STARGAZING — April 28th – May 4th, 2014

Apr 27, 2014 | Monthly Astrology|Special Messages|Stargazing

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Week of April 28th – May 4th, 2014

The sun will look like a ring of fire above some remote parts of the southern hemisphere on Tuesday (April 29) during a solar eclipse, but most people around the world won’t get a chance to see it.

Whereas lunar eclipses occur only when there’s a full moon, the Solar Eclipses only happen during a New Moon. Half the world saw the blood moon lunar eclipse during the full moon on April 15.

Tuesday’s eclipse will occur when the moon is close to its farthest distance from the Earth, making it too small to cover the sun completely. The resulting effect looks like a ring of fire, called an “annulus,” appears around the silhouette of the moon. Remember – when there’s a New Moon – there’s no moon at all!

The worldly application of a Taurus solar eclipse is to help you get in touch with core values. It blocks out personal ego desires to go right to what your inner spirit wants to manifest. The opportunity is to bring higher values and greater beauty into your life now.

solar-eclipse-taurus  The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on Tuesday may send the world into a mild tizzy, watch North Korea and the Ukraine for major upsets with government – but you’ll get another opportunity to consolidate whatever advantages you’ve gained over the past few months. A Taurus new moon is excellent for putting practical effort into your needs and desires.

Health and wellness options get a boost early in the week, perhaps prompting you to consider a new diet or exercise routine. There’s also positive news on the work front, as changes could mean a boost in earnings or a promotion. If you’ve been applying for a new job, you might get some good news. Later, as Venus glides into Aries, romance and pleasure opportunities look much livelier. Enjoy a few social outings. It might help take your mind off more stressful matters!

Perhaps you want to make some changes in your home – new furniture, paint, etc. Whatever comes your way, you’ll probably put a lot of energy into it so focus and accomplish whatever you want.

Because there are a lot of planets in unmovable signs (Taurus and Scorpio), as May opens on Thursday, be careful of stubborn or “my way or the highway” thinking. Warrior Mars, is still retrograde until May 19th.

Consider what is dead in your life and needs to be released. Know that your highest path is shown if you go into your inner self to seek direction. Continue with hard work early in the week, and then make time for variety as the month of April ends under a Gemini moon. Gemini wants to keep on the move, talk to lots of people, and not get bogged down in any one thing. Enjoy May Day and the Kentucky Derby on Sunday. Time to plan for some summer fun!