Stargazing February 13th-February 19th, 2012

Feb 17, 2012 | Special Messages

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Unfortunately, because of some combative aspects, this Valentine’s Day week may not go along smoothly. Venus’ stressful square with punishing Pluto on Wednesday is more about diving into your emotional depths than fluttering through romantic skies. Unspoken anger and frustrations may appear. You may be in a battle that you don’t realize, and the facts come to the surface. A more serious approach to matters of the heart comes the Moon’s presence in businesslike Capricorn for most of the weekend. Look for hard work and some unexpected information to come forward. Be careful while driving on the road as well as illness and accidents. Next week promises to be better.

STARGAZING—Week of February 13th—February 19th, 2012

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

As the focus shifts to your personal financial zone, you’re more likely to show how you feel about your sweetheart by buying a wonderful gift. You might even be duped into spending a lot more than you intended. Your romance seems to drag a little because of busy schedules. To return some sparkle to your love life, it might be better to entertain your sweetheart with some wonderful home cooking. Don’t forget lovely scents, candlelight, and dessert. With Mercury and the Sun joining Neptune in your lifestyle zone this week, you’re rapidly becoming more sensitized to life. This is a good time to reserve part of your day for meditation or some other suitable spiritual discipline. Any work may require a higher level of concentration than you’re capable of mustering up this week, Air Signs. You might find yourself looking around, lapsing into daydreams, thinking about personal matters—and then feeling guilty because you aren’t doing what you’re supposed to! At a time like this, it’s best to focus on routine tasks that you can do automatically so that your mind can wander where it will. That’s the only way you’ll make it through. It will help you open to and channel calming energies that are becoming more important to you. Try to cut out unnecessary activities that no longer appeal to you. This Valentine’s week can bring love. Expect surprising and unexpected affairs with great passion.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: The planetary alignment this week shows that you will need to be very enterprising to catch the attention of someone whose gorgeous looks have been a temptation ever since the day you met. You will need to find some way of engaging them in meaningful conversation or other activity long enough to find out if this is a relationship you would like to take a lot further. There is no way you are going to get to meet that special person if you insist on only making contact with one particular group of friends who live in one particular area. You need to make some long-necessary changes. You would be well advised to start being a bit more curious and investigative about life. See it as a grand adventure, and everyone you meet as fellow adventurers. Be bold and upgrade your love preferences. This week you are encouraged to try and attract a different class of lover. You may have the opportunity if you attend a gathering or function, or perhaps a course of some kind where you have not previously met everyone present. You may get into a conversation with someone radically different from your former lovers, and you will find this person extremely exciting. You need to trust your vision as far as a certain relationship is concerned and perhaps wind down the contact. Let go of the old to make room for the new. There is no way of knowing in advance whether you are making the right move; you can only truly know once you begin to connect and communicate with the person in question. Be brave and jump in, but be prepared to get out again if it doesn’t suit you. New people are on the horizon over the next few months. Above all, enjoy the excitement and adventure.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

It looks like you’ll want to keep some of your Valentine’s Day celebrations very private. You’re all for having a laugh and enjoying yourself in public, but the deep, soulful declarations of love come later when you’re back home. You seem uncharacteristically emotional and could even get a little weepy, which might really surprise your sweetheart. You’re developing two faces – the social joker and the sensitive romantic. As the focus shifts and the planets change, you adopt a more mystical approach to all these matters. Although life may be busy with lots to do and deadlines to meet, you’re also aware of the inner mystic just waiting to be discovered. A desire to dive into the ocean of consciousness becomes stronger. Your joint financial affairs are also affected. You’re eager to discover the truth about life and how it affects you. Love and romance become a mystical blending of energies that can take you to heaven and back. An affair might spring up at the office. Watch out on Wednesday when a mild obsession could become much more. You might want to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Thursday for a more romantic or fun time. Watch out midweek, as someone may be jealous of you or perhaps obsessed with your gorgeousness. The weekend brings a chance to unearth a secret. Careful now!

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: This weeks astral configuration gives you an opportunity to get to know someone better, but it may not offer the chance to get to know them completely. If you are willing to be patient, this may start out as a wonderful friendship that grows ever deeper as time goes on. Eventually it will become the intimate partnership that you are now hoping it will be. You can say what you want to say, and actually be congratulated for your initiative, rather than chided for being too outspoken. You have the green light to get everything off of your chest that seems to be preventing you from making the most of a current relationship. Enjoy this chance to speak to your loved one from the heart. Combine honesty with love. You may have to forget about getting an immediate show of affection from someone you think is altogether gorgeous, and be satisfied with planting a few well chosen seeds for the future. This doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen, just that it may not happen yet. In the meantime you need some way to stay in contact. Get the right perspective before you embark on a new relationship, or make any major changes in an existing one. You may certainly want to pause before opening any new doors. Just be aware that when you get that warm feeling in your heart, you will have made the right decision.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The wonders of the Universe unfold before your eyes as the focus shifts from distant Aquarius to heartwarming Pisces. You’ll be drawn to teaching as well as learning. You might want to develop psychic skills or your healing ability, or discover new spiritual therapies. As both Mercury and the Sun enter Pisces this weekend, you’ll feel energized and eager to express your ideas, feelings, and the dreams you’ve been dwelling on. This Valentine’s week will be extra special if you have anything to do with it. You intend to show your sweetheart just how much you care by bombarding him or her with as many wonderful sensations as possible. But you’ll need to get your mate in the mood first. Could be tricky! When the focus shifts to romance and creativity, your love life may never be the same again. If you fall in love, you’ll fall head over heels. You could find it hard to get your bearings. Once Cupid’s arrow hits your heart, you may stop thinking of yourself and see your lover as an object worthy of your devotion. Thursday is the best day for a Valentine’s extravaganza that’s everything you ever hoped for. Watch out midweek. Someone could make you jealous. There are many opportunities opening up for romance as long as you’re willing to take advantage of them.

Your Love Week—Water Signs You always love the challenge of a riddle, and this week’s astral configuration offers you one puzzle that you will certainly want to find the answer to. It concerns a certain person who seems to be immune to your irresistible charm. You are desperately searching for a way to get closer to them with the intention of getting a date. Use your natural genius to suggest a way forward. Developing a relationship is a learning process, and we are quite often drawn to those who can teach us the most about ourselves. The celestial atmosphere means that you have a chance to uncover more about why you became involved in your current relationship, and what you should be learning from it. This may also help you answer another important question that has recently been on your mind. Travel far in pursuit of a way to view a recent relationship disaster in a new light. Whilst it is absolutely necessary to allow yourself time to get over it, there is no point in beating yourself up, or feeling so bad you wonder if you will ever dare to become involved again. This weekend gives you an opportunity to learn a few things, to get all fired up and back on track. But don’t expect this to be true only of your career; this energy can also create a very positive effect on your romantic life. You only need to find something that makes you feel excited, and to be able to meet someone who resonates with your enthusiasm. Looking at life and love in a new light will help.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

You’re forced to slow down with Mars retrograde in Virgo. You can’t carry on at the same pace you’ve been going. Don’t let this trouble you. Relax and discover the joy of patience. Whatever happens around and about you – know that love is the answer. Starting this week you might surprise your lover by proving just how good you are at writing love songs and poetry. He or she is about to be awestruck. But you won’t be content just whispering sweet nothings in somebody’s ear. You’ll also want to show how you feel. You might even want to give your partner the most sensuous experience of their life. It’s a win/win situation. Your love life becomes deeply spiritual and moves to a whole new level. You and your lover may want to explore a spiritual path together, which could work wonders for your relationship. Over this special weekend expect intrigue and plenty of drama. Things may not be as they seem, especially where friendship and romance are concerned. During this very romantic Valentine’s period, you won’t have much trouble getting noticed and finding someone to love. But don’t get too hooked too quickly. A secret affair turns hot and heavy midweek, so watch out and tread carefully. Someone has something to share with you over the weekend that could make you tingle all over.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: This week gives you free rein to explore the wonderful world of relationships. But to do so, you need to be in a flexible and talkative mood. Don’t expect to get passionate right away, as you have to do your fair share of wooing, which may involve a fair amount of talking on every subject under the sun, before you even get to go on a date. You might surprise your lover by proving just how good you are at writing love songs and poetry. He or she is about to be awestruck. But you won’t be content just whispering sweet nothings in somebody’s ear. You’ll also want to show how you feel. You might even want to give your partner the most sensuous experience of their life. It’s a win/win situation. You have been wondering whether it is worth getting closer to a certain person, and now there is an opportunity to meet with them. The stage is set for this promising attraction to begin to develop into something a little more significant. But you will have to take the initiative, and do a lot of the groundwork to enable it to move in the direction you would like. Whatever happens around and about you—just believe that love is the answer.