Stargazing — Nov. 22nd through Nov. 28,2021

Nov 22, 2021 | Stargazing

On Monday, as the week opens, the Moon is in Cancer through early Wednesday morning. Since Cancer is associated with comfort food and family, people will be preparing an abundance of comfort food for the USA Thanksgiving Day holiday on Thursday.

People are happily looking forward to one of the biggest holiday’s n the USA with a vibrant, energetic, and inspired Grand Trine between the Moon, Mars, and Neptune on Tuesday. These vibes will be uplifting and with a Cancer Moon will get past all slights and pains caused by its oppositions to Venus and Pluto on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Mercury moves into Sagittarius until December 13th. So, the planet of short trips moves into the travel sign of the archer, which suggests a lot of people will be on the move for Thanksgiving weekend. The trines of the Moon to the Sun and Mercury will see everyone in an optimistic, chatty mood in anticipation of the day of gratitude.

Thursday, USA Thanksgiving Day is under the influence of a warm and friendly Leo Moon. However, the mood could come crashing down quickly than your energy levels after eating extra portions of the tryptophan rich turkey when the dramatic Moon opposes aloof, patriarchal Saturn in Aquarius, forming a fixed-sign T square with Uranus. Another square in the evening between the Moon and Mars in Scorpio adds to this contentious energy, leaving everyone with angry words and up for a fight. It’s best to skip the pumpkin pie and flee from the possibly explosive atmosphere.

On Black Friday the 26th, the moon is void-of-course. If you must make important purchases, be sure you can exchange items as a void moon is not the best time for important actions.

A Virgo Moon on Saturday urges you to accomplish tangible tasks.

Everyone will be in a better frame of mind come Sunday afternoon, knowing that the holiday is over and it’s back to your daily routine. The Sun aligns with transportation planet Mercury on Sunday, so watch out for people driving too fast on the way home from the holiday.