STARGAZING—November 22 through November 28, 2010

Nov 22, 2010 | Special Messages

Happy Thanksgiving 2010. This year offers us the opportunity to draw closer to the One who created us, as we unite with our families and loved ones, reflecting upon the blessings that flow into our lives from Him. He who brings us the energy to sustain our bodies, who has given us the capacity to appreciate the beauty of this world, to feed and help others. He who helps guide us to those around us who need kindness and love.

Just as our relationships with our friends and family are nurtured and sweetened through attentiveness and expressions of appreciation, so it is with our relationship to God. How much it can mean to us when someone warmly acknowledges our friendship and reaches out to us in kindness. Through the exchange of these energies, a mutual bond is strengthened. Likewise when we turn to the Divine, in whatever form, and say simply and sincerely “Thank you Lord,” He who is Love itself deeply responds within our hearts. Prayer and meditation is the most natural way to relate to Him and make Him a part of our lives, whether during times of silent communion or while fulfilling our responsibilities.

If we establish the habit of expressing our gratitude to our Divine Benefactor from day to day, moment to moment, then our consciousness will change. We heal from within, we become more receptive to the new Fifth Dimension energies, to the Power that we can draw to us whenever we need, and that always responds to us to bring us the answers, and that what we truly need.

At the same time we also recognize the the ultimate treasure, surpassing any material blessings, is our eternal Soul connection to the Divine. God is everything and when you have His presence in your life, you have everything. As we realize this truth, we begin to see His blessing coming to us in many ways. Some we can easily identify as blessings, others require us to look beyond our human opinions and preferences to begin to understand the life-transforming lessons being offered and given as we put our trust with the Divine.

One of the greatest ways is to acknowledge God’s limitless generosity is to give our unconditional love in return, for that is the gift that truly touches the heart of the Divine. In your meditations, let your inner love be exposed and expressed, give of yourself rather than an expected response. Similarly, when relating to others, allow your focus to be the gift of appreciation and encouragement rather than waiting to receive, upon service rather than waiting to be served. By striving to express that Spirit of unconditional., outreaching love, may you find your own needs met and feel the joy of alignment and vibrational attunement with the Supreme, the giver of all.

Wishing you and your dear ones a
Blessed Thanksgiving.


Week of November 22 – November 28, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Jupiter and Uranus bring some good financial news your way at the beginning of the week. You could receive a payment that allows you to pay some bills that have fallen behind and bring a healthier balance to your bank account. Saturn in Libra is exercising a strong influence on you Air Signs. It may not always be easy to handle but a great deal of good can come from this influence too. In love for starters, you have a desire to strengthen your ties and to take things to another level. Whether you decide to get engaged or make other long-term plans, your future together looks brighter, more promising and more exciting. If you’re single, you stop hesitating and dodging the idea of commitment. If you’re in a couple, you’re enjoying a pleasant, light-hearted atmosphere. You could make a firm decision to triumph over your doubts and take steps to ensure a more romantic future. Concerning love, if your heart is free, someone is sticking to you like glue, determined to win it through sheer persistence. You may not like them one bit , as your heart belongs to someone else, and are having trouble getting the message across. Be firm and feel free to be frank with them. It’s a priority for each of you to spend time alone together, far from the hustle, bustle and worries of the outside world. Your professional life looks stable with nothing new happening, which suits you just fine! On the job, the Uranus/ Jupiter duo ask you to show proof of flexibility. There will be some changes happening around you, and you will need to react rather quickly to stay on top of the game. Venus and the Sun are filling your pockets with the lovely jingling sound of extra mad money.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Look on the bright side of romance when the Sun enters Sagittarius on Monday. Patience is a romantic virtue, even though waiting isn’t easy. A Moon-Venus trine invites the holiday spirit on Tuesday, whether you’re expecting for a special houseguest or making yourself look even better. That will prepare you for when the Gemini Moon trines Neptune and squares Uranus on Tuesday. Creativity is your friend. Wednesday’s Moon-Saturn square shortens your temper and distractions are plenty, but stay on task for Thanksgiving when the Cancer Moon makes you either too lazy or extremely persuasive, but keep smiling on Thanksgiving. Maybe you’ll feel the love. Starting Friday, you won’t have to pretend. Romance happens naturally when the Leo Moon trines the Sun and sextiles Saturn. Leo hosts the Moon for most of the weekend, boosting your confidence and libido. Mercury steers you toward the right conversations on Saturday – and the rest is up to you. A little extra strategy at Saturday night’s Moon-Neptune opposition can only hurry things along.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

With the Sun/ Mars/ Mercury trio in Sagittarius, you Fire Signs are on top form this week. Any fatigue or cases of the blues disappear like magic. You’re in the driver’s seat of your life and you may decide to correct some bad eating habits or begin an exercise or meditation program that allows you to maintain a higher energy level. Venus forms a lovely connection with the Sun, which means a pleasant surprise if you’re single. Concerning love, you’re radiant, friendly and naturally charming. And that’s making you very popular. If you’re looking for your soul mate, you’ve suddenly got a lot of prospects before you.  A loved one could introduce you to someone that you take an instant liking to. If you want this one to go anywhere, muster up your courage and take that first step! If you’re in a couple, you’re giving it your all to kindle your partner’s desire. Romantic surprises, sweet nothings, attentive gestures—you’re doing what you can to bring the two of you closer. Your partner and children are first and foremost on your mind. You’re doing everything you can to protect them and make sure they’re happy. Nothing is too good for them and your thoughtfulness and generosity know no limits. On the job you’re hungry for change, but it’s possible that Pluto is throwing obstacles onto your path. There’s nothing new on the horizon. Trying to force things will not help them move ahead. Patience is called for here and lots of it. Hang in there. Your work days are rather boring actually and you try to cut them short so that you can spend more time at home with your lover. Financially, you’re handling things well and there are no major problems to deal with. Your finances look stable. As long as you don’t spend for the Holidays like mad, you shouldn’t have any worries

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: The Sun enters the Fire Sign of Sagittarius on Monday, illuminating your romantic prospects and promising a good month for lovers. That said, Tuesday might be a problem when the Moon opposes Mars and Mercury and squares Jupiter. A misunderstanding, fight, or breakup would certainly clear the air! Tuesday’s Moon-Uranus square amps up your charm, although sincerity is an issue after the Moon enters Cancer and quincunxes the Sun. Mars jolts you awake on a Thanksgiving where family and friends grapple with their own romantic issues. Appreciate the perspective! The Moon in Cancer gives you time to think about this. Watch out for crossed signals on Thanksgiving. Conditions improve on Friday when the Leo Moon trines the Sun and romance blossoms over the weekend. The games begin when the Moon enters Leo and trines the Sun on Friday. Neptune, Mars, and Mercury keep your love happening on Saturday. Even after the Moon exits Leo on Sunday, there’s no reason to quit. Speak and act freely. Be yourself again.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The focus this week is on your professional life, which holds the promise of novelty and new opportunities coming up for you in 2011. You could be proposed a trip or some new training, which doesn’t thrill you at first, but does allow you to shake up the usual routine and soak up some fresh perspective. There’s no question about taking it easy this week. You’re inspired to move ahead, to surpass yourself and the opportunities for doing so are numerous. Your days are full and you take all the activity in stride, setting goals and meeting challenges with gusto. On the job you can be counted on to think out of the box and come up with innovative solutions to problems. The Sun and Venus join forces to take excellent care of your bank balance, which is rising steadily. In the love department, if you’re single you’re hard to resist. You’re radiating charm. If you’re single, you’ve got several irons in the fire. You want to make sure you won’t be alone, so you’re covering your bases. This may cause some misunderstandings or awkward situations, so handle everything carefully. If you’re in a relationship, your partner only has eyes for you. Your wish is their command. If there’s something you’ve been wanting for a while, this is a good time to ask for it. If you’re in a couple, Saturn is making the quality of your intimate life fall like a badly prepared soufflé. Sometimes it’s as if you have no intimacy at all. The remedy for this is to show your partner some thoughtful, tender attention. Your finances look a little chaotic. There’s lots of activity affecting your bank balance. Better keep an eye on it, and be on the side of spending with caution.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Monday’s new Sagittarius Sun and Moon-Saturn trine blend optimism with patience. If someone is insincere or unfaithful on Tuesday, the Moon-Uranus square resolves things or offers an easy way out – if you think fast. As the Sun leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius on Monday, try a different approach to love. Listen to another viewpoint at Tuesday’s Moon-Mars opposition. Between Thanksgiving festivities and social obligations, Thursday could overwhelm you. Let the high hopes of this Moon-Jupiter trine carry you through. Romance gets easier after the Moon enters Cancer, although when it opposes Pluto on Wednesday, fantasies take over. If you spend Thursday with people who still define you by some past role or relationship, it could trigger deep emotions once the Moon enters Leo on Friday. Saturday’s Mars trine and Neptune opposition put you back in the mood. The Leo Moon lovingly trines the Sun, and on Saturday Neptune dances seductively with Mercury and the Moon. When Virgo takes charge on Sunday, you can make clear decisions. Sunday’s Moon-Pluto trine gives you what you want.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Either your finances or an administrative matter are at the center of your thoughts this week. Saturn has focused its attention on a matter that has been dragging on for far too long. You’re able to wrap things up, breathe a sigh of relief and move on to bigger and better things. With the Moon in Taurus at the beginning of the week one thing’s for sure, you won’t be in top form. You may experience aches and pains which tire you out and feel you mood sinking further and further. Try to take control of the situation. Get involved in a hobby or other activity that helps you shift into a more enjoyable gear. If you’re a single Earth Sign, you feel like you’re trekking through a gigantic love desert. There’s not a soul that interests you in sight. If your heart is free, Pluto’s influence has you keeping your distance. You’re not about to give your confidence to anyone, and you’re hard to get close to! If you’re in a relationship, Uranus in retrograde and Jupiter are spicing things up between you. Your conversations are energetic and you may argue a great deal, but the reconciliations are just as numerous and well worth the trouble. Your excellent sense of humor takes the bite out of the serious side of most of the conflict anyway. Venus and the Sun fan the flames of passion between you and your partner. You’re more in love than ever. Saturn is activating your activities sector. You’re running around trying to juggle a million tasks, always arriving late and always over-extending yourself. Your financial situation has the support of the Sun, Mercury and Mars, who are keeping your inflow high. Enjoy.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Motivation is the all-important word this week. Whatever your original reasons for becoming involved in your current relationship, you may now feel that these need reviewing in the light of recent events. This need not be anything too heavy, but you would benefit from thinking through how far you have both come and what you have achieved. Be honest and all will be well. Monday’s Moon-Saturn trine calls for patience in romance. With the Moon in Gemini, Tuesday’s aspects with Neptune, Uranus, and Venus highlight your unique, irresistible charms. That night the Moon enters Cancer, where it stays through the end of Thanksgiving Day. Stop daydreaming about your loved one and dive into family and community activities. He or she will find you under the Leo Moon on Friday when everyone is more relaxed. Mercury boosts your confidence on Saturday, and Sunday’s Moon-Venus sextile makes you impossible to refuse.