STARGAZING—November 1st through November 7th, 2010

Nov 2, 2010 | Special Messages

The Tuesday US Elections – Congress goes Republican, removing Nancy Pelosi from her post. The Senate – some Democratic seats are lost, dividing the Senate in half. (Obama will not run again — remember — I said that when he was elected!)


Week of November 1st—November 7th, 2010

The AIR Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

As this week begins, you can expect a beehive of activity on both the personal and professional fronts. There’s absolutely no room in your diary for rest. With Saturn acting as lone ranger, it can get tough to keep your chin up. You often feel misunderstood and all alone, face to face with your problems. But don’t panic. Fortunately, Neptune helps you get through it, providing some great daydreaming escapades. These moments of mental escape help you keep the pressure in perspective and stay competitive when it counts. Mars in Sagittarius will fly to your rescue before you know it, sending your social life into high gear by mid-week. You have a great time and forget all about your worries. If you’re single, you can’t seem to let go of something from your past. People are checking you out and sending seductive smiles your way right and left, but you’re just not ready yet. Concerning love, you’re in a romantic, tender mood, and reality may seem too harsh for your sensitive soul. Singles, someone you’ve put on a pedestal could fall off with a thud. If you’re in a couple, a little lie or slight betrayal hurts you more than you let on. If you’re in a relationship you’re not making any efforts to reach out to your partner. And they react by ignoring you. Your relationship is going nowhere fast but don’t worry, it’s only temporary. Uranus is by far your best friend this week, bringing a little extra cash your way. Financially, things look good. The heavens are bestowing you with their protection and other benefits. Use any extra to splurge on yourself, you deserve it.

Your Love Week—Air Signs:

You will be able to feel deeply about a situation that you may previously have only been able to think about. If you have just begun a new relationship, then perhaps it is time to talk about some of the discoveries you have made about each other. Love will not be found in the same restaurants, clubs, or coffeehouses as usual. This week you will see that eating out needs to be a totally new and different experience; although you are not usually enamored by hot, spicy, or foreign dishes, you would benefit by at least trying something a little avant-garde. The potatoes may not taste the same, but your love life may improve. The only way you can be allowed to stay as you are is if you are humoring your own behavior. Experimentation at all levels best describes today’s events, especially in your love life. For this you will need to let go of all your usual likes and dislikes and be prepared to be completely open-minded. Love could immediately improve in leaps and bounds. Conversation between you and your loved one will flow today. Sometimes we may think we are talking; yet we have only spoken off the top of our heads rather than from the depths of hearts. Take time today to have that deeper conversation and encourage some real sharing. It will renew and strengthen the bond between you, and encourage you both to fall in love again. It is better to get into the habit of deep sharing now, rather than waiting until it is too late!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

At the beginning of this week the lion within you is roaring- and not from pleasure. The Moon passes through Leo, sapping your energy supply, playing with your nerves and making you quite grumpy. Try to think of the effect you’re having on those around you and chill out as much as possible. Your love life in particular risks suffering from this bout of moodiness, especially if you’re in a couple. Your other half won’t appreciate bearing the brunt of any negativity and this will make the atmosphere at home sink like the titanic. Fortunately, everything’s calm at the office and nothing happens that would throw fuel on the fire. With Mars moving into Sagittarius and the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, you’re saying exactly what’s on your mind and in your heart. On the job, you’ve had enough of someone’s perennial bad mood and you let them know it- even if it’s your boss! Ummm, do be careful how you phrase what you say. At home, if something’s been weighing on you for a while, you let it out. This will surprise your partner at the least and may throw them off, but it allows you to talk about a problem that has been growing in silence for far too long. If you’re single, you’re taking the direct approach. And with Mars making you sexy and irresistible, it’s fated to work. Financially too you’ve got no major worries on the horizon. You may not be the richest person on the block, but you’re content with what you do have and your spending is well under control. However, this is not a good time to splash out on a new Holiday wardrobe
Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
Even though you won’t admit this to many people, you do have a very experimental approach to love at a certain level. You will have an urge to explore this possibility a little further. You and your loved one may enjoy trying out some exciting new techniques, and let’s face it, when you’re in this kind of mood you aren’t even shy. Go ahead and have some fun. Everyone will be much more deeply in touch with their feelings this week. So don’t be surprised if your lover suddenly comes out with a total declaration of devotion, after what may seem like months of waiting. It may seem like an all-or-nothing situation, but on the other hand, it is also better late than never. You normally enjoy a soft romantic outlook, as far as your love life is concerned. Situations that you get yourself into may seem to be devoid of real feeling to make any significant impression on you. However, you will enjoy meeting with others who have a more experimental approach to love, and though this may not lead to anything deep and intimate, you could make some warm and wonderful friends. You may find yourself making endless cups of tea for a string of people who come to you for sympathy. You will feel the need to spend some time with your loved one, just being alone together and enjoying that sense of silent communion and the depth of feeling that you both share. Better still, create a wonderfully romantic dinner, and celebrate your wonderful relationship.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

In your professional life, the atmosphere’s pleasant and quite positive. You accomplish your tasks with ease and your energy stays high despite the Moon’s efforts to drag it down mid-week. With Venus, Mercury and the Sun all in Scorpio it’s just not possible for you Water Signs not to be on top form this week. You’re taking great care of yourself and of your body and you may decide to get rid of a bad habit or two. The changes you put in place, whether it’s going on a diet, stopping smoking or taking up sport, serve to put you in better shape and bring the best out in you, for all to see and admire. You’re certainly in the spotlight professionally. You’ve got the best ideas and they get you noticed. They may also stir up a little jealousy so beware. Watch your back and stay very diplomatic. Regarding love, if you’re single, you’re in no hurry to settle down. You’d rather take the time necessary to choose your life partner well. You want someone who not only makes your heart beat wildly, but who also shares your dreams. If you’re in a relationship everything’s going smoothly under your roof. You’re each busy, but you manage to work in moments for sweet nothings, supportive words and attentive gestures. And this increases your chances for some steamy nights together. This week you awaken your partner’s senses and show them a night they’ll not soon forget. If you’re a single heart, you take advantage of your powerful aura to bring someone under your spell. It may not last, but it is passionate. As for your finances, you won’t exactly be drowning in extra cash, but your situation looks stable and you’re managing things with intelligence. Keep up the good work!
Your Love Week—Water Signs:
Something could shock your highly refined sensibilities this week, Water Signs, but if you can overcome your initial reaction, you may even discover some new ideas that you could adapt to your more refined way of doing things. Love is experimental and unconventional now, rather than romantic in the traditional sense. But it still has a certain appeal, as you will find out. Conversation opens many doors, but it needs to come from deeper place within, rather than just idle chatter that helps to pass the time of day. Expressing your feeling will give you the chance to share some truths with your loved one that you may have found difficult to talk about. It is a time of reconnection and reconciliation on all levels. Some very original come-on lines won’t go a miss this week, Water Signs. “Hello stranger!” will not be one of them. You might try an original quote from the many talented ladies who have acted as first class role models in the past. Better still—just speak from your heart, even if it does sound a little weird. Someone will surely appreciate your efforts. As for your family and friends, everyone seems to be sobbing on your shoulder today, imparting their deepest and most heartfelt secrets to you. Others are getting in touch with their feelings that may have remained buried for some time. So be patient, as this will deepen your sense of intimacy with them.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Your primary preoccupation this week is money. Saturn is still stirring up trouble and you’ve undoubtedly got unexpected expenses to face or higher than usual bills that place you in a delicate situation. Fortunately there’s a lot of action in your social life that distracts you from these worries and allows you to have a little fun. Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Scorpio are a wonderful influence for friendships and meeting people and you may make a contact that’s interesting professionally. The Moon’s arrival in Virgo at the beginning of the week exacerbates your need for affection. You’re looking for love at all costs, and ready to be less selective. That may not be a good idea by the way. Beware of Neptune retrograde, who’s trying to put the breaks on your ambitions and is succeeding in skewing your perception of things. It’s possible that your naiveté is in the driver’s seat and that some false information is taking you for a ride. Don’t take any decisions off the cuff; wait a little, until you’ve got a better idea of what is really going on. If you’re in a relationship, things are rather uneventful. You tend to withdraw and keep your problems to yourself, to spare your partner any worries. Meanwhile, Pluto is keeping you on the suspicious side; you’re hard to please! You spend more time analyzing the people you meet than sharing and creating bonds. However, numerous planets work to bring a new dimension to your relationship. You’re talking a great deal about material issues, but at the same time your confidence in each other is deepening and the tenderness between you is constant.
Your Love Week—Earth Signs:
Experimentation at all levels is this week’s watchword. There is no way that you or your sweetheart could possibly spend time in any other way than trying out all kinds of new things. Eat different food, wear different clothes, talk to each other in new ways. Routines can be like straitjackets, and hobble any spontaneity, especially in your love life. Just for once be a little crazy! There is a great deal of feeling around in the ether this week, Earth Signs. It is also easier for you to express yourself. Indeed, there is a possibility of going over the top and saying too much, then regretting it in the cold light of day. Just go easy and don’t try and fit a year’s worth of passion into one evening. You lovers can truly take it to the limit now. You always love to expand your horizons and keep setting your sights higher and higher. As far as love and romance are concerned, you can also adopt a more experimental approach. Don’t be afraid to try things out, even if others may question your motives. If it makes you feel good, why worry! It is always by talking things through that you finally get to the core of an issue that has been bugging you for some time. You will want to sit down with your loved one and get it out in the open. This will really help you both to explore the deeper feelings you both have for each other, and enable you to renew your commitment. As the Holidays approach, you two become closer than ever.