STARGAZING NOTES — April 1st – April 7th, 2013

Apr 1, 2013 | Special Messages

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Week of Apr. 1st – Apr. 7th, 2013

April arrives with a shower of cosmic energy, providing exactly what you need to get your projects and ideas blooming! With the fiery Aries Sun squaring itself firmly against powerful Pluto on April 1st, you might feel as if the Universe is playing a cosmic prank on you this April Fools’ Day! Aries’ temperament may thrive on perpetual motion, but Pluto is prepared to stop progress dead in its tracks, and no amount of Aries-driven aggression can likely remedy the situation. Pluto isn’t actually opposed to you moving ahead; rather, it simply wants to make sure you know exactly where you’re going, and that you have a substantial plan to reach your destination. So, if it feels as if your boss (or someone in similar power) is holding you back, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your situation, since it’s possible you’ve been halted because you’re not as prepared as you initially thought. You may feel blocked or trapped, but the build-up will prove to be more difficult than the event itself, so you’ll have things well in hand by April 11th. The Sun also meets Jupiter, boosting morale and sprinkling a light dusting of good fortune over most everything. Fortunately, this happy-go-lucky alignment with Jupiter will boost your mood and maybe even bring good news about exciting financial opportunities. Keep friendly words on the tip of your tongue so you can take full advantage of any new connections you make.

APRIL FOOL! April opens with a strong, hurry-up emphasis in the sign Aries. Although this is good for initiating new projects, physical exercise, and pioneering new paths, it also adds stress and a feeling of “too much to do in too little time to do it.” During the first week of April, and culminating on the 6th, relationship planets Venus and Mars align to help you get your relationships in order. You can seek new relationships, or simply take actions associated with those already in place. As we get closer to the lunar eclipse on the 25th, the emphasis shifts to hard working Taurus. The projects you started early in the month get to come down to earth for practical application, or they fall away if your intention was not long term.

The Moon is in a quiet phase on the 1st, so tend to projects already underway. A void moon is a good day to catch up on humble tasks like laundry and cleaning your desk of clutter. The tone gets friendlier towards the weekend. The moon is in Aquarius on Thursday and Friday, so get out and meet new friends and explore new group activities. All week, relationship planets Venus and Mars are building up to an alignment in fiery Aries, exact on Saturday evening. This is excellent energy for opening to new relationships of all kinds, but you will need to give them the test of time before getting carried away with yourself. The stars take a break until Sunday, April 7th, when sparks fly as Venus and Mars meet in a passionate embrace, making romance hot and heavy. Things heat up outside the bedroom as well, with these planets adding sexy attitude to everything you do!

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