STARGAZING – Dec. 24th to Dec. 30th, 2012

Dec 26, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of Dec. 24th – Dec. 30th, 2012


Here we are at the end of the Mayan Calendar. It’s December, 2012! We have experienced an intense couple of months now that Saturn has moved into Scorpio, and this promises to continue throughout 2013.

  2012 is going out with a bang, not a whimper. On Tuesday afternoon passionate Mars enters unconventional Aquarius while the willful Sun squares rebellious Uranus, springing surprises and upsetting traditions. For Christmas and Kwanzaa, the moon is in talkative Gemini. This is a social, but keep moving, kind of holiday. On the 25th, with Mars moving into high-tech Aquarius to support all those technology gifts or purchases, avoid frustration with technology or transportation later in the day on December 25th when the Sun squares Uranus. This is an impatient and forceful energy, so don’t try to fix your new technology gifts with a hammer or drive to fast. Mars will be in Aquarius through February 1st, so there is plenty of time to learn the new technology. This is also good for networking with new friends and organizations.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to rest up and relax by the time December 26th comes around: the cosmic scene is about to get intense! Fiery Mars rolls into spicy Aquarius and the planet has completely uncompromising plans for its month-long stay. You’ll be in an especially inventive frame of mind, concocting some brilliant schemes, but argumentative tendencies and a belief that only your way is the right way could ultimately slow down any potential progress.

Also on the 26th, the Sun and Uranus will square off against each other. Typically, an alignment like this can help break old chains, removing you from previous restrictions, and you may experience some of this. However, Uranus is still strongly connected to Pluto, which will leave you feeling disrupted and unsettled. Keep a cool head and remain patient! Jumping to conclusions or acting too quickly will only make situations more difficult to negotiate.

The next day, on December 27th, Saturn and Pluto will give you the courage and grit you need to move ahead with some aspect of your life, but they’re somber outlook will be far from frivolous or fun. Then, the Full Moon will rise in Cancer on December 28th, demanding you find balance between the paths along which your emotions try to pull you and the routes that are more practical and ambitious. Friday’s Full Moon in sensitive Cancer connects to unpredictable Uranus and provocative Pluto, paving the way to a dramatic weekend ahead. Stay cool to avoid emotional explosions and open your heart to the possibility of positive change.

The Full Moon on December 28th at 8 degrees Cancer/Capricorn presents a challenging way to end the year. The energetic Sun aligns with transforming Pluto and is pulled in the opposite direction by the emotional Moon. And then shake-it-all-up Uranus yanks on you from the side to set you free of old patterns and beliefs. Of course it is a good thing to release and transform, but the process is not always comfortable.

You are viewing several different perspectives on your life now. Pluto destroys anything that gets between you and God Source. An image is Archangel Michael using his sword to remove fears, ego, and self-esteem limitations or calling on Lore Shiva to cut it all away. This cutting away helps you use your power in the world while connected to the One Source of all that is. The result is quite good, but the healing and releasing process can be emotional and not always fun. Allow yourself to be pulled apart so that you can be reintegrated in the weeks ahead. Mix business and pleasure in the coming weeks for assured success.

Sunday morning the 30th has the Sun aligning with Pluto. This would be a good day to start a New Year’s diet, except for the moon is in Leo, which likes to be treated with goodies. Instead sit down and project some New Year resolutions, and state all that which you wish to release on New Year’s Eve. That way you’ll be ready to let go – and celebrate.

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The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You’ll be ready to revitalize your life on Monday. Take steps to make yourself happy. A loved one could be out of sorts as well. Expend some tender, loving care on this person. You’ll shine with a special glow when the Moon in Gemini conjuncts Jupiter on Tuesday. All eyes will be turned in your direction. You’ll exude dynamic charm when Mars enters Aquarius on Tuesday. Get ready to dazzle the world! A loved one will demand your undivided attention on Tuesday. Remind this person that you have needs of your own. An estranged friend may ask to reconcile on Thursday. Think carefully before accepting this person back in your life. A financial venture may hit a downturn on Friday. It might be time to pull out of this economic enterprise. Search for some quiet moments on Friday. Don’t let life’s frustrations throw you off. Know your limits on Saturday. Don’t promise others more than you can deliver. Try to focus while you’re doing tasks this weekend. Concentration will be difficult for you on Sunday. Domestic matters will take center stage when the Sun conjuncts Pluto. You could decide to clean the house from top to bottom! You’ll have to make a difficult emotional choice on Sunday. It’s possible that you’ll feel pulled in two different directions. Deciding on the right path won’t be easy!

 Your Love Week—Air Signs: Your desires for freedom and innovation are likely to run extremely strong this week. Uranus, clashes with the radiant Sun on Tuesday to evoke rebellious feelings. Friday’s tender Cancer Full Moon continues the theme of experimentation and uncertainty, which might be workable for you but could put others on edge. Wit may be one of your charms but recognizing when to use it could be critical this weekend. The sensitive Cancer Full Moon on Friday sets a tone of uncertainty, which can make people highly reactive. If you’re insecure, sharing your feelings in a straightforward manner may not be easy, but expressing your vulnerability now will get you a lot further than trying to be funny. Simply being real earns more trust than playing games. This energy may put a heavy load on your shoulders as you try to manage unruly people and uncontrollable circumstances. While you might earn some props for being such a reliable person, it’s best to avoiding taking on any more obligations than absolutely necessary. Get out of the line of fire this weekend so you can experience a little playtime of your own. Showing compassion for those who can’t adjust as quickly as you is a key to maintaining their trust. Finding the right balance between collaboration and independence isn’t always easy, but usually worth the effort in the end.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You could interact with someone you don’t like on Tuesday. Smile and just walk away. Your energy will shift after Mars enters Aquarius on Tuesday. You’ll be able to make friends everywhere you go! You’ll possess a new sense of determination on Wednesday. No obstacle will be allowed to stand in your way. An unexpected blessing will come your way on Tuesday as well. This piece of good fortune will make you smile! Think before speaking on Thursday. A friend will take offense if you criticize his or her decisions. Your creative juices will flow. Consider channeling your artistic talents into a moneymaking venture. Sell homemade items online or at a craft show. Don’t make any important decisions on Friday. Your logic may be off. A family member will ask you for advice on Friday. If you aren’t comfortable offering this person guidance, say so. Revamp your career goals on Saturday. Remember, you’ve evolved over the past year. Don’t waste time pursuing outdated ambitions. You’ll exude self-confidence when the Moon enters Leo on Sunday. You’ll be tempted to go on a shopping spree as the Moon sextiles Jupiter as well. Count the cost before making a large purchase. Enjoy yourself on Sunday. Put your cares and worries on hold and take part in a fun activity. You’ll be eager to climb the highest mountain you can find.

  Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Your need for freedom, spontaneity and surprise is very strong this week. This adventurous approach makes you exciting but dangerous to people who want to follow rules and stick to plans. It’s possible that you may have to adapt to less than ideal conditions that you can’t control for much of this weekend. Friday’s evocative Cancer Full Moon pushes buttons that may be beyond your reach. Changes, probably not of your choosing, are likely now. Try a little tenderness this weekend. There’s a Full Moon in sensitive Cancer on Friday that stretches your emotional boundaries. Dealing with an illogical person or losing your own sense of reason could trigger powerful reactions. Showing that you care requires patience and persistence now, but can also earn you a greater level of trust that enriches a meaningful relationship. Over-reacting just adds fuel to the fire. Sunday morning the Moon enters proud Leo, coming to your rescue. You may finally feel like you can get a handle on your personal life and make decisions that stick, potentially making this the most dramatic day of the weekend. But before you burn any bridges make sure that you’re truly ready to let go of the past; all decisions will be final once you strike the match.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

A loved one’s behavior might disappoint you on Monday. A friend may feel unappreciated on Monday as well. Let this person know just how much you care. Strive to forgive the mistakes of others. No one’s perfect! Lady Luck will be at your side on Tuesday. All of your efforts will meet with success. Have yourself a Merry Christmas. You may undergo a life-changing event when Saturn in Scorpio sextiles Pluto on Wednesday. This experience will set your feet on a different path. Trust your gut instincts on Thursday. Don’t allow anyone to influence you regarding a certain matter. A lover will shower you with affection. If you’re single, someone special may appear as if by magic! Money matters will be on your mind on Thursday. Do your homework before investing in a business deal. You’ll be in a melodramatic mood when the Full Moon takes place in Cancer on Friday. Try to maintain the proper perspective in all circumstances. An unhealthy relationship might come to an end on Friday. Remember, one door closes so that a new one can open. Surprising news could reach your ears on Sunday. Don’t rush to judgment until you know all the facts. Reflect on your priorities on Sunday. It’s possible that you’re not spending enough time with family and friends. You’ll be in a cheerful mood on Sunday. Life’s possibilities will seem endless this weekend!

  Your Love Week—Water Signs:  The powerful and passionate planet Mars chills when entering airy Aquarius on Tuesday afternoon. This energetic alignment offers a serious dose of objectivity during the next few weeks that can help you untangle emotional knots and let go of the past. Taking a more experimental approach to relationships or dealing with unconventional people may feel odd and unsettling at first, but once you get used to it you will find freedom and cooperation you never thought possible, Water Signs. Romantic messages are decidedly mixed this weekend. Friday’s Cancer Full Moon lights up your with Amour, which should open your heart and increase your visibility. But the tenderness of this caring sign is shaken and stirred by hard aspects with shocking Uranus and secretive Pluto. Be quick on your feet as moods and plans are subject to sudden change. Surprises both sweet and sour are on your calendar so keep your wits about you and your sense of humor close at hand. You could be flooded with feelings this weekend with the Full Moon in the watery sign of Cancer. This emotionally powerful event is hooked up to provocative Pluto and unpredictable Uranus, will tend to push buttons and spur surprises. Being flexible is a great way to avoid shocks and take advantage of unexpected social opportunities. This isn’t a time of tradition or reliable plans, but one rich with potential breakthroughs and unexpected discoveries. Prepare for the unexpected New Year’s Eve.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

You’ll have lots of errands to run when the Moon in Taurus is quincunx Mercury on Monday. Remember to take a deep breath if you feel stressed out. An associate could lie to you on Monday. Check the facts before falling for untrue statements. You’ll be in a nostalgic mood on Monday evening. Get together with an old friend and reminisce. You’ll be tempted to throw caution to the wind when the Sun in Capricorn squares Uranus on Tuesday. You’ll want to make the world a better place on Christmas Day. Volunteer your services to a worthy cause. A cherished wish may finally come true as well. You’ll be in the mood to celebrate! A partner will discuss ideas for the future on Wednesday. Try to keep an open mind during the discussion. Careless behavior will get you in trouble when the Moon opposes Mercury on Thursday. Issues with someone in authority may erupt on Saturday. This person has more power than you do. Choose your battles carefully this weekend. Travel arrangements might need to be altered on Saturday. Have some options handy. Also, look both ways before crossing busy streets. Obey the rules, especially if you’re driving. Control issues could erupt in a relationship. It might be time to set new boundaries with a partner. Your sense of personal power will kick up a notch on Sunday. Take charge of your life!

  Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Friends and organizations may ignite unexpected sparks into your personal life or drive you crazy with irrational behavior. This is a Full Moon weekend in super sensitive Cancer. Being part of a team can stretch your nerves thin, but also might excite you with delightful surprises. Secrets are likely to be exposed this weekend with the intimate Cancer Full Moon shining on Friday. Reactions are likely to be intense because even gentle comments may spark powerful feelings. If you combine honesty with kindness and keep an open mind, emotional breakthroughs are possible. Old perceptions that have limited love in the past can fall away, allowing you to see relationships with fresh eyes. Setting aside logic and letting go of criticism are keys to riding these wild waves with style and grace. Others will appreciate your trusting spirit and adventurous attitude. As 2012 draws to a close, there might be a make-or-break time in your personal life. Friday’s intense Full Moon in emotional Cancer is likely to prompt some significant changes. Your best chance for success comes from being flexible instead of rigidly holding on to your present expectations. Surprises may not always be pleasant, but your ability to adapt opens new doors to amazing alternatives rather than limiting your access to love.