STARGAZING—September 24th – 30th, 2012

Sep 24, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Week of September 24th – September 30th, 2012


This week, with the upcoming Full Moon in Aries, we are ready to jump at the possibility of change. Although our perceptions are sharp, boundaries are fuzzy. Feisty Mars is in Scorpio wreaking havoc with the Full Moon in Aries. This workweek comes in like a raging lion and ends like the lion lying peacefully with the lamb. This is a period of exciting energy, creativity and resolution of conflicts in the workplace. Love may feel heavy on Monday, but socializing lightens up on Tuesday and Wednesday. Just be aware of the mid-week Venus-Mars square, which can intensify conflicts. The heat is on this Thursday as amorous Venus in romantic Leo forms an energizing square with passionate Mars in Scorpio. Amidst all of this will be a building creativity and the ability to actually accomplish a lot before everyone is distracted on Friday by the promise of music and fine wine. A deep emotional bond can fuel passion on Friday. Then get ready for a madcap weekend as the Harvest Full Moon in Aries connects with Uranus and Pluto to bring out your inner reckless and wild side! This cosmic intensity can provoke risky behavior, especially with the impetuous Aries Full Moon on Saturday night. Expect the unexpected; radical changes in relationships are almost impossible to avoid. Keep your heart open and embrace the unknown. Remember that energy can act in some very strange ways to bring in your desires.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The ball is in your court, Air Signs. With such powerful influences around this week, you’d better be careful how you handle things. Midweek brings a pleasant enough aspect that may coincide with the offer of a trip. As Mercury trines Jupiter in Gemini on Wednesday, it’s a great for a first date, business meeting, or the chance to get feedback on an idea. It also brings a chance to get one exciting project off the ground by being willing to think outside the box. Thursday could reveal a hidden attraction, as powerful desires are unleashed. You may feel deeply attracted to someone as you’re going about your daily tasks on Thursday. Watch this energy and act with a clear head. There is romantic potential when Venus squares Mars, which suggests that romance with a fellow professional could be a real possibility. Be extra careful over the weekend, as there are some powerful influences about. If you disagree with someone, don’t rock the boat. You could fall out with them for good. Be very tactful if you want to stay friends. Saturday needs careful handling, as you’ll be looking for a lot more excitement than usual. The Full Moon in Aries brings powerful feelings to the surface. Don’t take a risk unless you can deal with the consequences. The Sun squares Pluto along with a Full Moon in Aries, causing a difficult T Square. If you’ve been having an issue with your partner, be very careful how you tread.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: This may be a key week in your relationship life. Friends could entice you to do some unusual things on Saturday with an adventuresome Aries Full Moon. If you’re not normally into joining organizations, though, this might be the time to see what one can do for your personal life. However, your desire to explain your experiences could be difficult to fulfill. It’s better to let loose and accept a little weirdness than to force yourself to make sense of emotions and people that don’t fit your usual reality. Saturday’s electrifying Aries Full Moon opposes the willful Sun in Libra. This volatility could attract unpredictable behavior by others, which can either be exciting or too weird for your taste. It’s better, though, for you to be the one who takes the initiative to break patterns and surprise people with a bolder and brasher approach to getting what and who you want. Be careful on the road and with electrical equipment. The impulsive Full Moon meets up with the revolutionary ruling planet Uranus on Saturday, triggering some weird conversations. You’re no stranger to unusual ideas and might find it amusing to hear some new outrageous ones, but it can be unsettling when the cautious folks start talking crazy. If it’s amusing, join the party but if it’s not that funny, just slip away to clear your mind.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Communication issues are a major focus this week. You might get an opportunity to join a project or group that you feel really good about. Later, as Venus squares Mars, you may want to invite someone special to your place and see what happens as a result. Relationships could be trying now due to some challenging aspects that could cause arguments. If you want to go on a date or attend a meeting, some of the best days are midweek. Just keep in mind that some things could get out of hand. There’s an opportunity midweek to make a new friend or join a group that’s linked with your interests. Venus squares Mars on Thursday, which may encourage an attraction for another that you might want to pursue. The “big bang” occurs over the weekend, when anything could happen. If you’re going on a first date, tread with care. You might overreact and do something you later regret. The most intense day of the week is Saturday. You need to be very careful about what you say. If you imply something that offends someone, you could have a falling out. Tread with care. Over the weekend, the Full Moon in Aries suggests that one romantic liaison may come to a head. If you take a risk, make sure you know where it might lead.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: This dramatic week peaks with the Full Moon in the Fire Sign of Aries, illuminating your independent and impulsive side on Saturday night. Revolutionary Uranus adds a shocking flavor to this lunar aspect, which may spur you to act recklessly. This spontaneity might work well if you’re open to experimentation or want to break free of old habits. Restlessness and rebellion, though, can kick up explosive feelings that trigger dramatic changes in a partnership. Saturday’s scintillating Aries Full Moon sets your romantic feelings on fire with desire. You’re itching for excitement and hungry for fresh forms of fun. Variety is the spice of your life so use your imagination to create new ways to play. You might shock some people with strange ideas or by coming on too strong. It may be hard to pace yourself now when you’ve got love on the brain, but a tiny bit of patience will help your cause in the long run. Be honest and flexible in your approach so you can enjoy new experiences without being destructive in the process. Your weekend could be wild with an irrepressible. You may be restless and ready to run with radical Uranus opposing the radiant Sun. Whether you need to get away from the predictability of your current relationship or are single and seeking to stretch your horizons, breaking social rules and exploring unfamiliar territory is very appealing. Just remember this escapade is a test drive rather than a long-term commitment. Be careful not to hurt feelings or cut ties in the process.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Activity at home is both constructive and potentially challenging. Midweek you could be busy acting on an idea, especially if you want to transform a room or redecorate. You might have thoughts of turning your home into a cozy love nest. You might get a loan early on that you want to invest in your home. But your finances could take a new turn later as the Full Moon in Aries combines with other powerful influences to bring a few financial revelations your way. Some of them may need immediate action. Whatever you do, try not to panic or do anything that you might regret in the future. If you know what this might refer to, do something sooner rather than later. You might notice tension developing that causes you to feel edgy. Your intuition is quite powerful midweek. You can trust it – it might bring you a reason to be happy. You could later doubt the wisdom of your inner guidance, but don’t! The weekend may be dramatic and not the best time to invite guests over or entertain. Powerful forces suggest that arguments could erupt, and these could spoil a good relationship. Whatever you do, try not to rock the boat. The weekend will be intense, passionate, and explosive, which is something you enjoy. This time, be careful of potential Freudian slips that could cause an argument with fallout. The Aries Full Moon adds to the drama, so be aware and take care.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Thursday and Friday are both sweet and sassy with high potential in the romance department. The spiritual and sensitive Pisces Moon inspires fantasies about love. The best part is that you have the ability to make these dreams real now. Bold Venus in Leo tangles with passionate Mars in Scorpio on Thursday, making almost anything sound slightly seductive. Set aside time to make the most pleasurable use of these persuasive powers while you have the chance. The Moon in Pisces gets feelings flowing on Thursday and Friday. It’s natural to be tender when you’re a Water Sign, yet a manipulative person might undermine your trust in relationships now. Recognizing the difference between sex and love can help you determine how far you’re willing to go to gain the affection of another. Saturday’s Full Moon in impatient Aries is wired with hard aspects to volatile Uranus and provocative Pluto. This cosmic electricity makes you feel like you have to put everything in order immediately. It’s healthier, though, to temporarily let go of your obligations than to try to control the behavior of others. If you can relax and enjoy the chaos, you might be surprised with how much fun it is to just go with the flow. Just because you find it easy to sacrifice your interests for someone else pleasure doesn’t mean that you should do it. Being true to yourself is the first step to figuring out what to do next. Relax, meditate, and trust that the right answers will come.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Your finances might need careful handling, as there are some challenging aspects that could cause problems. This isn’t anything that you don’t already know about, but perhaps an issue that you could have dealt with earlier. Midweek you may be offered a job or contract that helps boost your earnings. You might have to deal with tension associated with either your work or current health and lifestyle situation. Things could come to a head on Friday or Saturday. If you know what this is about, it might be best to sort it out sooner rather than later. Another possibility is that issues you haven’t dealt with could be creating tension or even illness. You may have been nurturing your career options, but you need to take care this week, especially on Friday. Things could get out of hand if you aren’t careful. If an issue has been building, it might help to take action sooner rather than later, before you reach the point of no return. Get to the heart of the matter and deal with the root cause so you can relax and feel re-energized. That’s the good news. The bad news is that over the weekend a situation that has been waiting to happen may come to a head. Don’t do anything that might make it worse. However, despite this, there’s also the chance of good news that could give you a boost. Don’t forget to network. Your social life is hot right now.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Your approach to love is often mature and tempered by common sense and practicality, Earth Signs. However, that kind of rational reasoning may not work well this week. A Venus-Mars square on Thursday steams up relationships with a complex mix of mistrust and desire. Surprises may come out of the blue with Saturday’s explosive Aries Full Moon. Complicated feelings that you’ve hidden from others, maybe even from yourself, might suddenly surface. The intensity grows stronger with this explosive Full Moon, making the ground tremble in your home environment. People seem unreliable now as attitudes and plans could change in an instant. Yet putting pressure on anyone is likely to backfire. Instead, allow yourself to accept strange emotional territory as if you were visiting a foreign country. Keep an open mind and be respectful to everyone you meet. This fiery Full Moon energy shocks and rattles relationships in surprising ways. This may include a sudden attraction to someone who is far from your usual type. It might also indicate a breakthrough with your current partner that leads to a new kind of connection. Basically, it’s time to free yourself from worrying about what others think, allowing you more space to explore emotionally and physically. Letting go of the past is the best way to ride this cosmic wave of change into a more exciting future.