STARGAZING-January 2nd through January 8th, 2017

Dec 31, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Happy New Year 2017! Many people have asked if 2017 will be better than 2016. The answer is Yes! Be sure to check out my 2017 predictions on my website – which are posted every New Year’s Day. ( There is a new US Administration beginning on January 20th, but since there is no sign of big changes in the heavens, or with the big 3 – Neptune, Uranus and Pluto — in the first quarter of the year – general worldwide conditions will continue as expected, but in a more positive vein.

However, there are numerous shifting energies beginning with the Spring Equinox through early May, so have patience – since 2017 opens with Mercury Retrograde, understand that your values and desires are changing, and it will take a few months to figure it all out.
Changing relationships and attention to finances are a key to early 2017. This time it is more than your money when I say finances. It’s your values and desires that are changing inwardly, and those shifts in consciousness come into your outer world through relationships and finances.

We are drawing closer and closer to a new climate regime – global cooling. Our Sun, which governs the Earth’s climate, is gradually speeding toward its quiescent phase, which ushers in a little ice age.

The geopolitical situation worldwide, and the topography of the United States will greatly alter because of the weather as well as that of global cooling. The trends that you witness today will be seriously affected by colder than normal temperatures, heavy snow and ice, gusting winds, along with extreme storms delivered by the altered jet streams. The jet streams will be quite unpredictable in 2017.

The floods and droughts associated with these jet stream and sudden weather changes will drain resources and lower crop yields in the next decade, causing considerable economic, social and political disruptions that will increase as the climate of global cooling matures and entrenches itself on the planet.

We are now seeing increased intrusions of polar vortices into the northern and southern hemispheres and the northern hemisphere, heading into the winter of 2017, is getting another taste of the bitter cold arctic air and high winds.

A major shift in energy is coming for you whether you’re ready or not. This will be with you through the month of January. No one is ever ready for change, yet, change is all we ever do… one day at a time. This shift is a result of the hard core energy between Jupiter in Libra, applying Saturn in Sagittarius while opposing Uranus in Aries, and will amp up motivations for relationships, connections, and opportunities while, in turn, Saturn will make a friendly connection to Uranus, strengthening the potential for stable foundations among the ambitious chaos around you and yours. These fun, exciting and challenging transits will be the background music to each and every day in your life through the month of January, and beyond.

January looks like a “normal” month – but February becomes a block of snow and ice. Frozen solid – with no relief – the entire month. Also – nothing but cold, cold, cold. I’ve warned you about this type of winter weather – coming down the pike – for years, and now it’s here. We will all have to protect people – plants – roads – animals – and pipes coming into the house. – ALL ACROSS THE NATION!

The weather begins to ease up as March opens. – but only in the Mid-Atlantic – South and South Western States. The North East and North will have a continued winter through the first few days of April.

In the first quarter of 2017, we might glimpse a vague outline of a new world order in which the military is set to play an even bigger role. If we think military, Neptune in Pisces is watery, so think navy, think ships, think oceans of protection. With the Sun’s computer Neptune, we could also think of an aggressive computer hack or virus, system exposure, collapse, or a glitch in social media sharing, a big data leak, scandal, or, a web of deceit or lies. More “Fake News” and a possible computer grid shutdown.

The last week of February and the first week of March are particularly potent because Mars is in Aries and with Jupiter squaring Pluto in Cardinal signs on March 30th. The time of the Spring Equinox looks especially volatile. This Jupiter/Pluto cycle could relate to the growth of terrorism, and power struggles of all kinds, which includes mental, physical, material, and spiritual power.

This can be good news on an individual level, since it presents us with opportunities to raise their consciousness. However, this energy could also produce riots and general public upsets.

New Year’s Day is pleasant under an idealistic Aquarius moon. That is good for light-hearted social interaction where you share your view of whatever the topic happens to be at the moment. The kick-off for the first week of 2017 is a mixed bag of tricks, but before we move ahead, let’s take a look at the carry-overs we’re still dealing with as 2016 comes to a close—and beyond.

It’s for sure that the New Year will get off to a slow start. At its best this carryover from before Christmas is a reminder to finish up and close the door by tying up last year’s loose ends. Remember too that Mercury is still retrograde as 2017 opens, which puts communications and transportation at a double disadvantage.

On Monday the 2nd, Venus moves into Pisces until February 3rd. This is a romantic and gentle combination, but do remember to see what is actually there, or risk getting caught up in illusions that will show their ugly heads later. Fantasy is fun but reality always follows! Pisces is the psychic of the zodiac, so tune into your inner knowing.

Tuesday, January 3rd is when Venus moves into Pisces a place that is Venus’ second favorite place to be. This sweet planet-sign combination means that compassion and idealism will be on hand to soften even the hardest hearts until the beginning of February. This is almost too perfect for the Inauguration Day festivities and the new administration’s beginning days.

On Wednesday, Jan. 4th, Mercury (retrograde since Dec. 19 in Capricorn) moves backwards into overoptimistic Sagittarius until the 12th. This means that while you’re backtracking, you’re also going to have to make an extra effort to stay focused and on tract. Watch where you are going, especially here you’re driving as well as other drivers.

Do an internal check-in on your belief system to make sure your monkey mind is not limiting your thought patterns. We have a few more days before the Chinese New Year moves out of the Monkey and brings us the Year of the Rooster. Think or research your next adventure or topic to publish your next book.

The other carry-over from 2016 is the Mars-Neptune conjunction, which can best be described as post-holidays depression or the winter blahs. Eating foods that are high on iron (your green veggies) and getting enough sleep are your best bets to get you through this low energy time.

As we look ahead, the first week of this New Year also has some good news from the Jupiter-Saturn sextile, a positive shift for Venus, and a once-a-year joining between the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a serious business spark that can turn things in your favor if you’ve already done all the work behind the scenes and heavy lifting.

Friday is an interesting day in that the energetic Sun aligns with Pluto. The good news is that you can stand in your power. However, it also means you must release anything that gets in the way of expressing your power as connected to God Source. Use your loving responses and think balance with love, peace and harmony to bring in the best results.

On Saturday, Jan. 7th this annual Sun-Pluto conference signals that it’s time to push the power button. These two titans have been meeting up every year since 2008 in the sign of Capricorn, which is synonymous with corporate power and leadership. (Hence the banking crisis in 2008) The Sun is the center of our energy field, and Pluto rules over deep crisis and transformation. (Destruction before reconstruction)

During the last 9 years the entire world has been experiencing financial emergencies, drastic climate change, and massive change in the balance of power. On a more personal level, this energy tells you, with confidence, to keep fighting for your long-term goals, and do not back down!

There are also some happy emotional lunar aspects all day Saturday, so enjoy the day. The moon is in Taurus, an Earth sign, and you will feel better if you accomplish something tangible.
Mercury continues to be retrograde until Sunday, January 8th. The cycle is mostly in restructuring Capricorn, but the communications planet moves backwards briefly into Sagittarius from January 4 until the Full Cancer Moon on the 12th. Do an internal check in to see if your outer world actions are in alignment with the higher philosophy you want to express in the world during this brief Sagittarius review.