STARGAZING NOTES—Week of July 1st – July 7th, 2013

Jul 2, 2013 | Special Messages

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Week of July 1st – July 7th, 2013

So just what does the cosmos have in store for you this next week? Mercury continues to be retrograde in Cancer until July 20th, so look at your emotional and self-nurturing needs. The New Moon in Cancer on July 8th will be focusing on love, family matters, and issues from the past that have not healed. Now that Jupiter has moved into Cancer for the next year, it will be interesting to watch what comes- Jupiter rules expansion and going to new levels, and the sign of Cancer has to do with the needs of the people, families, mothering, and home. We have already seen home prices starting to go up, and the Supreme Court decision on marriage is also expanding the definition on families.

Relationships may be less than rosy when the week begins due to Monday’s suspicious Sun-Pluto opposition and skeptical Venus-Saturn square. But sometimes knowing what you don’t want is the first step toward finding the fulfillment that follows.

The month starts with the Sun on the opposite side of the sky as transforming Pluto (called an opposition). The Sun (Cancer) part of this energy wants to be nurtured and have people around who support you emotionally, and Pluto (Capricorn) wants to keep healthy boundaries.

Take an honest look at yourself early this week, because there is an ongoing push to re-balance your life between creative freedom needs and practical responsibilities. The first week of July, 2013, can be exciting or disruptive, depending upon your ability to adapt. The July 4th holiday in the Unites States has the Moon in Gemini. This is good if you keep on the move, have short social conversations or short trips. The weekend is the dark before the New Moon, so choose activities that help you look within.

Saturn turns direct late Sunday evening, having been retrograde since February. The outer planets spend a lot of time in retrograde each year, so you need to pay attention on the days surrounding their change of direction. If projects have been put on hold since February, the weeks ahead (after Mercury turns direct on July 20) will help you get moving.

Remember that Saturn remains in Scorpio through 2014, so one key is to release that which you no longer need, both emotional and physical.

The Moon’s move into comfortable Cancer on Saturday afternoon connects to generous Jupiter, where optimism peeks through the clouds. Still, being selective about the company you keep makes it safer to release the strong feelings that are ready to flow during the rest of the weekend. Saturday is a great evening to share a meal with those who are in your comfort zone. Sunday’s wild Venus-Uranus trine encourages everyone to embrace the unexpected and explore the unknown.

A helpful Grand Sextile is building towards the end of this month in Water and Earth Signs; and at the same time, a challenging T-Square pattern is building to push you to get some aspect of your life moving. There is a lot of help available but it is going to require a willingness to change on both a physical and a belief system level. Allow room in your schedule for unexpected changes through this quick month.

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