Stargazing — April 23rd through April 29th, 2018

Apr 22, 2018 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing



This promises to be an intense week, with a splash of lightness inter-mixed. A harmonious Sun trine helps to lighten the load.

The healing planet Chiron only tests the water of Aries over the summer and then goes backward into Pisces to help you finish old business since 2011. Consider where you can take half-steps towards future goals, knowing that it is likely to be 2019 before those projects really get moving.

Venus moves into Gemini on the 24th to bring relief and create more playful activities.

Earth Day, today – April 22nd, has transforming Pluto turning retrograde until September 30th. It is normal for the outer planets to spend a long time each year appearing to move backwards. However, on the days they change direction, it is good to honor them.

What (or who) are your ready to release? Pluto helps you burn your bridges behind you. That can be as simple as a yard sale or trip to the Goodwill box, or letting aspects of your life go that no longer hold energy for you.

On Tuesday the 24th, Venus enters Gemini for three weeks. This is a fun energy where you can plan some travels, open to new ideas, new friendships, and even try out potential relationships, be they personal or business. However, this is not a commitment energy so it is better for exploring. Being smart and flirtatious becomes the new attractive energy for the next few weeks. This combination is excellent for healing and bringing greater beauty into your life. Venus in Gemini is associated with healing with the guidance of the Archangels.

Prepare for a dip on Wednesday when communications can become harsh and fear based as Mercury squares Saturn. Wednesday afternoon has minor mental challenges, so it’s best to avoid difficult conversations or perhaps take a quick cat nap.

On Thursday, Mars aligns with Pluto to help you assert yourself with power. This is a potentially dangerous energy and you really have to watch your step. This conjunction brings aggression and violence and you need to avoid dark or dangerous people, places and things such as sharp instruments, drugs and food. Just make certain your ego is in a healthy place so you do not attempt to force your way on others who are not prepared to go there. This combination symbolizes a powerful energy that should be respected, not ignored, because it will “bite” you hard if given half a chance.

The Moon is in Libra for most of the weekend. Social events are generally favored but you may want to call it an early evening on Saturday.

The Scorpio Full Moon on Sunday carries a forceful, and sometimes harsh energy but this month it’s mostly focused on healing and transformation. Expect a change in circumstance and perhaps in a way of living. This is a day to clean out the basement, garage, or closets and recycle what you no longer need.

Take the time to look deep within, plan carefully, and get a lot of work you have put off done. New beginnings come about once the clutter is cleared and we welcome May next week.