Stargazing – February 18th – 24th, 2019

Feb 18, 2019 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

This week bring practical vibes and a sign shift that brings in some significant changes.

Monday is a bit mixed, but not in a bad way. The Sun makes a gentle harmony with friendly Uranus to support sharing with friends, groups, and organizations. At the same time, love and money Venus is aligning with serious Saturn early on the USA President’s Day holiday. This is probably a better business combination than personal, but it does support down to earth conversation.

On Monday evening the Sun moves into the watery and dreamy sign of Pisces, so expect your emotions to be up on your sleeve for the next thirty days. Your intuition is strong, but don’t allow your emotions to run the show. The Moon in Leo opens hearts and creative pursuits.

As Venus merges with Saturn and Pluto, you’ll be looking realistically at your finances and thinking about how the practical elements of life can affect a relationship. Commitment may also be on your mind.

Your intuitive and creative energies are accentuated with the big, bright Super Moon Full Moon on Tuesday, February 19, at zero degrees Virgo. This is the second Full Moon at zero degrees for 2019 and is a reminder that things have gone full circle and you could be starting over again.

Expect to work on multiple levels, or between the worlds now. Virgo is analytical and wants to cleanse and organize your life. It opposes Pisces, which is a psychic sign that wants to go beyond the veils of this material world to experience something higher and more meaningful.

Stay aware because this Full Moon carries a mysterious earthy energy filled with deep, emotional undercurrents that can change your status quo and derail your life if you don’t understand or accept that this is a time of endings and bringing matters to their natural conclusions.

Communications planet Mercury is aligned with dreamy Neptune in Pisces as well as a sextile from Saturn that can produce imaginative and productive ideas, especially if you’re a writer or filmmaker. This energy helps you open your imagination and intuition. However, you must know the difference between higher vision and fantasy thinking.

Adding to this practical vibe, the Super Full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday will trigger your need to get ahead in your career or at least establish some goals. Remember — it’s comes in a 0 degrees, which is rare and signals new beginnings.

At the same time, there is a close alignment in down-to-earth Capricorn between love and values Venus, “sacrifice for the short term for long term benefits” Saturn, and burn your bridges behind you Pluto. By combining these energies: part of you wants to fly off into the cosmos, and part of you wants to tend to your material world. Rather than feeling split apart, allow these different energies to support both your practical life as well as your spiritual life. This is also a Super Moon, so emotions will be bright and flying high. Since the energy only lasts for a few days, take a deep breath and be sure to stay out of the deep end of the pool of life.

Friday, February 22nd, is a bit complicated, so it would be great if you could run a light schedule or even take the day off. The part of you that wants to get things done challenges the part of you that wants to escape to some grand adventure as Mercury squares Jupiter. Then, Venus aligns with Pluto by evening, which is not the best time to force your opinion in relationships. However, delving into deeper and more vulnerable levels in your close relationships is supported; just know when to stop.

Saturday morning is good for sleeping in from all the intense emotions of the week, along with running quick errands and short conversations.

A Scorpio moon on Sunday is good for privacy and focused research. Your attention will turn inward this weekend as Moon in Scorpio illuminates your past. Meditate as much as you can for clarity.