STARGAZING — March 7th through March 13th, 2016

Mar 5, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


There is a triple header this week as the moon opens the week in friendly Aquarius along with gently flowing planetary aspects. Social activity is favored all day. Monday evening also favors social conversations, but the moon has moved into Pisces so there is more of a spiritual tone as compared to the Aquarius “keep it light” energy.Solar System & Sun

The New Moon brings a Solar Eclipse on Tuesday evening, the 8th. A solar eclipse takes you to the depths of your being to bring forth new ideas, visions, and projects. This is also a Supermoon because of its closeness to the earth. The biggest effect of a Supermoon is that it appears brighter than usual and coincides with higher tides.

However, these new energies are based upon all that you have desired since December 21, 2012 and what your soul mission wants to do, not the desires of the ego. Be willing to go within to tap into what is coming your way next. You may be quite surprised as to what you find, because it’s finally time to manifest all of your fabulous talents. Go back and remember 1984-1985. What changes occurred then for you? Also, remember, Pisces is not a tangible energy, and you are more likely to feel like something is coming your way rather than being able to see it clearly. The fall months will bring it into action. Now is the time for the background, building work.

planet-saturnThere is a challenging T-Square pattern between the adaptable node signs of Pisces, Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius now. It brings the feeling that you are being pulled in three directions simultaneously. Visionary Pisces wants to pull back from the world and tune into energies beyond the veils of this world. Virgo has a long list of tasks to be accomplished, starting with a spring cleaning. Saturn in Sagittarius urges cautious expansion as you work towards your goals and dreams.

The key is to open your mind to adapt new methods to help you be one whole person, rather than feeling pulled apart in three directions. Mental Mercury and visionary Neptune have been aligned for several days now in Pisces. Meditate and communicate your higher vision clearly. This is also a highly creative combination if you take advantage of it (Don’t simply kick back and enjoy the gentle ride but use these energies to make dreams come true.)

This Pisces Solar Eclipse is the first of 2016’s six Supermoons. The shadow of the eclipse falls over East Asia and Australia, which is the part of the world that will bear its impact. Besides being a Solar Eclipse, who’s impact usually lasts about six months, this one has signs of having a longer effect because Jupiter is opposing the Sun and Moon and is also the traditional ruler of Pisces. You Virgo’s and Pisces will more than likely have a stellar year. I am sure you’ve earned it. Just watch, and feel blessed, as new opportunities come to you “out of the blue.”

Be aware: The intensity of this alignment between the Sun, Moon, and the Earth during an eclipse makes Tuesday an unfavorable day for making ant big decision.

Mercury and Neptune align precisely on Thursday evening. Meditation, intuitive activities, dream therapy, music or a good movie all work well under this combination. Be cautious and remember that texting or drinking and driving do not work well.

yogaThe energy downshifts on Friday, for a sense of relief. Also on Friday, the moon moves into sensual Taurus for the weekend. Mercury and Neptune join up in dreamy-eyes Pisces for the only time in 2016. This planetary bonding in nebulous Pisces is a mysterious combination of intelligence and profound insight to see beyond the veil. Heads up – it can also bring in the energy to be the most uncanny liar on the block. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled. Just know that for the next four weeks, your hearts and wallets will be in the soft, flexible, compassionate, and forgiving sign of Pisces. This energy takes the edge off of your tensions and problems, and perhaps bring in a longing for that which is just beyond your reach. Don’t try to rush matters, all is on its way to you in due time.

Suggestion: Purchase tangible goods that will last for a long time (sofa, investment art, landscaping) or just get a massage). Come to the Holistic and Psychic Fair for Charity in Doylestown, PA and enjoy a self-planned Spa Day.

Venus enters Pisces early on the 12th through April 5th. This combination is highly romantic, but it can also bring fantasy and illusions, as well as people who don’t follow through or con you. Although playing out your fantasies can be a lot of fun under this vibration, it is terrible for attempting to rescue people by getting into a relationship with them. That goes for business as well as romance. But overall, Saturday is just a really nice day, so treat yourself to something special.


Remember, Saturday night brings you one less hour to dream, as we set our clocks back for the spring and summer months. Daylight savings time is scheduled to “Spring forward.” Clocks move ahead at 2:00 am Sunday morning. Don’t be late for church on Sunday, now.