Stargazing—October 28th to November 3rd, 2013

Oct 28, 2013 | Special Messages

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Week of Oct. 28th – Nov. 3rd, 2013

So just what does the cosmos have in store for you this next week. This week’s main event is a strongly focused Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on Sunday, November 3rd, which will encourage you to leap into a profound personal transformation. Scorpio is all about revealing yourself to someone close in the most vulnerable and soul-baring capacity. Between Mercury’s continued retrograde in Scorpio and this Eclipse, you’ll confront and hopefully eradicate at least one of your personal hang-ups with relationship. This will allow you to finally go “all in” with someone you love. This may not be a quick thing, because the energy of an eclipse can last for six months. Emotions will be up, running, and deeply felt, to say the least.

This Solar Eclipse at 12 degrees Scorpio on November 3rd is highlighted. Think of the emotional events of fall of 2012, including the Newtown, CT shootings and the sexual affair bringing down General Patraes. However, a solar eclipse is about taking you to deeper levels relating to what your soul wants to do. A solar eclipse represents new starts, and sudden turns into a new direction. Scorpio is really good at focusing on what it wants to do, so this is a really good time to look at your intention and what activities in life are capturing your attention. Be willing to heal on deep, emotional levels and release that which does not take you in the direction you intend to go.

  It’s time for Halloween once again. This is the time when the Moon comes closest to the earth and the “veils of Heaven” are opened. Between October 30th and November 2nd, we have Witch and Goblin Night, Halloween, and All Saints Day. This is the time to meditate, conduct a Seance, or otherwise try to contact the dead, and well as conjure up memories of your Past Lives.

What is an Apparition but the supernormal manifestation of people, animals, objects, ghosts and Spirits. Most apparitions are of living people or animals who are too distant to be perceived by the normal senses. Apparitions of the dead are also called Ghosts. Despite extensive study since the late nineteenth century, scientists know very little about the nature of apparitions. Apparitions invariably are clothed. Ghosts will appear in their period costumes – hence the tradition of Halloween Costumes.  Apparitions of the living appear in the moment. Whatever they are wearing at that time will be “seen” as such by the viewer. Many call this the appearance of a “double.”

As for haunting, the term haunt comes from the same root as home, and refers to  the occupation of homes by Spirits and ghosts of deceased people and animals who lived there. Other haunted sites seem to be places merely frequented or liked by the deceased, such as a graveyard, or places where a violent death has occurred, much like London Tower or an English Pub. Most hauntings have no apparent reason or purpose. Some are continual, and others are active only on certain days that correspond to the death or a major event in the life of the deceased. For example, Hampton Court in England, the ghost of Sir Christopher Wren is said to be heard walking hurriedly up and down the stairs every February 26th, the date of his death in 1723. In Baltimore, Edgar Allen Poe has a rose and bottle of Cognac placed on his grave every year on his birthdate. This has been done with regularity for so long that many believe it’s done by ghostly hands!

Some hauntings are brief, lasting only a few hours to a few weeks, while others can continue for decades or centuries; haunted houses are often pervaded by a depressed or oppressive atmosphere. Sometimes there is dampness and some stones, as a part of the building. Not everyone who goes to a Haunted House experiences paranormal phenomena. It is believed that only certain individuals with certain psychic attunements or emotional states are receptive.

It is believed in England and Scotland that if you look into a mirror at midnight on All Hallows Eve, and you are unmarried, you will see the face of your Beloved or Soul mate in the reflection. You may even recognize them. You must burn white candles and ask you Higher Self to introduce you to your opposite self – or Soul mate; This is a type of Scrying. Try it—it works!  (See:  Psychic Attack—Are You A Victim?)

Hauntings where apparitions appear may be seen by a single individual, or collectively by several people present at the same time of the occurrence. Ghosts vary in appearance – some seem to be real people or animals, while others appear filmy, fuzzy, nearly transparent or mostly a white mist. Most ghosts seen over a period of time will be wearing the same clothing or costume. Some have been known to change their appearance and even their age. Some can be horrific, missing their heads or other body parts. It is said that Ann Bolin, wife of King Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I, carries her head tucked under her arm through the London Tower every Hallows Eve.

  Romance is complicated, even during the best of times, but there is an extra ripple in the fabric of relationships when November begins, and things may seem as if they are both coming together and falling apart. Retrograde Mercury is in passionate Scorpio, and remains retrograde until November 10th. This period complicates conversations, and brings confusion and misunderstanding that can make it harder to maintain harmony in a current alliance, or to get off to a good start with someone new.

However, this time can be used to repair partnerships with deep, honest discussions about critical issues. In fact, the Sun’s presence in profound Scorpio keeps life at a high intensity and won’t ease up until the Sun moves into easygoing Sagittarius on November 21st. Reconnecting with people from the past is a plus of the Mercury Retrograde period, and it also provides a second chance for you to make a better impression, as well as a second chance with an important love relationship.

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