment. This could cause a slow down – or a not so pleasant surprise on the job. During the messenger planet’s time in the shadows, Venus and Saturn get a quick tiff in taking some of the fun out your romantic life. Meanwhile, Mars and Pluto sneak in with a difficult alignment that will require great perseverance on your part.

On the positive side, Venus and Saturn will remind you to be more sensible and not quite so romantic and frivolous, while Mars and Pluto will supply you with the drive and focus to wrap up at least one major project. Watch your spending, and don’t put off completing any projects.

The game of love is getting louder, bolder and riskier this week as amorous Venus enters dramatic Leo on Thursday. A tendency to go over the top in what we do for attention is fine as long as we don’t take ourselves too seriously and give as much as we get. When romance is pursued with a wink and smile, good times are much likelier to occur than broken hearts. Leo can represent a large Ego, so make sure you listen to others while showing them how much you care.

Mercury just can’t sit still all week. The messenger planet, already known for its flightiness, takes hyperactivity to a new level over the next few days as it zips off in just about every possible direction. And there’s a good chance you’ll be doing the same. Remember, if you don’t focus you could bit off more than you can chew!

By September 4, Mercury is back and sidling up to Pluto, though in this case some profound insights could emerge as well as a few intense discussions. Finally, on September 5, Mercury takes its turn with Mars. At this time, you’ll want to make your stance clear on certain matters, so get ready to share your thoughts with gusto!

On September 6, Venus is back in high gear, soaring into Leo as it brings romance, parties, and all kinds of entertaining options. This excitement is immediately followed by the Virgo Sun squaring Jupiter on September 7th, and Mercury (also in Virgo) squaring Jupiter on September 8th. Squares are typically challenging transits, but when Jupiter is involved (as it is here), things take a turn for the mutually beneficial; Jupiter helps throw Virgo’s innate caution to the wind, while Virgo keeps Jupiter’s exuberance in check. You’ll feel extra friendly and chatty, while still remaining productive — all with a bit of good fortune thrown in!

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Look on the bright side of life on Monday. Having a negative attitude isn’t in your best interests. Your stubborn side could emerge. Try to see a loved one’s viewpoint. Pay close attention to your actions on Tuesday. Pay attention to the road if you’re driving. A partnership may change when Mars is quincunx Uranus on Tuesday. A loved one might ask for personal space. Your mental energy might be extremely scattered when your ruler Mercury is quincunx Uranus. It’s important to concentrate while doing tasks. Passion will become your keyword on Wednesday. You’ll be filled with ardor for someone who’s close to your heart. A competitor could burst on the scene on Thursday, but don’t worry. You’ll best any rival! A new friend will come into your life on Thursday. This person will introduce you to the movers and shakers of the neighborhood. You’ll discover a hidden talent when the Moon enters Leo on Friday. Sign up for an art course. Also, remember that honesty is definitely the best policy. If you fudge the facts, the truth will eventually become known. A family member may engage in emotional blackmail on Saturday. Don’t let anyone manipulate you this weekend. You’ll have second thoughts regarding a particular matter as well. It’s OK to change your mind. Banish regrets about the past on Sunday. It’s time to focus on the future.

Your Love Week—Air Signs:  Support may come from unexpected sources this week when the Sun aligns with propitious Jupiter on Friday. Acquiring information from a friend or ally is likely to open your eyes about relationships if you haven’t been seeing the whole picture. Expect a busy bouncy weekend with the Moon moving through the Air Sign of Gemini. This boost of passion kick-starts your confidence and empowers you to initiate interesting conversations. Whether single and searching, or content with your current partner, you have more options than you think. Speaking freely about your feelings and listening objectively to the feedback you receive can put you on a happier emotional track. The energies are perfect for playing any role that you want. The flexible Gemini Moon makes you a delight to those lucky enough to be around you. Your unique brand of humor is a major asset for attracting an audience. But what makes you especially desirable is how skillful you are in getting others to play in your game. You can lift their spirits by simply keeping your heart incredibly open and accessible. Some discretion is recommended late on Saturday when Mercury is stretched to the max by its connection with giant Jupiter. Speak your truth, but deliver your message gently so it has the best chance to be received and appreciated for its true intentions.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You’ll search for adventure on Monday. Call on your leadership skills. Don’t hesitate to take charge in a certain situation. Consider paying a visit to a new locale. Good fortune will come your way when the Moon in Aries sextiles Jupiter. Say hello to Lady Luck. Keep your temper in check on Tuesday. Count to ten before venting anger toward loved ones. Your schedule may be upended on Wednesday. Try to go with the flow as much as possible. The boss will ask for your advice. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with the head honcho. Your love life will sparkle on Thursday! If you’re looking for romance, someone special may appear. You’ll project a very alluring aura when Venus enters Virgo on Thursday. It’s a great time to mix and mingle with others. Delegate some household tasks to family members on Friday. Don’t carry the whole load by yourself. Your judgment might be flawed when Mercury squares Jupiter on Saturday. Wait until you’re thinking clearly to make a choice. Resist the urge to say, “I told you so” on Saturday. A loved one will need your sympathy more than your criticism. A hidden matter will come to light on Sunday. Get ready to learn a surprising secret! Domestic duties will take center stage on Sunday. A wish will finally come true on Sunday evening.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:  The love planet Venus is heading your way to spice up your relationship life when she enters Leo on Thursday, recharging your sex appeal and magnifying your charms. If your ego needs a boost, this is certainly a time to get it. Treating yourself like someone special will help others see you in the same golden light. Friends and groups provide delightful distractions this weekend by connecting you with dynamic people and diverse experiences. There’s a greater potential for joy in your love life this week as vivacious Venus dances into expressive Leo. You’ve got what it takes to turn heads your way so you don’t have to crank the volume up too high to attract the attention you want. In fact, a cool and breezy attitude increases your chances for romantic success when the flirty Gemini Moon shines on Friday and Saturday. You may be gifted with an overflow of social riches this weekend. Striking up conversations with new people or spicing up a current relationship by taking it in a different direction makes your personal life much more interesting. Save Sunday for hanging out with a person you trust so much that you don’t even have to talk to feel connected.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Mind your own business on Monday. Meddling in a friend’s life will get you into lots of trouble. Take control of your own affairs. Don’t give away your power to another. You might need some downtime as well. Think about making rest and relaxation your first priority. You could have a fated experience when Mars sextiles Pluto. This event will help you discover your destiny in life! You might encounter professional jealousy at work when the Moon opposes Saturn on Tuesday. Maintain your cool, even when dealing with difficult people. Financial matters will require your attention on Wednesday. It might be time to increase the household budget. Your brain will teem with brilliant ideas mid-week. Write down your thoughts for future reference. The boss could increase your job responsibilities now. A higher salary could be part of the deal. Consider sharing your thoughts and feelings with a friend on Thursday. This person wants to get to know you better! Your love life could become very complicated when Venus is quincunx Neptune in Pisces on Friday. It’s possible your affections could get pulled in two different directions. Engage in fun activities on Friday. Forget your worries for a while and just enjoy yourself. Make it a point to honor your commitments as well. You’ll be sorry later if you renege on a promise to a friend. A friend will be in a chatty mood on Saturday. Have lots of time available before calling this person. Also, a friend may invite you to join a moneymaking venture on Saturday. Think about saying yes. This particular deal might make you very wealthy. It’s wise to follow your bliss on Sunday. Remember, you have the right to be happy. Inspiration will be on tap when the Moon in Cancer trines Neptune. Put your imagination to good use!

Your Love Week—Water Signs:  You Water Signs are excellent emotional poker players because you don’t show your hand until you’re absolutely ready to play. But the game is changing this week with captivating Venus moving into outgoing on Thursday; this is about pulling down the curtains and revealing your feelings more openly. Putting yourself out there isn’t always easy, but taking risks can actually be fun if you just trust your instincts. Maintaining focus and staying emotionally present might prove to be difficult on Friday. Your desire to be inclusive is one of your most endearing traits and entertaining at your place this weekend is an easy way to demonstrate your generosity. The chatty Gemini Moon arrives on Friday and Saturday, inspiring you to make friends and family feel like they belong. Yet spreading yourself too thin among a group may not bring the closeness you need. This Gemini Moon pulls your attention in several directions at once. Try not to over-commit yourself since even a light social calendar can fill up quickly. Save Sunday for spending quality time with just one special person who deserves all your attention. Sunday is easier with a lunar transit into Cancer that’s great for revisiting old places, reconnecting with someone from the past or just staying home and cooking a wonderful meal for an appreciative audience. Sharing your heart invites others in to get to know the real you.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

You might need some downtime on Monday. Think about making rest and relaxation your first priority. A friend might ask for your help on Monday. If you aren’t able to be of assistance, say so. A project might be delayed when Venus squares Saturn. The timing isn’t right for this endeavor. You might encounter professional jealousy at work when the Moon opposes Saturn on Tuesday. Maintain your cool, even when dealing with difficult people. Restless feelings will be strong on Tuesday. Jazz up your life by starting a hobby. Your mellow side will activate on Tuesday evening. You’ll be content to watch the clouds drift by. Consider sharing your thoughts and feelings with a friend on Thursday. This person wants to get to know you better. The chance to relocate may arise on Thursday. Get ready to call the moving van! You’ll overestimate your chances of success in a particular matter when the Sun in Virgo squares Jupiter on Friday. Strive to be realistic in all situations. Job duties may intrude on your leisure time on Saturday. “Work before play” will be your motto this weekend. Persistence will pay off. Don’t stop until you reach the finish line. It’s wise to follow your bliss on Saturday. Remember, you have the right to be happy. Trust your sixth sense on Sunday. Your intuition will be on target in all circumstances.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:  Turning your home into your castle this week brings more pleasure to your household and magnifies your self-confidence. Lovely Venus enters extravagant Leo on Thursday to put more passion in your domain. Treating yourself preciously expands your heart, enabling you to be more generous to others. Performing random acts of kindness allows you to give without worrying too much about what you get back in return. You might be more scattered than usual on Friday and Saturday. Stop trying to stick to a strict schedule or follow a preconceived plan, since circumstances and moods can shift in an instant. The multifaceted Gemini Moon might send you off on a variety of errands, leaving you feeling less in control of your time. Too much of a good thing is not necessarily healthy for you this weekend. The active Gemini Moon joins exuberant Jupiter on Saturday, which can overwhelm you with activities. Taking on additional responsibilities isn’t wise now since you could be so impressive in a leadership role that no one else steps up. You have a right to have fun just like everyone else. Put down the load you’re carrying for others so you can lighten up and join the party. If you find a way to adapt without losing your cool, you may be rewarded with a relaxing Sunday that’s safe and warm with cozy companionship.