STARGAZING — Monthly Astrology Overview — October, 2015

Oct 2, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


October opens with Mercury still moving backwards. It’s a fine time to review your circumstances with an eye on healing and resolving relationship conflicts. On Thursday, October 8th it’s time for a new beginning and a perhaps a showdown. Right now it’s time to express love with a comfortable back rub rather than a diamond necklace. During the next six weeks you will want to focus on perfecting your techniques at work, improving your health, and being of service to others. Mercury ends it’s retrograde cycle on the 9th, which means that communications and travel will improve.

Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-PlutoSunday, the 11th is an important day because that’s when the Libra Sun moves into its once-a-year face off with Uranus, in opposition Aries. While this energy lasts only a day or two, if you have to make a big decision during this time, it could really shake up your status quo. Oppositions often involve someone else helping you  to do what you can’t or won’t do for yourself. If something or someone forces you out of your comfort zone now, don’t blame the other person. By forcing you to change the “other” is more than likely doing you a great favor. Time for some karma? A negative manifestation of this is someone breaking something just because they can, for no rhyme or reason.

New-MoonAfter the 12th it’s time for you to start over again, and Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto are here to support you to do just that. The New Moon in Libra opposes Uranus and this energy pertains to any kind of one-on-one relationships. This is the right time to extend yourself and make these relationships work. With the energy from the 11th, you can be sure there will be some surprises in store. Instead of displaying the ever constant Libra tendency to compromise, you may just want to turn tail and throw in the towel. Whether it’s a break up and out, or to work it out, there will be plenty of courage and friendly help on hand for you to do the right thing. On the 15th Mars is scheduled for its first conjunction with the beneficial planet Jupiter. Although this energy is brief, it’s important because this occurs only once every two years. Enthusiasm runs high, and this energetic combination of action (Mars) and optimism (Jupiter) provides you with the right stuff to stretch out, expand, and grow. Then these two powerful planets make a trine to transformative Pluto, which can expand your options and help you make the right choice that is best for you.

On the 23rd a change of signs for the Sun and the last Venus/Jupiter meet up of the year are headliners. The Sun moves from lighthearted Libra into serious minded Scorpio, and the focus turns to that which has been previously hidden, both from ourselves and others. Because this next month is a time when passions and emotions run extremely high, but are not easily expressed, things may appear calm on the outside, even if there’s a volcano brewing from deeply within. Curious and fearless Scorpio loves to open doors marked “do not enter,” and you need to be careful while rooting around your emotional cellar so that you don’t open a can of worms, or worse. On the 25th Venus and Jupiter get together for their third meetup of 2015. Although this is usually a positive combination that brings opportunities to eat, drink, and be merry, remember that both planets are in prickly and critical Virgo, where neither planet is very comfortable. It’s best to enjoy the positive earthy pleasures this duo has to offer, and eliminate the anxious side of Virgo that criticizes and obsesses over the small stuff. Focus on the big picture (Jupiter) and trust that everything will be alright.

fullmoon-taurusA Full Moon in Taurus ushers in Halloween on the 27th as well as a return to standard time on November 1st. The Taurus Full Moon is a potent time for winding down projects and recycling or getting rid of people and situations that no  longer have any benefit in your life. There isn’t any scary celestial weather scheduled for Halloween on Saturday, but this fun holiday is the celebration where we sugarcoat death for the benefit of our children, and remind ourselves that this it’s okay to laugh in its face. The ritual of children assuming another identity, usually more powerful that their everyday selves, as we reward their efforts by giving them candy, treats, and acknowledge one of the most important Scorpio truths; although change and transformation may be dark and scary, the final reward is worth the fear. We are reminded of this on the following day with the celebration of all-saints-day.

Halloween bannerThe autumn days are getting shorter, with fewer hours and sunlight. As October comes to a close, Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 am Sunday morning, November 1st. It’s always Spring ahead and Fall back. Remember to set your clocks back one hour.