STARGAZING—Aug. 10th through Aug. 16th, 2020

Aug 10, 2020 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

This week has one positive slide and two down hills. The Moon begins the workweek in hard working Taurus, so it is a good time to focus on tangible goals. Monday morning brings a small challenge as Mercury squares Uranus. This can manifest as traffic issues, authority figure issues, or speaking without thinking first (so watch those tweets!).

There is a somewhat more rude challenge overnight on August 12th-13th, when assertive Mars squares Pluto. Don’t force issues as that is when things and relationships

break. This includes mechanical items that break, either because they were pushed to hard or they just got old. Also, it’s best to avoid walking on the bad side of town at midnight.

On Thursday, with a Gemini Moon, Mars is involved in a dangerous square with Pluto that may require full battle gear. This is the first of three challenges this year that brings in energy for confrontations, power struggles, and some strong, aggressive behavior. Do your best to avoid all kinds of threatening or volatile situations. No demonstrations or peace marches, as they will be anything but.

On Friday evening, the Moon moves into Cancer for the weekend; perfect for good food, family and close to home projects.

Saturday, Uranus turns retrograde for the rest of the year, which can produce unexpected events. Or, because it is a slow moving outer planet that spends five months retrograde, you may not notice it at all. Uranus is retrograde until mid-January helps you review and sort out any changes or surprises that have occurred this year. The list is long for 2020, I’m sure. Also, begin to prepare for changes that are in the works for 2021. All of the outer planets are now retrograde until mid-September, and their effects are subtle, impersonal and not easily controlled. For the rest of August, you might as well take some time out for yourself and wait the delays out. It’s a great time for a vacation. Things will pick up and start to move along after the Labor Day weekend.

Sunday is an active day with a totally different kind of energy. The Sun makes a harmonious trine to Mars and then Mercury follows that evening. It’s time to get out and do something active or challenging. Do something to make your body happy, because the Leo Sun and Mars in Aries energies ignite a firepower that can increase energy, self-confidence as well as awaken sexual desire. Time to allow yourself to feel this fiery energy flow, all the way from head to toe.