Stargazing—September 12th to September 18, 2011

Sep 13, 2011 | Special Messages

The Full Harvest Moon is exact on Monday the 12th. A Pisces Full Moon asks you to revise your life, let go of the past, especially old emotional issues, and to tune into spiritual and intuitive vibrations. The Sun in Virgo is calling you to get organized and get to work. There is an abundance of planets in mutable signs right now (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini). Mutable means that you must be flexible and adapt to changing environments.

There are some minor challenges on Sept/ 16-17 when transforming Pluto ends its retrograde cycle, moving forward in the sign of Capricorn, and romance planet Venus opposes expect-the-unexpected Uranus. Ambitious Mars moves into leadership Leo from Sept. 18-Nov.10, so it is time to open your heart. Take actions that help you bring your passions and creativity into the world. If you have been wanting to bring something into your life, then Mars in Leo will help you get assertive—just remember that success means keeping your heart open.


Week of Sept. 12th – Sept. 18th, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You’re busy tidying up the odds and ends associated with your finances, especially where loans and mortgages are concerned. Do it now while you’re in the mood. Getting organized about this will take a weight off your mind. The Full Moon may encourage you to spend recklessly. Be careful you don’t melt your plastic. This Full Moon may bring health or work issues to a head. Try not to panic no matter what happens. Things may seem worse than they are for a day or so, then they’ll calm down. Don’t make any snap decisions. Venus moves into Aquarius, which immediately gives you a boost. You’ll feel more magnetic and attractive, which is great for love and business. Negotiation is easier, too! Venus opposes Uranus over the weekend, so expect the unexpected in love. Mars moves into Leo as well, so your partner may be much feistier than usual. Just know that perhaps it’s time to clear the air.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: When you’re hooked on the thrill of the chase, what if someone says yes? It’s OK to date rather than be in a relationship. Maybe you’re not ready to get serious. Maybe you don’t mind the limitations of a shallow commitment. However, take the time to get to know your friend or partner. Your date might go better at the theater than, say, a monster truck rally. You won’t know until you try. Even if you’re pushing straight into the bedroom, make more time for conversation along the way. Your reputation could tarnish from too many of these little events, which might make things harder when your needs change. Well, so what? If you’re with someone who has an active social life, tag along instead of trying to separate them from it. You can better understand people by observing them in their natural environment. And while you’re there, relax and let your real Self shine, too. No matter who you end up with, you have to live with yourself, so get comfortable with your situation.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You’re eager to find practical methods of ensuring your success. You Fire Signs tend to go with the flow, but right now stick to your plan for best results. The Full Moon highlights your home and family life, making Monday a great day for a party or get-together. Don’t let frustration cause you to make a snap decision. Wait a day or so. You’re busy thinking up ways to earn more money. Be methodical and research your ideas. One of them will stick and could net you a small fortune. Mars moves into Leo over the weekend, so the feeling of wanting to escape is strong. Be adventurous! This week is perfect for meetings and negotiations. Business discussions may be more fruitful, too. Mars moves into Leo on Sunday, which will give you a lot more energy. Your natural charisma will rock your world. This is the time to get started on projects that need an injection of energy.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Two people have wildly divergent ideas about what makes a good date. If you’re arguing this much about simple things, you’re probably wrong for each other. If you and your date want the same thing, the sky’s the limit. But if one misreads the others intentions, there could be a conversation nobody wants to have. Spend time around people who make you happy. Whether or not this is romantic, it’s a better way to be. Even if things don’t go as planned, your communication skills have probably improved. Consider spending time with the kind of person you actively avoid or rarely notice. You’ve grown since you first made these judgments. Romantic success becomes more likely each time you widen your field of possibilities. Proceed with caution if a co-worker or business associate starts looking good to you. An explosive situation isn’t always as exciting as it sounds! Think a little more about who attracts you and why. Perhaps you need to grow and change your focus. There’s more happiness waiting if you do!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The week begins with a Full Moon in Pisces. You’re entitled to feel rather spaced out and lacking in focus. Don’t abandon your common sense, and don’t make any snap decisions that might rebound on you. Wait a day or two for a more measured decision-making process. Your friends are a very practical source of support. Don’t forget to return a favor with a favor. This Full Moon brings a love affair to a head. If you haven’t even kissed, you may now. Passion will overtake you, but be sure this is what you want. Mars moves into Leo over the weekend, which is going to motivate you to get fit. Listen to your body. It wants to be well. Really! Mars stirs up your desire to do well and enjoy more success. Allow your desires to motivate you. You have the power to achieve anything!

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Hopefully, someone loves you as much as you love him or her. If not, you could fall deep into delusion or disappointment. Beware of taking advantage when somebody wants you. It won’t feel good if you push him or her across the line from like to dislike. Promises could get broken if your heart isn’t in this. Don’t be the one who makes these promises if all you want to do is play. Everyone has baggage, and mature, reasonable people understand each others limitations. If you need a short break from the dating world, few could blame you. Stay centered with familiar activities and healthy habits. Be patient with friends who show you tough love, because all your dreamy space-outs and poetic sighs really can get annoying! If it turns out that your beloved loves you not, no worries. You’re in that beautiful, dangerous state of mind where somebody else could sweep in and take your breath away in a heartbeat!

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

You Earth Signs are busy with your timetables and schedules, which always gives you a feeling of satisfaction. All of this preparation is the reason you’ve manifested so many of your dreams. Monday is especially important, as your intuition may bring you a quick, practical way to get what you want. Listen to it. All it takes is one decision to set off a chain reaction. You may need to make such a choice on Monday. Reflect on the consequences before you do. The Full Moon is great for parties and evenings out. Pluto turns direct on Thursday, which is good news. It means your romantic encounters, though still growth experiences, will become happier and more fulfilling. Enjoy the passion! Mars moves into Leo on the weekend, so you’ll feel a big push to get all your home projects finished and clear out those cluttered corners. You will also have much more energy.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Your invitation or promise might be more powerful than you realize. Things could move quickly if you go through with this. Much as you want to know how someone else feels, it’s the wrong moment for asking directly. Be a polite date and a good friend. Give this person his or her space even if it means drifting apart. Instead of looking for love, do something you love doing. Your contentment and productive focus will be a magnet to your admirers. Their questions might take you by surprise, and this time you have the luxury of responding or not. Answer from the heart. Your community is involved in or at least curious about your personal life, so even the most discreet adventures and experiments become talking points. If you’re not completely out of your previous relationship, this may take a week before it ends. Please keep the fireworks to a minimum. Be as kind as possible and remember that moving on is just another part of change.