Stargazing – Dec. 31st to Jan. 6th, 2013

Dec 31, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of Dec. 31st – Jan. 6th, 2013

2013 Has arrived!


2012 has been a year of tremendous ups and downs … so it’s natural that the Universe has a few more bumps to toss your way before you can move on to 2013. However, 2012 is leaving and we are all still on the planet. No one fell off!

Pluto, activated by the Sun, rears its head on December 30th, blocking your path and preventing you from taking the easy way out of whatever’s troubling you. Confronting issues head-on will only make matters worse right now, so instead, focus on tactfully finding alternative solutions. Could concern your New Year’s guests. Regardless of your specific situation, tackle all challenges delicately, but with persistence. You may feel as if you’re hitting a wall, but things will eventually give way!

The Sun also activates Saturn on December 30th, grounding your ideas and dreams and giving you the practicality you need to develop successful plans. Then, on December 31st, Mercury marches into sensible Capricorn. Both of these transits will focus on realistic, tangible outcomes. Look to the January Full Moon in Capricorn for events to be worked out.

This New Year’s Eve is perfect for playing dress-up and acting like a star as the showy Leo Moon adds glam to the party. Lovers Venus and Mars sparkle with sexiness that’s more about having fun than making a long-term commitment. We grow more intimate as the weekend’s lunar transits in relationship-oriented Libra and soulful Scorpio inspire us to share more of ourselves.

After all the glitches of late December, you’ll be relieved to kick off 2013 in sparkling style as Mars and Uranus meet on January 1st, bringing plenty of fun, bravado, and chutzpah! Adding to the revelry, Mars joins Jupiter on January 4th, boosting your confidence and luck.

Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn act as depressors on January 6th, as they sneak a bit of negativity and obstinacy into your discussions. If you’ve already made your list of New Year’s resolutions, now would be a smart time to review it to ensure you’ve got a solid, smart plan of action for the start of 2013. However, if you haven’t set your resolutions yet — well, there’s no time like the present!


The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

This week it might be hard to count on your partner. He or she may mean well but want to roam and tend to be unreliable. Watch out for an impulsive desire for independence on their part. If you can’t beat them, join them. You may still be busy on the home front, especially over New Year’s Eve, but you’ll enjoy the chance to celebrate and spend time with those you love. New Year’s Eve looks like it will be a great night out. You may be the one who cracks all the jokes and knows whatever is happening. Cupid may be on the prowl, too. Watch out, as one meeting could prove irresistible. The fun hasn’t come to an end just yet. You have plenty of personality with which to charm and dazzle the world. Connect with folks you haven’t heard from in a while, especially those who live quite a distance from you. As January opens, your mind may race and you may feel edgy, but if you can plumb the emotional depths, you might be able to captivate someone’s heart. Or perhaps the other person will dazzle you. It’s a fine time to get out and enjoy all kinds of company. With sales to look forward to, January begins with short trips and post-holiday shopping sprees. Gadgets and futuristic ideas appeal. Splurging on a new technological discovery could be your idea of heaven, especially if you can find one on sale. You might get lucky.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: The cool thinking that tends to keep you from acting emotionally could be overheated this week, Air Signs. The fiery Leo Moon kicks up passion on New Year’s Eve. Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy. Warm feelings and weird ideas make your personal life more interesting on Thursday when the Moon moves into the gracious sign of Libra, bringing your feelings to the surface. Trying to smooth out problems is admirable but your time is better spent making yourself happy and seeking new ways to have fun. Your love life should be yummy from Thursday evening until late Saturday night with the inviting Libra Moon hanging around and warming your heart. Macho Mars is urging you to be extra adventurous on Friday when going too far might sound just about right. On Friday evening, aggressive Mars in Aquarius brings more than you are willing to lose. But even if the new romance comes on too strong, sweet Venus helps you smooth out any rough spots on Saturday when an enthusiastic partner shows up to please you. Discovering common interests together could turn out to be a lot of fun. Use your imagination to invent a character for you to play, someone who might take risks and say outrageous things you wouldn’t dare to try any other time. Taking chances does widen the road to love, but if you’ve overstepped any limits, expect some serious discussion on Sunday. Start off with an apology first and then talk it out until you both feel better.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This week high energy sends you into the world with brave new ideas and lots of plans. Good fortune seems possible, especially if you’re feeling your charismatic and confident best. New Year’s Eve may be one of your most exciting yet, especially if you’re single and hoping for a little romance in your life. If it comes, it could be quite unexpected. Celebrations look fun with the right kind of people. There is also a chance of romance out of the blue. Be ready! The midnight hour on New Year’s Eve could bring an interesting revelation. Grab those opportunities while you can. You have a better chance of being lucky if you can get your ideas across to the right people. You don’t want to be held down or held accountable if you feel like looking for new excitement and stimulation. Concerns at work might be on your mind. You may have more power and control over this situation than you think. Be proactive. There is still a lot going on in your personal financial zone, Fire Signs. You may be wondering how you can attract more money. Try not to stand in your own way, and above all, be practical. During the first week of the New Year, 2013, friends and partners attract your attention, and it’s a good time to discuss mutual plans. You charge forward confidently to explore life and expand your options. You may find a magnetic, charming person sexually alluring this week. Affection, adventure, and living larger than life fuel your appetite. Happy New Year!

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: The New Year’s Eve Leo Moon is shining to cast you in the bright romantic spotlight. You can put on a fabulous show while sassy and sexy Mars are busy flirting with beautiful Venus. You can roar in the New Year with the Moon’s presence in the Fire Sign of Leo on Monday night. Being loud and proud will be fun but toning it down is recommended over the next weekend. The attentive Libra Moon makes listening to others the real key to intimacy. Opinionated people can push your buttons but staying cool is more inviting to romance than battling over beliefs. Seek common ground to make a loving connection last. The adventurous planet Jupiter in Gemini, is fired up by energetic Mars on Friday. There may be no limits to what you will do to have fun, which is fine as long as you’re with people who you trust. It’s wiser to show your wild side privately than to go too far in a public place. Your heart wants to say yes to anything this weekend, but use your head to avoid overestimating someone. Sharing becomes more important this weekend with the gracious Libra Moon pulling creative people into your orbit. Being willing to compromise over small issues rather than fighting to prove a point, makes you so much more attractive in the eyes of someone special. Demonstrating some healthy self-restraint makes you more desirable in the long run.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

One thing about the week ahead is that it certainly won’t be boring. Socially, you seem to be at an advantage, with lots of invitations from all the right people. Don’t ignore that inner voice that may be trying to tell you something. Guidance on an important issue may be forthcoming There may be a lovely treat in store for you on New Year’s Eve, especially if you’re looking for romance. Stand your ground if your partner is in a controlling mood. Start the New Year as you mean to continue throughout 2013. New Year’s Day is a good time to relax, drift, and dream. Perhaps you could lose yourself into that “must see” movie, too. Even though you’re in a generous and sharing mood you may want to spend time alone. However, if a friend calls you up for a drink or celebration, you might decide you’d be better off going out. Your luck could be in when it comes to money and shared resources mid-week. You could get a windfall or perhaps a gift from a family member. Try to lighten up this week. You could be getting too intense about so many issues. Make time to wind down and concentrate on your future in 2013. An intuitive hunch could lead you to make the right decision concerning an item on sale. You may be ecstatic about your prize. Good karma may also be responsible for a special surprise associated with your home or family on Little Christmas, January 6th. A piece of news may delight you.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Making it through the noise of New Year’s Eve can be a chore unless you leave responsibility behind and let foolishness rule. Maybe New Year’s Eve seems silly to you but it’s better to be foolish and have fun than to judge other people. If you’re not into games and parties, look for a quiet way to celebrate, instead. New Years Day brings rest, and quiet family sharing. Saturday night’s cosmic energy brings a unique combination of emotional intensity and mental clarity to express your relationship needs more effectively. If you have a partner, he or she needs to pay attention to what you say in order to keep your trust. If you’re single and looking, having the courage to speak from your heart may scare off some people but will make you more attractive to a person who has the depth to fulfill your desires. Exposing your intimate secrets might shock some people, but will let them know exactly where you stand. Your blunt honesty cuts to the core of relationships, making the truth a very powerful instrument to be handled with love. Late Sunday night is when your emotions deepen with desire. The passionate Scorpio Moon is like a mysterious song that can’t fail to stir your soul. The power of your feelings helps you attract who and what you want if you are brave enough to express your heart.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Your ambitions get emotional fuel and an optimistic boost supported by cooperative efforts or shared resources. However, you can’t escape New Year’s Eve when your attention turns to your social life and friends. You might also be drawn to the mystery and potential transformation provided by an intimate relationship. There could be some serious fun in store. Early on, invite family and friends around to your place for seasonal celebrations. Someone you haven’t seen in a while may turn up unexpectedly, causing happy surprise. You seem eager to make new connections, so you might decide to make the most of New Year’s Eve and mix and mingle. Mercury gives you plenty to talk about even if a lot of it concerns the more mundane and practical side of life. You’re doing the right thing, as these connections may turn out to be very supportive in the future. Later in the week you may want to be an independent adventurer. Responsibilities, control issues, and power struggles might demand attention, but you can soothe those ruffled feathers with the right approach. Follow your dreams if you feel suitably inspired as you may have that inner feeling that this is your time. On the other hand, strong personalities could have plans and want to include you. Think carefully before you agree. Enjoy this fresh start. Financially, you could be lucky through January 11th, especially if you take a gamble of some kind.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: You might as well wear a silly party hat on New Year’s Eve because it reminds you to take life less seriously. Just cutting loose without worrying about what others think is a great gift to yourself. Giving up a little control can bring you a lot of enjoyment on Friday. Breaking rules at work or experimenting by shaking up your daily routine is a wonderful way to warm up for some unexpected pleasure. If you can keep your sense of humor and let go of doing things by the book, you’ll have fun with a rambunctious individual. The responsible role you often play returns this weekend, probably making you the social director of the group. But getting people to pitch in, instead of carrying the load alone, gives you the space to actually celebrate what you’ve created. Saturday could be your best chance to connect in a gentle way as the lovely Libra Moon aligns favorably with the romantic planet Venus. Sunday looks to be intense because you may be attracted by forbidden fruit. Exposing needs that make you feel vulnerable is a brave thing to do. Desiring someone dangerous or pushing buttons with your current partner may be risky, but makes your heart beat faster than sitting on the sidelines playing it safe. Just don’t let your adrenaline rush tempt you to cross lines you might later regret. Save the serious tone for Sunday when it’s time to discuss an intense issue that could shape the future of a significant relationship.