Stargazing — MAY 5th – MAY 12th, 2014

May 5, 2014 | Monthly Astrology|Special Messages|Stargazing

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Week of May 5th – May 12th, 2014

A favorable trine between the willful Sun and intense Pluto gives us the power to transform the darkest reaches of our unconscious minds into the Light of love. Because Pluto, the planet of transformation, is connecting with the Sun in Taurus you can indulge in a new way of thinking and see things not for what they are, but what they could be! On Cinco-de-Mayo-Monday-the Moon is in Leo, which really knows how to throw a party.

The cosmic ups and downs of recent months begin to even out as May delivers a dose of steady Taurus energy. Mercury slides into Gemini on Wednesday where it enjoys the status of a “favorite sun.” Sales, marketing, and social networking will be busting with new ways to connect that have never been tried before.

Change can cause conflict; conflict brings about change. This is a time in the cycle of human affairs when things need stirring up, and when the hint of dramatic change is in the air.
In order to succeed, revolutionary change must be in alignment with certain unchanging natural laws. The process must begin at the right moment, gather support from a broad base of people, be guided by sincere and capable leadership and — most important of all — must address a real need. The strength of the forces of change will always be in proportion to the urgency of the need being championed. This is true whether the revolution is in government, in business, in education or in one’s personal affairs.

Revolutionary change points to a time when chaos arises from order. It is important to realize that not all order is good, not all chaos bad. Chaos, in fact, is an integral part of the way of things — as any parent (and modern science) will confirm. Have the courage to radically change and renew the way you present yourself. In this way, you can summon chaos to your cause, and you will unleash a new power on your behalf. If engaging in a negotiation, change the rules; if composing a piece of music, add the unexpected; if courting a lover, dare to be unconventional.

Saturday brings obstacles – as you really want change – as well as to be loved. The Moon is in Libra for Mother’s day. There are numerous ongoing challenges all day. Don’t allow obstacles and hurts from the past to be re-ignited. – just go with the flow and plan to call it an early evening. Hang in there and remember that – in periods of drought, even wild storms are preferable to yet another sunny, dry day.

Over the next three weeks, begin to pioneer new paths in relationships and your finances. Get ready for the action next week with a Full Moon in Scorpio on the 14th and the planet Mars finally turning direct on the 19th. Romantic matters remain complicated until mid-month, but overall, May is your chance to make a fresh start in many new directions.