STARGAZING — May 25th through May 31st, 2020

May 25, 2020 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

This promises to be a quiet holiday week. The celebrated Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th brings a watery trine with the Moon and Mars that focuses on your family and people who are needy. The trine offers intuitive courage to make the first move to get what you want.

vThis year’s Memorial Day holiday has the moon in Cancer, great for all those early season barbeques. Cancer is associated with food, families and home, making for a good close to home holiday.

On Thursday, mental Mercury moves into feeling-oriented Cancer, the sign he will be in during the next retrograde cycle beginning on June 17th. Time to communicate your emotions and begin quick home improvement projects. Mercury in Cancer is known for its intuition energy as well as emotional feelings. Instead of being in your head, as in Mercury in Gemini, your feelings and communication will be coming from your Solar Plexux and heart center. This style on communication will continue into August because of the planet retrograding in June for three weeks.  The down side is pouting, tears, and passive-aggressive silence. Be careful not to fall into that trap.

Friday morning will have you feeling sluggish, but that will improve by late afternoon. Moon in Virgo on Saturday supports yard sales, cleaning-up clutter, and healthy eating.

Ease into Sunday morning as the moon moves into graceful and luxury-loving Libra. Sleep late and enjoy a great meal with your loved ones.