STARGAZING — August 18 through August 24th, 2014

Aug 17, 2014 | Monthly Astrology|Special Messages|Stargazing

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Week of August 18th — August 24th, 2014

Things are pretty slow and quiet here at Stargazing Central and hopefully you’re enjoying your summer break in the midst of a pretty challenging year. Flattery will get you everywhere on Monday when Venus pairs up with Jupiter in Leo. Too much of a good thing may never be enough. Did you buy your lottery ticket? Venus aligns with Jupiter Sunday evening, one of the luckiest combinations all year. Of course, the conjunction occurs in the early degrees of Leo, so you need to look at your astrological birth chart to see where the luck is coming from. If 4-9 degrees Leo lands in your 10th house, luck comes in your career; in the 7th house, through your relationships; in the 8th house, through other people’s money.

Mercury opposes Neptune on Monday, so that bursts the illusions of those who did not win the lottery. It also asks you to look to see if your higher vision and lower-mind ideas are on the same page or not.

Midweek-You may feel somewhat stressed if too many demands are made on your time and energy. This could be the case unless you take steps to delegate work and ease the pressure. Plus, if you face delays, it might be easier to go with the flow than try and force the pace. On a positive note, friends and family have your best interests at heart and will want to step in with bright suggestions if they suspect you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Thursday brings in a gentle influence that will take the edge off of the intense frustrations, annoyances and spiked anger that will be taking place next week, at the new Moon in Virgo. We move into Virgo energies, leaving frolicking Leo and summer behind on Friday/Saturday, depending on your time zone. Virgo rules health matters, dietary concerns, organization areas, work and employees as well as new systems or strategies. Welcome IPhone 6. The Virgo sun also extends over our pets. Get ready to pack up the picnic basket and get back to work!