STARGAZING—November 8th through November 14th, 2010

Nov 8, 2010 | Special Messages

November brings six planets in water out of the ten. Lot’s of water means emotional sensitivity for all Water Signs. There were three conjunctions (Two planets together) at last week’s New Moon in Scorpio. Pluto is conjunct the North Node in Capricorn indicating a new political energy emerging from the election on November 2nd. And so it is! The North Node adds new things to life and Pluto transforms old habits into new beginnings. A political transformation is at hand. New leaders rise up and change direction.

The second conjunction is Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. New technological advances are coming that are more spiritual. Alternative ways of healing through the inner consciousness of man could be talked about sometime in the two-week period leading up to the Full Moon. The Fifth Dimension energy comes into play, as well as spontaneous healing, and new breakthrough in disease control.

Uranus and Jupiter conjunction in the sign of Pisces. Play the lottery Pisces. You could have a sudden windfall of luck or could receive and unexpected raise at work. Mental clarity arrives as Uranus is trine to Mercury. November is a very creative time for both Pisces and Scorpio.

The Full Moon is in the sign of Taurus on November 21st is in the very late 29 degrees which signifies completion of the T Square that has been going on since the June, 2010 Solstice.


Week of November 8 – November 14, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Venus retrogrades into Libra this week, forming a team with Saturn which sends a blast from the past your way. You run into someone you may not have seen in years and are swept up in memories—whether they be happy ones or sad. If you’re single, Neptune participates in this tendency, suggesting this person may be an old love. This fills you with forgotten sensations and can make you doubt certain choices. If you’re in a relationship you’re searching for ways to improve your living conditions and you have numerous projects together that motivate you and strengthen your feelings for each other. The Moon joins Neptune in Aquarius towards the end of the week, dragging your mood down a notch. You have a hard time dealing with difficulties and are quick to throw the towel in. If you’re looking for your soul mate, someone grabs your attention, but you feel unworthy to be in the presence of this person who seems too good to be true. You freeze up and may run out of the room with no explanation. If you’re in a relationship, you want to be alone with your thoughts and daydreams and you’re keeping your other half at a distance. Professionally, you’ve got a lot on your plate. This is not the moment to rest on your laurels! Uranus and Jupiter both retrograde are picking up the pace, challenging you to keep up and keep your cool at the same time. The Sun alone in charge of your career now. You could receive some good news on Wednesday, be ready to seize the opportunity it contains.

Your Love Week—Air Signs:
Monday’s Moon-Saturn sextile gives you an air of wisdom about matters of the heart. When the Sagittarius Moon sextiles both Neptune and Chiron Monday night and Tuesday, look at previous, current, and future relationships with new understanding. On Tuesday the Moon sextiles Venus before entering Capricorn, and you keep everyone smiling through Wednesday. Set boundaries on Thursday if someone tries following up on an offer you never made. With the Moon in Capricorn from Tuesday through early Thursday, start getting serious about your prospects or behaving responsibly with your partner. Jupiter and Uranus are already lifting your spirits when the Moon enters your sign Thursday afternoon. But it’s OK to loosen up that evening when the Moon enters Aquarius, even if you don’t plan to throw caution to the wind. Friday’s Moon-Saturn trine and Saturday’s Moon-Venus trine send mixed messages. You know there are no guarantees in love, right? Friday’s trine with Saturn grounds you for Saturday night’s intensely emotional lunar conjunctions with Neptune and Chiron. Sunday’s Moon-Venus trine makes it official – you’re hopelessly in love.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Venus retrograde in Libra joins forces with Saturn this week, meaning that you’re bound to run into someone from your past, to your great pleasure. An old friend resurfaces—or an old lover sends a waft of nostalgia your way. Pluto is busy endowing you with new ambitions. Mercury in Sagittarius is making you chatty and enthusiastic, which is very much appreciated by your friends, even if your jokes can be over the top. Professionally, there are no worries on the horizon; everything’s rolling along smoothly. You feel like your career is ready to take a new turn and you know that to do so you’ll need to change directions but you’re not yet sure how to bring this all about. Your finances on the other hand don’t look too stable. You’ve got the influence of Jupiter and Uranus, both retrograde, to deal with. Your finances unfortunately aren’t able to escape the influence of Pluto, who’s limiting your buying power. Hang in there! The money is still coming in, but you also have high expenses; some of them very high. It’s not easy to juggle. If you’re looking for your soul mate and you meet someone you like, you take the direct approach without hesitation. Why complicate the dating process and put off happiness by beating around the bush? If you’re in a couple, you drag your partner out of their routine for a little fun, which has the effect of revving up your intimate life. Don’t hesitate to go out evenings, and do something different over the weekend.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
Venus retrograde in Libra joins forces with Saturn this week, meaning that you’re bound to run into someone from your past, to your great pleasure. An old friend resurfaces, or an old lover sends a waft of nostalgia your way. Pluto is busy endowing you with new ambitions. You feel like your career is ready to take a new turn and you know that to do so you’ll need to change directions but you’re not yet sure how to bring this all about. Your finances on the other hand don’t look too stable. You’ve got the influence of Jupiter and Uranus, both retrograde, to deal with. The money is still coming in, but you’ve also got high expenses; some of them very high. It’s not easy to juggle. Mercury joins the Moon in Sagittarius on Monday as the Moon squares Jupiter. You can get away with anything, but you’ll pay when the Capricorn Moon conjoins Pluto on Tuesday. Saturn and the Sun rehabilitate you on Wednesday, and Thursday’s Moon-Venus square keeps you in line. Self-discipline surrenders to love when the Moon enters Aquarius. Be there for your sweetie on Friday. Saturday’s Sun-Moon square dares you to break rules. If you feel committed to passion when the Moon enters Pisces on Sunday, don’t assume anything yet.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

This week Venus backs out of Scorpio temporarily, entering Libra and this, unfortunately, is going to complicate your love relationship. A third person could come into your life who leaves you spellbound and wanting more. Beware of illusions. Your partner isn’t blind and their jealousy is likely to send you back to earth with a resounding thud. fresh perspective your way. Concerning love, you prove what a romantic you really are this week. If you’re single, you inflame the heart of someone you’ve just met. They’re bound to have a tough time resisting you. If you’re in a relationship you’re taking excellent care of your other half’s every need. Sweet nothings, tender gestures, nothing’s too good for them. If you’re single you too have the chance to become spellbound, only you’re free to act on it without consequences. A word of advice: just make sure the other person’s free too, before succumbing to temptation. Professionally, there’s not much activity under the Scorpio sun. You’re accomplishing your tasks conscientiously, but nothing more. You’re not concerned about trying to impress or stand out at this time. A trip or perhaps even an errand mid week provides a welcome change of scenery. On the other hand you’re not very attentive to your professional life. You’re not in the mood to slave away for your pay packet and you may even decide to take a day or two off, to rest up. Venus retrograding into Libra is good news for your finances. Some money comes your way that helps you climb out of a difficult situation.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:
When Mercury leaves Scorpio on Monday, you might feel less pressured or more tongue-tied. Between Monday’s Moon-Jupiter square and Moon-Neptune sextile, it’s easy to tell fact from fiction. If you’re the one being untruthful, shame on you! Creative thinking pays off if you’re awake early Tuesday when the Moon squares Uranus. Tuesday’s Moon-Pluto conjunction offers the perfect opportunity to discuss strange behavior. The Moon conjoins Ceres on Wednesday, bringing you closer to someone good for you when the Sun-Moon sextile invites you to work on your relationship. As Thursday’s Capricorn Moon sextiles Jupiter and Uranus, helping a needy friend or stranger opens new relationship possibilities. The Moon enters Aquarius Thursday afternoon, heralding weekend craziness. Maybe you’re uncomfortably attracted to a Sagittarius on Friday. Maybe Saturday’s Sun-Moon square flashes a stop sign you ignore. Brace yourself when the Aquarius Moon conjoins Neptune and Chiron Saturday night, trines Venus, and enters Pisces Sunday morning. Expect some hot days ahead! Sunday’s Moon-Pluto sextile suggests an unlikely romance. Will you go for it? If love, passion, or sex doesn’t rule your weekend, you can’t be trying too hard!

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The week could have been so pleasant if only retrograde Venus hadn’t decided to stir up trouble. A misunderstanding with a loved one escalates into a conflict which turns into a hurtful disappointment. Fortunately, if you’re in a couple, you can count on the unfailing support of your other half, who reassures you and finds the right words to soothe your anger and anxiety. Mercury in Sagittarius brings the exotic your way if you’re single. You could meet someone surprising in unusual circumstances. Enjoy. There are numerous planets in residence in your key professional life, Earth Signs. This fills up your days and may exhaust you. Even if success is just within reach, be sure to take breaks so that you can stay recharged. This week Venus retrogrades into Libra, placing the spotlight on your finances and creating opportunities for luck in that area, so don’t hesitate to try out yours. You’re a magnet for deals and a mean negotiator. Your social life is being managed by the Sun and this means lots of going out and many new faces. If you’re single one of these faces in particular arouses all your interest. If you’re in a relationship Uranus and Jupiter, both retrograde, create ambiguity. On the surface you seem to be getting along, yet there are some conflicts brewing that may explode into the light of day towards the end of the week. Try to be understanding and stay ready to compromise. Also beware of the Moon’s connection with Neptune, which stirs up your doubts regarding your professional trajectory.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:
Monday’s Moon-Saturn sextile makes you a counselor to someone else’s romantic troubles. Careful now, It’s easy to blur lines and take advantage. You’re back in the game on Tuesday for some firsthand experience when the Moon sextiles Venus, enters Capricorn, and conjoins Pluto, and Mercury enters Sagittarius. Also, the Moon addresses trust issues when it sextiles Chiron on Tuesday. Once Venus reaches Capricorn, use that grounding influence through Thursday afternoon when Uranus and Venus are playing mind games. After these intense moments, by Thursday staying friends might seem wiser than getting in any deeper. Friday’s Moon-Saturn trine keeps your head cool in heated disagreements. On Friday the Aquarius Moon sextiles Mercury and Mars, and hungry ideas might tip you into lust on Saturday. What will you do with that Moon-Neptune conjunction? A Moon-Venus trine on Saturday night may seduce you with appearance over substance. If it’s just an illusion, the Moon enters Pisces on Sunday to help you enjoy it a little longer. Remember, Venus is still retrograde, and what seems like love might not last.