STARGAZING — Oct. 10th through Oct. 16th, 2016

Oct 8, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

The first three weeks of the month present an interesting combination of planets in social Libra as well as serious business planetary energy. That should be good for restaurants that specialize in business lunches, but not so good for weather conditions or politics.Tower

Get ready to expect the unexpected, because this is a week when Uranus is on the warpath. You will feel like you are riding a horse bareback with no reins. It isn’t bad, but it is a bit uncomfortable. As the pressure releases, there is an initial rush that feels sudden and out of control; but then you get a handle on it and start to manage the energy in a healthy way.Uranus-Pluto

Watch in the news to see if there is a struggle between oil prices wanting to go up, and not go up all at the same time and the same is true of the Federal Reserve rate. On the personal level, the discomfort can come between your need for relationship and simultaneously being too busy for relationships or friendships.

Although most people seem to ignore the USA Columbus Day holiday on the 10th (Canada’s Thanksgiving Day, too), an Aquarius moon suggests you use this extra time to try something out of the ordinary. Be eccentric, cook a new recipe or invent something new.

AquariusThe moon is in friendly Aquarius through Tuesday. and stimulates you to meet people or try out new activities. It’s great for sharing your ideals, creating win-win environments, and trying new things that are just outside your comfort zone. In fact, talkative Mercury is moving up to align with excessive Jupiter by early Tuesday morning, and that increases enthusiastic conversations and big ideas. Just don’t believe everything you hear! If you can ease into your day on Tuesday, do so. Some people will hit the snooze button to dream under the energy of fantasy Neptune, and others will do a gentle spiritual exercise such as yoga or Tai Chi.

mercury RetrogradeThe latter part of the week brings potential difficulties if you talk before you think. Remember that others can be right even if they do it a different way than you would have done it. “Walk and talk,” is a good solution on Thursday because verbal Mercury and do it now Mars act together impatiently. Movement serves as a pressure relief valve to get your message across. Friday is the most playful day of the coming weekend but it is likely to be an early night when the moon is tired of too much talk.

The Aries Full moon is on Saturday the 15th. This is the full moon where you re-balance what you need for yourself and what others need from you. It is the push-pull between sharing with others and making time for your individual needs. There are several planetary challenges Saturday, and in the week ahead, so pace yourself. Anything can happen now as we all “expect the unexpected” and Uranus lines up with this full moon. Before you go into fear about possible earthquakes or rude world events from this explosive planet, know that nice things can happen too. Uranus breaks up old and outdated beliefs and behaviors. Uranus works towards the higher ideal, creating win-win environments for the good of the group consciousness. It is great for meeting new friends, opening to innovative concepts and techniques, and exploring new organizations.
You really just need to get out of the house and your daily routine now. Over the next several days, aggressive Mars is aligning with destructive Pluto. Avoid people with anger or control issues now, or at least make your boundaries secure. You don’t walk alone in the bad neighborhoods when Mars and Pluto are getting obsessive. Watch for some upsetting events in politics, as lives could be in danger or threatened.

2016 The Fire MonkeyOn Saturday, October 15th, Uranus will be making its once a year opposition to the Sun in Libra. In real time this means that on Saturday, Uranus will be at its closest approach to Earth. Uranus is well known as a symbol of freedom as well as highly innovative scientific, and technical discoveries. However, like everything else, it also has its shadow side, which manifests as shocking, surprising, creating sudden breaks in the continuum that causes periods of unexpected change. This Sun-Uranus opposition is particularly interesting because it occurs in the last weeks of a US presidential election year and may throw an unexpected Monkey wrench into the works. (Remember, we’re in the year of the Monkey according to the Chinese Astrology.)

Watch the politicians in attack mode to get a hint about this energy. On the personal level, there is the opportunity to put constructive effort into building a new foundation for your life. Understand that you will need to release some old patterns, behaviors, or people in order to accomplish this. Think big on how you would like this to look in your life, but do not overextend yourself now.
The Aries Full Moon gets into the act on Sunday the 16th, adding even more fuel to the Sun-Uranus energy fire. Every Full Moon is a time when the emotional tides are running higher than usual, and hidden secrets come to the light. However, this one is even a bigger, brighter Supermoon, and occurs in less than one degree of the Sun-Uranus activity, creating a category #5 energetic pull. This indicates disturbances in every field and augurs a universal case of disruption.

If important parts in your chart are affected, call Elizabeth Joyce. Although these changes will affect you personally, most of us will feel its effects in politics, in the economy, or in science and technology.

Take a tip from this Stargazing message and make plans to lay low, keep your eyes wide open, and avoid scheduling any important events this week