Stargazing Monthly Astrology Overview: September 2015

Sep 1, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


Overview for SEPTEMBER 2015


September opens with a Mars/Venus meet-up in Leo, which can bring in a sexy little number. However, someone threw in a monkey wrench because Venus is retrograde, which can mean a “one-time thing.” This energy brings self-involvement so you might want to wake up to reality and brace yourself for the drama of “Hey, what about me?”  On Saturday, the 5th, Pluto brings in some positive energy and the strength and perseverance for us to deal with any secrets or that which had been underground and hidden from our consciousness.  Time to bring them out into the Light to be addressed and healed. Sunday, the 6th, brings Venus forward again, so the Labor Day weekend is packed with a few punches.  Venus remains in Leo through October but after the 6th, happy days are here again. This expands your heart as well as your bank account and for couples who are looking to set a wedding date!

There are two eclipses in September and although eclipses are neither good or bad in themselves, they represent a sign from the heavens as messages from the gods that give us clues toward events yet to come. Their influence lasts for about six months. The two this month promise to bring interesting events that will change the course of your life and perhaps take it into a newer and better direction over this next year. Remember, eclipses are a harbinger of change coming, not doom and gloom. Eclipse energy is quite powerful, as demonstrated by the change of the pull of the tides and this energy lasts five days – two day before the eclipse – the day of occurrence – and two days after the eclipse. If your birthday falls on these days, you will be the most effected by the energy. The first eclipse on the 13th in Virgo is a Solar eclipse. Be ready to see some changes ahead. You may be confronted with a life-changing experience which will take you down a new road in the year ahead. At the very least you will have a change of mind about something that is very important to you.

Two planets sign a peace treaty at the New Moon eclipse that comes with a warning label on the 13th. Mars trines Uranus on the 8th and this driven energy last for about two weeks. It is a remarkable combination of self-driven power (Mars) and intuitive genius (Uranus). This is an important marker that there will be even more creative devices (such as self-driving cars, robots, 3-D printers, and Google glasses) for our use, than ever before. After the past few years of confusion and sudden events, it’s a huge relief to have them in balance again. The September 13th eclipse is a part of a family of eclipses that have proven to be highly stressful. (We all remember 9/11) The ensuing “war on terror” could take a new turn, whatever that might be. Because this one is in Virgo, it is time to avoid surgery and any extra stress, if possible. Make your plans to begin something new, but wait until after October 20th to put them into action.

A New Moon eclipse is actually special. It’s time to begin a new project or adventure. If you are ready to begin something new, then the week of September 13th to the 16th is the perfect time to start making your dreams into realities.

The week of September 14th through 20th is the “I’ll give you one more chance” week. It brings the only Jupiter/Neptune opposition of 2015, the last Mercury retrograde of the year, and Saturn’s farewell to Scorpio. Jupiter/Neptune at first glance, looks like a face-off between your hopes (Jupiter) and your dreams (Neptune) but if you use the earthy Virgo energy as a grounding device, you will be able to gain a positive footing in the world of endless possibilities. Although Jupiter in Virgo can sometimes feel like a hypercritical influence, it also comes in handy when your floating through Neptune’s foggy clouds, to separate fact from fiction. While you’re reaching for the stars, keep your feet on the ground, and remember that if something sounds too go to be true, it probably is.  This year Mercury has turned retrograde in the three air signs, Aquarius, Gemini, and now, on September 17th, in Libra.  This is the last time you will need to use the three “R’s,” Review, revise and renew. For the next three weeks take a look at the things you’ve already done, rather than what’s ahead. Then take the time to pat yourself on the back. On the same day Mercury retrogrades, Saturn ends its backward travel through Scorpio and re-enters Sagittarius, where it will remain until 2018. With this switch, you will feel like you have crawled out of a dark swamp, finding yourself in a beautiful field of Light with a white horse waiting for you to jump on his back and gallop away into a new adventure. This next three-year journey promises to be more of a lonesome cowboy on a trail ride than the brooding, self-serving fistfights we just left behind with Saturn in Scorpio.

Hopefully, you can adapt to and like change, because there’s going to be a lot of it as September comes to an end.  First, there’s the Fall Equinox as we change from Summer to Fall, and the Sun moves from Virgo into Libra. Then Mars shifts from Leo into Virgo, bumping up against Saturn, and Pluto turns direct on the same day. Finally the Moon ends the week with a bang, with a Full Moon eclipse in Aries, the beginning of the Lunar New Year. It begins on the 22nd, which flags the third seasonal turning point of 2015. That’s when the Sun moves into Libra and Fall begins.

If the seasonal year were a day, then spring would be at dawn, summer would be at noon, fall would be at sunset, and winter would be at midnight. So the Fall Equinox marks the sunset season of the year. It is the second day this year that we have equal amounts of light and dark. This day of cosmic balance is a reminder to check out your own personal balance sheet. Mars enters Virgo on the 24th and the active energy moves out of the exciting, fiery sign of Leo and centers itself squarely into the earthy sign of Virgo. Virgo focuses on work, reputation, health, daily health care and routine as well as our pets. Friday, the 25th brings a conflict with Saturn and Mars as all exits are blocked and it’s definitely not the time to solve any problems. Pluto gets into the act as it wakes up from its five-month retrograde period. Despite this square off, Pluto in direct motion brings a slow, unconscious and gradual return to peace and prosperity in the personal, economic, and political arenas. Then the Pope arrives over the Full Moon weekend, which promises stormy weather and a possible hurricane at best.

This Full Moon eclipse is a time when everything gets a little crazy. Emotions are high and reckless with this fiery energy. Be sure to look both ways when crossing the street, and stay out of packed cities and malls. The 27th is when the Pope arrives in Philadelphia, and he plans to spend time in New York and Washington, DC as well. This Full Moon may bring unpredictable and unexpected events and it is best to use your head, be cautious in everything you do. Don’t text and drive. It’s not a good idea for any heavy discussions, or trying to clear the air with either a boss, partner, parent, or spouse.

However, the Aires Full Moon on Sunday the 27th is special because it’s a larger than life Supermoon as well as a total Lunar Eclipse. This placement and unusual combination brings two special effects. First, the Moon is bigger than life! Second, as it moves closer to the earth and reaches its perigee, the gravitational forces will increase by 50%, leading to high tides, storms, flooding, and possible earthquakes. Don’t do any mountain climbing that weekend! This eclipse is visible over parts of the Eastern United States. The strongest effect is on one-on-one relationships and anyone who has a birthday on that day. By the way, it’s Amma’s 63rd birthday. With all of these shifts and intense alignments, it’s certainly not the time to schedule any important, big events. Perhaps it’s best to watch the Pope at home on TV.

The Lunar Eclipse energy will be felt more strongly between September 25th and 29th so if you were born on these days in either September or March, you may experience quite a few interesting events over this next year. You could change your job, move to a new local, or change your appearance.

September closes with Mercury in Libra, retrograde, and conjuncting the Sun. This is an “inferior conjunction” because Mercury is retrograde, which brings in another flow of geomagnetic energy, which indicates that things will not be going smoothly. You may be dealing with a few conflicts and it’s a time to review your life situation and conflicts with an eye on resolving them.

Now let’s take a look at how the two eclipses may impact your life, sign by sign.