STARGAZING NOTES: Week of March 25th – March 31st, 2013

Mar 28, 2013 | Special Messages

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Week of Mar. 25th – Mar. 31st, 2013

There will be no lamb-like exit qualities this March. Instead, the final days of the month will be ferocious as March goes out like a lion — and with a tremendous flurry of cosmic activity!

Opportunities appear immediately as Mars and Jupiter bestow enthusiasm and luck on March 26th, an ideal time to start new projects. The next day, March 27th, Mars squares off against Pluto, a cosmic connection that slows everything down. Confrontations and tantrums will only worsen the situation, so grit your teeth, buckle down, and muster all the perseverance you’ve got. Be sure to honor others with their decisions and al will be well.

The Full Moon in Libra, also on March 27th, may leave you waffling as you struggle to make a final decision about something important in your life. Your best course of action? Wait three days! Then, take a deep breath, make your choices, and move on.

Then, on March 28th, Venus partners with the Sun and Uranus, bringing charm, indulgence, and lots of flirtatiousness. Uranus promotes freedom, so insecure relationships may struggle. However, if you’re up for taking a risk, you’ll enjoy great times and lots of excitement!

New sources of stimulation are needed to inspire love this week with flirtatious Venus joining revolutionary Uranus on Thursday. Sudden attractions to people, objects and experiences can be extremely exciting, but they might not last very long. Breaking patterns and breaking rules is fun but dangerous with surprising consequences to follow. Balancing risk with reason is essential during these tumultuous times.

Uranus returns the next day, March 29th, to partner with the Sun and light the way ahead. Given Uranus’ involvement, you can bet that barriers will come down, compromises will be challenged, and the status quo will be a bit jostled.

The month ends with a challenging square between Venus and Pluto on March 31st, at which point you can expect jealousy, manipulation, and some kind of agenda hidden behind a charming exterior. Fortunately, Jupiter will be on hand to keep things frivolous and entertaining! Don’t allow yourself to get taken in.

Get ready for April which begins the series of three eclipses that will revolutionize your life. Nothing will be the same come mid-July 2013!

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