Stargazing — July 9th – July 15th, 2012

Jul 9, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Week of July 9th – July 15th, 2012

The Waves of Change

Both the beginning and end of July bring a welcome reprieve from any challenging transits occurring throughout the rest of the month. The middle of July, well, that’s another story.

Mercury begins its retrograde cycle on July 14th. That means that the next three weeks is good for catching up on communications, seeing people from out of the past, necessary car and computer repair, or taking care of details in advance of this three week communications breakdown cycle.

Mercury is retrograde through August 8th. During the retrograde period it’s okay to continue with plans you’ve made prior, but not a great time to initiate new money ventures. No matter what, it’s never a good time to sign on the dotted line or you may wind up having to renegotiate terms later. If it’s worth it, it will wait.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

A friend may hesitate to tell you the truth on Monday. This person doesn’t want to hurt your feelings! Look at things realistically. Face the facts regarding a certain situation. Lying to yourself isn’t an option. A friend will repay a favor on Tuesday. This person wants to thank you in a big way. Your brain will be working overtime on Tuesday. You’ll be able to solve a perplexing problem. Admirers will flock to your side when the Moon sextiles Venus in Gemini on Tuesday. Take it easy on Wednesday. Feel free to swing in a hammock and gaze at the clouds. It’s a great time to join a new club. A financial disagreement may cause trouble in a relationship on Friday. Avoid harsh words when discussing money matters with your loved one. Your creative juices will start to flow on Saturday. You might discover that you have a hidden talent. Demonstrate your leadership skills. Consider taking charge in a particular situation. A loved one may resort to emotional blackmail on Sunday. Don’t let this individual manipulate you. Stand your ground this weekend. You’ll need to reconfigure a business strategy when the Sun squares Saturn in Libra on Sunday. Go back to the drawing board. If you’re single, you could meet someone special when the Moon conjuncts Venus in your romance sector on Sunday. If you’re attached, a partner will shower you with affection.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Relationships are on the front burner this week. The real challenge is how to deal with a charming but selfish person, and the answer is to put your own needs first. Once you’ve established what you want, negotiations can begin on equal terms. You have more good ideas than you know what do with this week. But the planet Mercury turns retrograde on Saturday, reminding you to slow down and rethink your position on a number of key areas over the next three weeks. Additionally, the Moon shifts into the Air Sign of Gemini over the weekend, casting the spotlight on your emotions. Clever conversations are extremely entertaining, but big talk can raise expectations beyond reason. Less flash and more substance may not sound sexy, but it’s safer and saner for everyone involved. Contradictory advice comes from different sources this week. The Moon lighting up chatty Gemini on Saturday makes for a lively weekend, overflowing with many playful distractions. One minor complication is mental Mercury’s retrograde, lasting for the next three weeks. The desire to impress someone could lead to exaggeration, or you might attract a person who promises more than can be delivered. Take these wild declarations as mere speculations and no one will get hurt in the process.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You could be in an aggressive mood on Monday. Watch your temper, especially in stressful situations. Romance will be complicated when the Moon opposes Mars. You could be torn between two admirers. Keep your ears open at a social event on Tuesday. You could overhear a surprising nugget of news. Use extra care when playing sports. Keep your eye on the ball at all times. Financial matters will need your attention on Wednesday. Think about restructuring the household budget. Travel plans may go awry on Wednesday. Have a map and compass handy. You’ll be offered a position of authority at work on Thursday. Once the job is yours, don’t act haughtily with colleagues. You’ll dance to a slower tempo when Uranus turns retrograde in Aries on Friday. Rest and relaxation should be your top priority. You may experience a blast from the past on Saturday. A former associate might suddenly contact you. This person will want to settle some unfinished business. An old lover may knock on your door. Don’t make promises to this person that you can’t keep! You’ll be out of sync with a loved one when Mercury turns retrograde in Leo on Saturday. Try to see matters from this person’s point of view. Big promises and promising ideas can be misleading this weekend when communicative Mercury turns retrograde in bold and colorful Leo on Saturday. Clever conversations are filled with love and laughter, yet it’s easy to avoid facing uncomfortable facts that may be critical to making wise decisions. When it comes to relationships, open your heart now but don’t lose your head. Persistence is the key to success on Sunday. A new adventure will come your way on Sunday afternoon. Check that your passport hasn’t expired!

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: The week starts out with passion as the Moon fires up in the sign of Aries from Monday morning to Wednesday evening. Feelings settle down until Saturday when smart comments and snappy conversation grab attention. Yet be careful of becoming so clever that you lose credibility. It’s hard to trust or be trusted when every syllable could be the punch line of a joke. Straight talk is the key to romantic success. You don’t have to be in the middle of the action to enjoy yourself this weekend. The inquisitive Gemini Moon’s visit is more suitable for intimate getaways or time spent alone curled up with a good book. There’s so much to think about now, especially with brainy Mercury’s retrograde turn on Saturday. Reconsidering how you use your resources, and how much to open your heart. These are questions to study during the next three weeks. Save some energy for Saturday when the Moon transits playful Gemini. Making connections comes easily if you’re single, and finding more fun in a current relationship is likely, too. Verbal Mercury’s backward shift in proud Leo on Saturday can make off-handed comments sound like judgments from on high. Speaking with confidence, though, is no guarantee that the words are true.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You could have the Midas touch when the Moon enters your financial zone on Monday. Look for new ways to invest your income. Tension could be part of your work life on Monday. Strive to get along with others while you’re on the job. Your sense of personal power will be strong on Thursday. Get ready to overcome a challenge. A career issue could take an unexpected turn. Get ready to go with the flow on the job. You may undergo a life-altering experience on Wednesday. This event will set your feet on a new path. Keep your thoughts to yourself on Thursday. A colleague may try to steal your ideas. A lover will be in an amorous mood on Thursday evening. This person will be eager for a romantic interlude! The urge to overeat will be strong when the Moon sextiles the Sun in Cancer on Friday. Consider satisfying your sweet tooth with low-calorie desserts. A medical issue could flare up when Uranus turns retrograde on Friday. It might be time to schedule a checkup with your doctor. Positive vibrations will surround you on Saturday. You may have an overwhelming urge to escape from reality. Think about getting lost in a good book or watching a movie. Enjoy yourself on Saturday night. Put worries aside and concentrate on having a good time. A cherished wish may finally come true this weekend!

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Passion starts to percolate on Wednesday evening when the Moon enters sensual Taurus. You need to be patient if you’re dealing with a stubborn person who will not be pushed around. You don’t have to be in the middle of the action to enjoy yourself this weekend. The inquisitive Gemini Moon is more suitable for intimate getaways or time spent alone curled up with a good book. There’s so much to think about now, especially with brainy Mercury’s retrograde turn on Saturday. Reconsidering how you use your resources and how much to open your heart are questions to study during the next three weeks. Applying pressure won’t help, but greater flexibility arrives on Saturday evening. Your mind starts to open and you recognize that there is more than one way to please others and fulfill your desires as well. Collaboration, not competition, is the essential ingredient to creating a loving relationship. The jittery Gemini Moon joins the expansive Jupiter on Saturday night, which can overload your social calendar. Saying yes is normal when you’re in a positive mood, but setting priorities and limiting your options helps you make a better choice. Being so open about your feelings is one of your most alluring assets, yet with verbal Mercury turning retrograde, measuring your words carefully will avoid complications. Rest up on Sunday.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Listen to your intuition regarding a certain situation on Monday. Your sixth sense will be extremely accurate. A lover may become jealous on Monday. Think about having an in-depth talk regarding the relationship. Put your priorities in order on Tuesday. Spend time on activities that you find interesting. Family issues could take center stage on Tuesday. A relative may become somewhat demanding. Try to be patient with this person. You could feel down in the dumps when the Moon opposes your ruler Saturn on Wednesday. Do something special for yourself. You’ll be eager to shrug off life’s little annoyances when the Moon enters Taurus on Wednesday. “Serenity” will be your middle name. An associate will try to win your sympathy on Thursday. Maintain your skepticism regarding this person’s sob story. Be discreet while at work on Friday. Keep confidential data away from prying eyes. Determination will help you achieve a goal. Don’t quit until you reach the finish line. A friend may ask you for advice. This person wants to benefit from your experience! A real estate deal could run into trouble on Saturday. You’ll make an important life decision when your ruler Mercury sextiles Venus on Saturday. Think carefully. Your choice will have wide-ranging consequences. Get ready to breathe a sigh of relief on Saturday. A certain situation will work out in your favor. Don’t give your power to others on Sunday.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: The Moon’s presence in Taurus from Wednesday evening to Saturday morning arouses your senses and tugs at your heart. Indulging in delicious food, sweet music and the wonders of nature makes you fall in love with life. When you’re feeling this good about yourself, others naturally want to be around you. Reward yourself in the middle of the week when the Moon skips into sensual Taurus Wednesday evening. Put away your concerns about work and take some time to play. Simple fun with an easygoing person reduces stress and opens your heart. Whispering with someone on the sidelines can be a source of silly fun. The key to making this magic happen is to set aside long-term relationship ambitions to indulge yourself in the joy that’s available to you in the present moment. Just remain open-minded this weekend because flexibility is sexier than standing your ground; a little adaptability goes a long way in cultivating a healthy relationship. Chatty Mercury aligns favorably with captivating Venus on Saturday, which is perfect for sweet talk. But since the verbal planet Mercury is turning retrograde that day, don’t take what you hear to heart. Playfully flirting or skirting important emotional matters makes sense until you get the information you need to make any serious decisions.