Stargazing — July 23rd — 29th, 2012

Jul 24, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Week of July 23rd – July 29th, 2012


The Waves of Change

Both the beginning and end of July bring a welcome reprieve from any challenging transits occurring throughout the rest of the month. Finally we can get some relief.

Mercury is retrograde through August 8th. During the retrograde period it’s okay to continue with plans you’ve made prior, but not a great time to initiate new money ventures. No matter what, it’s never a good time to sign on the dotted line or you may wind up having to renegotiate terms later. If it’s worth it, it will wait.

Mercury is a planet related to all-things communicative, and can wreak havoc on many levels during its retrograde periods. But when Mercury joins with Jupiter and Uranus in a friendly collaboration — as it’s about to do — it can make your whole world function more smoothly. After a turbulent few weeks, this energy should be soothing to your soul.

The clarity begins on Tuesday, July 24th, when Mercury and Jupiter share a moment. Jupiter inspires kindness and enthusiasm, so you’ll be able to say everything that needs to be said with the distinctly non-Mercurial traits of love, generosity and tact. Regardless of the points you need to get across, you’ll just about be guaranteed a positive response! So smile, relax and give loving responses to every situation.

These fabulous energies keep moving positively the following day, July 25, when Mercury hooks up with Uranus. In fact, don’t be surprised to find yourself saying “Ah-ha!” all day long as solutions suddenly appear to one problem after another. Better yet, you’ll have at least one opportunity to really push beyond your usual boundaries as you try to see a completely new idea come to fruition! With the help of others, you are on your way! Finally!

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Count the cost before making a large purchase on Monday. It isn’t wise to get into a financial bind. Your life may be rattled when the Moon opposes Uranus on Tuesday. A surprising event could cause you to change your lifestyle. Lady Luck will smile on you when Mercury sextiles Jupiter as well. Good fortune will accompany all of your endeavors. However, a loved one could play power games with you when the Moon in Libra squares Pluto on Tuesday. Don’t let others dictate your actions. A new friend could bounce into your life on Wednesday. This person will love to talk, and you’ll share many of the same interests. You’ll be hit with a huge brainstorm on Wednesday. Write down your thoughts for future reference. Sugarcoat your words to a loved one on Thursday. This person will be offended if you’re too blunt. You may be indecisive regarding a life choice on Friday. Don’t make a decision until you’re sure of what you really want. You may decide to overhaul your image on Saturday. The same old could be getting stale. Consider adding a retro look to your wardrobe. A colleague may ask you to start a business partnership on Saturday. This person wants to join forces. Try to live in the moment on Sunday. Remember, the past is gone and the future hasn’t happened. You might consider moving to a new locale.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Flirting early in the week is a great way to catch someone’s eye with the lovely Libra Moon dancing with Romance. Your relationship antennae are up and buzzing with the Moon traveling through Libra from Monday evening until Wednesday night. Feelings can fluctuate wildly, so this may not be the ideal time to make an important personal decision. Dealing with jealous or controlling people in the middle of the week challenges you to re-examine your expectations of relationships. It’s healthier to face uncomfortable feelings than to push them away. If you are kind in your approach, being completely honest frees you from past doubts so you can face the future with greater hope. Mull over serious matters until Saturday when the Moon soars into sunny Sagittarius. Supportive friends and community organizations provide a positive focus for you this weekend, inspiring you with a sense of purpose that restores your faith in humanity. Going to the next level is appropriate over the weekend with the risk-taking Sagittarius Moon. You need an outgoing individual who is just as curious as you are to experience new things now. Breaking out of the usual weekend routine could be your key to happiness. Your outlook is more optimistic and your words pack more punch; go ahead and ask for what you want, but remain open to the element of surprise.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You Fire Signs are in the spotlight when the Moon sextiles the Sun in Leo on Monday. Get ready to smile for the camera. A loved one will be in a playful mood. This person will encourage you to enjoy life. You might become overly dramatic when the Moon conjuncts Mars on Tuesday. Don’t overreact to frustrations. You’ll possess a very dynamic aura on Tuesday as well. Capitalize on your powerful vibrations. Introduce yourself to people of influence in the neighborhood. Your generous side will be on display on Wednesday. You may offer to help out a friend financially. An old flame may want a second chance on Thursday. Remember, you ended the relationship for good reasons. Your agenda will be jam-packed. Don’t spread yourself too thin. A loved one could criticize you on Thursday. Remember, you don’t have to meet this person’s expectations. Create a new goal list on Friday. Your aspirations have changed over the years. Work toward the ambitions that suit you now. Don’t believe everything you hear on Saturday. An associate might deliberately spread false rumors. You may need to recharge your batteries when the Moon in Sagittarius opposes Venus on Sunday. Look for a quiet nook in which to unwind. Spend time with friends. A relative will ask you for a favor. Feel free to say no if you’re pressed for time.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Getting a handle on relationships comes more easily this week now that the passionate planet Mars has made it past disruptive Uranus and Pluto. If relationships aren’t very lively for most of this week, take advantage of the quiet and get some work done while you can. The evocative Moon blasts into the Fire Sign of Sagittarius in the wee hours of Saturday morning to spur passion and add excitement to your social life. This Moon puts you in an optimistic and outgoing mood, attracting the company of enthusiastic people. It’s more fun to go too far with a playful partner now than to tiptoe around the feelings of an overly sensitive individual. Try outrageous forms of creative self-expression without worrying about the results. Set aside serious activities this weekend because it’s time to celebrate life. The adventurous Sagittarius Moon also lights up your romantic game. This is a cosmic green light for love encouraging you to be bold and generous with your heart, which you naturally do well. Your dramatic behavior might overpower delicate or demure people, but they’re not likely to make ideal companions now when pleasure has no limits and joy has no bounds. Attracting attention comes easily when you’re so irresistibly fun to be around. But saying too much or going too far is possible with a lunar opposition to the boundless planet Jupiter on Saturday afternoon. Stretch your wings and fly, but don’t lose sight of the ground.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You may experience some mental confusion when the Moon is quincunx Neptune on Monday. Wait until you’re thinking more clearly to make important decisions. You might be tempted to engage in a clandestine activity on Monday. Consider the consequences first. A lover may ask for a formal commitment now. This person is ready to move forward in the relationship. Look both ways before crossing the street when the Sun is quincunx Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday. Be extremely vigilant about your personal safety. You’re likely have a very prophetic dream on Tuesday. A colleague may try to provoke you on Tuesday. Don’t rise to the bait. Maintain your poise when dealing with difficult folks. Your social life starts to sizzle on Wednesday night when the Moon enters passionate Scorpio. Two days of sassy and sexy behavior follow as you’re able to express your desires and demonstrate your desirability in subtle but effective ways. Tone down your intensity on Thursday. Playing it cool is the key to success. Your living arrangements may change suddenly on Friday. A relative might ask to become a permanent house guest. A unique job opportunity will open up for you when the Sun conjuncts Mercury on Saturday. Follow up all new work leads immediately. Your energy level will accelerate as well. Put your pep to good use and start an exercise program. Emotions may level off on Saturday, giving you a chance to return to solid ground and gather your thoughts. Taking care of business is a perfect way to connect with someone new or to ignite a spark in your current relationship. Your social life will kick up a notch on Sunday. You’ll be in demand! A family member will listen to you on Sunday evening. Share your worries with this person. Ponder long and hard before you make a wish. The Universe may decide to grant your request.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Emotions heat up with the Moon in the Water Sign of Scorpio from Wednesday night through Friday. Your social life starts to sizzle on Wednesday night when the Moon enters passionate Scorpio. Two days of sassy and sexy behavior follow, as you’re able to express your desires and demonstrate your desirability in subtle but effective ways. You may be tempted to blurt out your feelings, which could be a relief to you but might easily be misunderstood by others. Any requests or complaints you have should be expressed as delicately and respectfully as possible. Don’t hide the truth, but share your feelings with equal consideration for the other person so you can enrich your relationship. The intense Scorpio Moon’s presence on Thursday and Friday intensifies your desire for an adventurous life. However, you may need to eliminate a person or an outmoded set of rules to make room for this magic to happen. Foreign cultures and people from distant lands excite you with their mysterious ways. Finding the courage to enter new territory lifts your spirits and emboldens you to take the initiative with others. Emotions may level off on Saturday, giving you a chance to return to solid ground and gather your thoughts. Taking care of business is a perfect way to connect with someone new or to ignite a spark in your current relationship. Trust your instincts and keep your heart open to love. Take a chance and embrace the unknown.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The boss will reward your efforts on Monday. It’s wise to be on your best behavior on the job. You’ll learn an important life lesson on Tuesday. This experience will open your heart and mind. Think carefully before committing to a project. You could be getting in over your head. Follow your bliss on Tuesday. It’s time you made yourself happy. You may be asked to take charge on the job on Wednesday. Call on your leadership skills. You’ll go in search of excitement when Mercury trines Uranus on Wednesday. Take precautions if you’re doing anything risky. An endeavor won’t turn out the way you’d hoped when Mercury is quincunx Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday. Don’t be discouraged that matters didn’t work out. It’s a blessing in disguise. A lover will be in an ornery mood when the Moon is quincunx your ruler Venus on Friday. Give this individual plenty of space. The urge to splurge will be strong on Saturday. Leave your credit cards at home before hitting the shopping mall. Household repairs will need attention on Saturday. Invite over a friend who’s handy with a hammer and nails. You’ll be unsure of the right path to follow on Saturday evening. Meditate on it because tossing a coin won’t help you make the correct decision. Don’t jump to conclusions regarding a certain matter on Sunday. You may not have all the facts in this case.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:  Mercury is stuck in reverse all week long, but there’s no need to cancel all of your plans. This retrograde period is useful for reconnecting with people from the past, but could complicate matters when you’re trying to make any new connections. Your personal life gets steamy late on Wednesday when the Moon moves into passionate Scorpio. Jealousy and control issues can arise, but it’s better to struggle with complex emotions than to disconnect from your feelings. Facing the truth inside yourself opens doors to greater trust and even intimacy, once the Moon shifts into courageous Sagittarius on Saturday morning. Take a leap of faith and follow your heart. Saturday’s cosmic weather is excellent for speaking from your heart as Mercury connects with the Sun in plain-talking Sagittarius. You’re ready to express an intimate truth, but it’s best to reveal your secrets in a private setting if you’re expecting an honest response in return. Working out issues with friends and colleagues requires so much energy on Thursday and Friday that you might feel like taking the rest of the weekend off. The independent Sagittarius Moon on Saturday and Sunday is better for being alone or hanging out with one easygoing person than for finding yourself lost in a crowd. Getting away from it all allows you to rest, relax, and recharge before making your next big move.