STARGAZING NOTES — Week of April 15th — April 21st, 2013

Apr 15, 2013 | Special Messages

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Week of April 15th – April 21st, 2013

These next few days will bring slow money, fast-talking, and lots of love! And just what’s ahead exactly before the upcoming three eclipses, beginning on April 28th? To begin, Pluto turned retrograde in Capricorn on April 12th, a transit that shows subtle effects you won’t recognize right away. However, over the coming months, you’ll find yourself taking a closer look at your finances and fine-tuning your plans for the future, so take this time to look inside yourself to understand what will help you become more secure financially. While you may not be ready to take action just yet, set up a plan so you’ll be prepared when the time is right. Expect a slowdown in general as you contemplate and begin to solve your problems. Take advantage of this energy flow and react calmly and rationally regarding any obstacles in your path.

Then, on April 14th, chatty Mercury zipped into Aries. You may say whatever is on your mind with lightning speed before your brain even has a chance to decide if you might be smarter to keep your mouth shut. Fortunately for you, you mean well, and those around you may recognize that. In the end, the coming weeks will present a good opportunity to get things off your chest so you can clear the air and move on.

Finally, April 15th brings romance when Venus floats seductively into super-indulgent Taurus, so expect lots of hugs, cuddles, and kisses. Venus and Taurus both want to live it up right now, so this is an ideal time for a candlelit dinner, sensual perfumes, and silk sheets. On the other side, organize your finances and begin to plan how to build up your income in the coming months ahead.

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