STARGAZING—June 3rd to June 9th, 2013

Jun 3, 2013 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of June 3rd – June 9th, 2013


THE beautiful ROSES bloom in June! So just what does the cosmos have in store for you this next week? Mercury and Venus transit into sensitive Cancer on May 31st and June 2nd, respectively. June is a quick month with Mars moving through speedy Gemini and at the same time, romance oriented Venus spends most of June in nurturing Cancer. Short, home repair or decorating projects are favored, as well as spending time with your children. The tone changes towards the end of June, when Mercury turns retrograde and Jupiter begins its one-year journey through emotional Cancer. There is plenty of talk and quick conversations on Monday as communications planet Mercury makes harmony with psychic Neptune and productive Saturn. This is a week that flows along quickly. Get in a groove and just keep going.

Loving Venus is now traveling through watery Cancer where she adds more sensitivity to relationships. It’s wise to avoid or temper any critical comments when feelings are sitting on your shoulder and this tender. Think carefully before making sarcastic or judgmental remarks. Mischievous Mercury could be especially sassy this weekend, which can trigger stronger reactions than expected.

There is a challenge in the form of a T-Square pattern , making you feel unbalanced and uncertain. The ongoing theme of balancing your responsibilities with needs for greater freedom takes on a more emotional tone now. Communications planet Mercury is aligned with relationship planet Venus in Cancer. The challenge is to think in new ways, and at the same time, to release outdated beliefs and behaviors. Sometimes joy and sadness travels in pairs, and that is likely to be the case now. Gemini energy advises that you just keep moving and sort it all out later.

Friday the 7th is a bit complicated. Neptune begins its annual retrograde cycle lasting all the way until mid November. Since this is a subtle energy, you may feel an “I’m tired” energy, or your dreams could be quite active now. The main thing is to stop and look at how the higher spiritual aspects of your life are working with the mundane tasks you need to do. Then, you can make adjustments over the next several months.

A Gemini New Moon on Saturday lightens the mood and serves up a fresh start with communications and loving words. The New Moon is on Saturday, June 8th at 19 degrees Gemini. Air and water are the two strongest elements now. They act separately, like rain in the air, or air being pumped into a fish tank to give life to the fish. Air and water need each other, but this combination is not always a comfortable fit when you intertwine intellect and emotions. In a nutshell, the message of this New Moon is to bring your head and heart into alignment, as well as to practice adaptability and flexibility. The New Moon is aligned with the star Rigel in the foot of the Orion constellation. Stars placed in this position are interpreted as information coming down from the Celestial Angelic Realm into the worldly realm. Specifically, this moon ray helps you see a larger worldview.

Sunday is an active day as the Moon moves into Aries. Exercise, do yoga, or do physical work in the yard. Venus also moves into Cancer until June 27th, so home beautification and family activities are favored. Before you begin to navigate all this planetary action, be sure to point yourself in the right direction Why not delve more clearly into your heart’s desires with a 2013 Reading? Straight to the point, Elizabeth gives you everything you need to take advantage of the sheer power of the energies of 2013.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The boss will ask for your advice on Monday. Think carefully before opening your mouth! You could have a very prophetic dream on Tuesday. Write down your reveries for future reference. Industriousness is the key to your success now. Putting in the extra effort will get your employer’s attention! Having fun could be your goal when the Moon conjuncts Uranus. Get ready to let the good times roll! A friend might ask you for a financial loan on Tuesday. If you agree, be sure to put the agreement in writing, or give it as a gift. Catch up on your personal accounting on Wednesday. Avoid late fees by paying bills on time. Your sense of personal power will activate when Venus trines Saturn on Friday. You’ll be eager to take charge of your life. You’ll get mixed signals from a lover on Friday. Have an honest discussion if you aren’t sure of where you stand. Time to call on your common sense on Saturday. Let logic lead the way in all circumstances. You might decide to take your life in a completely different direction when the New Moon takes place in Gemini on Saturday. Walk on the road that makes you happy. The urge to splurge may hit you on Sunday. Leave your credit cards home before going out to shop. Mingle with others on Sunday evening. You might interact with someone who will become a lifelong friend.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Diving into the future or clinging to the past may be the major relationship question this week. The chatty planet Mercury opposes passionate Pluto, triggering old fears and desires on Friday. Intense conversations are possible, unless someone decides it’s better to clam up and say nothing. Romance could take off like a rocket this weekend with Saturday’s Gemini New Moon. This lunar alignment is an invitation to play without worrying too much about where it will lead. This spirit of freedom restores excitement to a current relationship or makes it easier for you to connect with someone new. A fresh start arrives on Saturday with the New Moon in Gemini, while an excitable Mercury-Uranus aspect springs surprises. Pack your bags, because your sentimental journey is about to come to an end. A new beginning is calling your name, Air Signs. This weekend is a time of adventure and Faraway Places. Expanding your social horizons could even fulfill a life-long dream now, with the loving planet’s favorable alignment to spiritual Neptune on Friday. But don’t worry about losing touch with reality because romantic Venus connects with constructive Saturn to keep your feet on the ground while your head is in the clouds. Simply enjoy the magic while it lasts. Be aware that too much teasing in a relationship might grow tiresome and kill the mood. A tender word or a gentle touch is all you need to get your message across. Enjoy the love.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Daydreaming will be your favorite activity on Monday. Look busy when the boss is watching! With so much Gemini energy floating around, cheerfulness will be your middle name. You will be pulled in different directions on Tuesday, but you can only walk on one road at a time. Your powers of perception will kick up a notch on Wednesday. Share your thoughts and feelings with a companion on Thursday. This person wants to get closer! Pay heed to your inner guide in all scenarios. A misunderstanding could arise with a family member on Friday. Try to look at the issue from this person’s viewpoint, to avoid some possible deep pain. Your upbeat mood will inspire you but it won’t be easy to separate fact from fiction when Mars squares Neptune. You could become embroiled in a confusing scenario. You might join a self-help group when Neptune turns retrograde on Friday. Finding out what makes you tick will be a priority. Create a new goal list on Saturday. Don’t waste your time in pursuit of outdated ambitions. Get ready to be the flavor of the moment. Your social calendar will fill up quickly this weekend. Positive vibrations will surround you when the Moon conjuncts Jupiter on Sunday. Capitalize on the favorable energy coming your way this weekend, Fire Signs.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: The potent planet Mars slides into a squishy square with surreal Neptune on Friday, spurring your imagination and stirring your compassion. While this cosmic connection could lead to some fascinating conversations and tender moments, it may be hard to tell the difference now between truth and fiction. As long as you know when you’re playing with a fantasy, you will be fine. But it’s easy to be misled and wind up disappointed if you lose touch with reality. Your weekend is popping with potential at the Saturday’s Gemini New Moon. If you’re single, this cosmic fresh start increases your chances of connecting with someone new, especially if you’re friendly and open to a different type. Yes, you might meet some strange folks in the process, but at least you won’t be bored. If you’re in a relationship, restlessness can appear as irritation. Avoid bogging down in petty arguments when it’s really stimulation that you both need. Engaging in a healthy physical outlet together may be all it takes to bring you closer again. Friends can make or break your personal life this weekend. The good news is that you should have a variety of social activities to choose from now, but the bad news is that your attention may be scattered in too many directions. Meeting someone or having fun when you’re with pals is great, but don’t forget to step away from the crowd if someone needs your complete attention. Ahhh, how wonderful is the first blush of love?

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Inspiration will be on tap when Mercury in Cancer trines Neptune on Monday. Follow your creative muse wherever it may lead. You’ll be on top of your game as well. No one will outsmart you. Go slowly while doing an important task on Monday. You could make a costly mistake if you hurry. Life’s little frustrations could get you down on Tuesday. Remember that it isn’t wise to sweat the small stuff. A health issue might also need your attention on Tuesday. Shore up your immune system by getting plenty of rest. A loved one could resort to emotional blackmail on Tuesday s well. Don’t allow this person to manipulate you! You might deal with unfinished business from the past on Friday. Think about putting this matter finally to rest. A colleague may ask you to start a business partnership. Consider all of the pros and cons before saying yes. An old flame might contact you when Neptune turns retrograde on Friday evening. If you aren’t interested in reigniting the flames of passion, say so! You might feel under a lot of pressure on Saturday. Find a quiet place in which to unwind. You’ll feel caught between a rock and a hard place on Saturday. Don’t worry. You’ll find wiggle room soon. Stop being a couch potato when the Moon changes signs on Sunday. Get outside and play golf, tennis, or volleyball this weekend.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Flirty Venus is smiling down on you Water Signs, dancing, as she inspires you to fall in love with life again. This joyful transit gives you an alluring glow and warms up all of your personal relationships. You’re able to share your emotions with heartfelt sincerity, combining hope and reality in a reassuring package. Finding playful ways to please yourself enables you to tap into an unlimited source of happiness and creativity However, relationships are likely to be challenging this week, starting with Friday’s slippery square between ardent Mars and dreamy Neptune. This dynamic alignment might inspire some romantic reveries, but can also lead to confusion or misunderstandings. Speaking clearly is essential when Saturday’s interactive Gemini New Moon. This isn’t a time to nail down commitments, but it’s a perfect opportunity for opening critical lines of communication. You can gain a fresh perspective on your relationship history this weekend, expanding your options in current and future alliances. This rational lunar alignment during Venus’ transit through Cancer opens your eyes to alternative points of view that help you break old patterns. Exploring unfamiliar places with new and different people should be especially rewarding to you now. Just be mindful that your emotions will deepen once the Moon dips into Cancer waters on Sunday morning.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Your living situation could alter suddenly on Monday. It’s possible a roommate might decide to move out. Don’t rush to judgment regarding a certain matter on Tuesday. You don’t have all the facts yet. You could become overly sensitive as well. Don’t imagine that others are ignoring you—they may just be busy. Your practical side will be on display when the Moon enters Taurus on Tuesday. You will listen to your head rather than your heart in all circumstances. A loved one will require a helping hand on Wednesday. You’ll generate good karma if you offer assistance. A wonderful new work opportunity could appear on Thursday. If you’re unemployed, it’s a great time to schedule job interviews. Life will flow smoothly for you. You might come into a financial windfall on Thursday. Think about investing some of the extra cash. Problems could vanish as if by magic! A lover will be eager to make future plans on Friday. If single, you could meet a very dependable new partner. A project may be put on hold when Mars is quincunx Saturn on Saturday. The timing isn’t right for this particular endeavor. Think outside the box regarding a particular matter when Mercury squares Uranus on Saturday. The same old methods just won’t work any longer. A good friend may relocate on Sunday. Don’t be too sad because technology will help you to keep in touch.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Your love life may be looking up with romantic Venus’ recent move into the sign of Cancer. The chances of attracting a sweet person or finding more pleasure with your current partner are greatly improving. Friday’s planetary atmosphere offers a perfect balance between dreams and reality that can cast your relationship life in a brighter light. Amorous Venus aligns favorably with magical Neptune and practical Saturn, making it an excellent time for romantic plans. It may take a cool head and flexible attitude to enjoy yourself this weekend. The planet Mercury slams into an opposition with suspicious Pluto on Friday and squares shocking Uranus the next day. Be flexible this weekend when a flighty Gemini New Moon makes it hard to settle into a stable mood. This jumpy energy is jacked up even more on Saturday’s jittery Moon that might overwhelm you with obligations. Simplify your plans, keep an open mind, and maintain your sense of humor to find peace in the midst of all this chaos and confusion. Reacting to unexpected changes with a sense of humor is better than feeling betrayed whenever plans don’t go exactly as expected. Sure, there may be some snags during this potentially chaotic weekend; but if you don’t let minor details puncture your faith, then love, trust, and pleasure will flow uninterrupted.